Working At IBM Research

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Nov 8, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Working At IBM Research

David A.Pease

Manager, Storage
Specific Solutions and Services

IBM Almaden Research Center

A bstract:

IBM Research is the world's premier industrial research institution, responsible for an
amazing array of innovation over the l
ast 50 years. The Almaden Research Center is
IBM's second
largest research lab (after T. J. Watson Research Center in New York).
Research plays an important part in the IBM corporation, and contributes directly to
technologies that go into IBM products (
sometimes even creating the products

This talk will give an overview of IBM Research and how it operates within the
framework of one of the world's largest corporations. It will then focus in on the
Almaden lab, and on the speaker's area w
ithin the lab, Storage Systems. Finally, Dr.
Pease will discuss his own experiences working inside of IBM Research, including the
dynamics of the Research/Product Division relationship, how research projects get
started at IBM, the tension between “pure”
and applied research, and some comments on
projects he has worked on. There should be ample time for questions after the

About the Speaker:

David Pease is a Senior Technical Staff Member at the Almaden Research Center. He
has been working

at Almaden for the past 20 years, and has been managing projects
there for the last 14. During his time at IBM, Dr. Pease has been involved in several
large projects (and many small ones), including developing the product now known as
Tivoli Storage Mana
ger (TSM), the Storage Tank file system, and helping create the
DVD (and the file system, UDF, that is used on all DVDs and Blu
ray disks). More
recently, he has been managing two projects that will become IBM products this year,
the IBM Information Archi
ve and the Linear Tape File System (LTFS).

Before joining IBM, Dr. Pease ran a systems consulting and teaching company in San
Francisco for 12 years; prior to that he worked on developing IBM
mainframe computers in the U.S. and Japan (during th
e “mainframe computer era”).

Dr. Pease received his PhD in Computer Engineering from U.C. Santa Cruz, where he is
currently an Assistant Adjunct Professor. He teaches at UCSC as often as his schedule at
IBM will allow.