1Hamtaro Adventure: Kingdom Hearts II Rated PG: Violence, Language Arc: Space Paranoids: 1 Visit/ Hollow Bastion 4 visit Chapter 83: The World of Technology *???: ???*

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Hamtaro Adventure: Kingdom Hearts II

Rated PG: Violence, Language

Arc: Space Paranoids: 1

Visit/ Hollow Bastion 4


Chapter 83: The World of Technology

*???: ???*

*In a strange, digital like place, Sora and Riku were k
nocked out on the floor in clothing
designed for the location. The two of them awakens, stood up, and looked at their currently new
blue attire.*



*Donald and Goofy had their hands up when they were escorted by Strafer Heartless.*

Sora: “
Go on, show them who’s boss!”

Riku: “Hold it, Sora. The Heartless would’ve devoured their hearts. Something’s up.”

*A ring of light appeared, and a man wearing similar but red attire appeared from the ring of

Sora: “Who’re you?”

I am Commander S

Sora/Riku: *Looks to each other and then back to Sark* “A Heartless commander?”

Sark: “Hm. Observe.”

*Sark then activates something weird and Donald and Goofy looked like they were being
electrocuted by Electricity. Their clothes flashes yellow and
red when this occurred.*

Sora: *!* “Okay! You’re the boss! I get it...”

*Sark then only smirked.*

Sark: “Take them to the Pit Cell. Let’s make their stay here... a more uncomfortable one.”

*Space Paranoids: Pit Cell*

Riku: “A world inside Ansem’s comp

Sora: “Just what kind of world is this anyway?”

You’re inside a Mainframe computer system.”

Sora: “A what system??”

*The camera shifts to a man in digital clothin that’s also Blue.*

A computer system

for processing data. This system is a copy

of one created by a corperation
called ENCOM. The Original program was destroyed.” *Stands up* “But this copy was acquired
by another User. The new User updated and customized the programs, renaming the system
‘Hollow Bastion OS.’ He used the system for T
own Maintenance, and to advance his own
private research. My name is
. I’m a security program. But now I’m under arrest, same as

Sora: “Did you guys get any of that?”

Riku: “I did. We’re inside the computer that’s used to keep the town in check,
and to advance the
Heartless research that Xheanort used. He introduced him self as Tron.”

Sora: *??*

Goofy: “You know, maybe we should just introduced ourselves.”

Sora’s group: *Agreed headshakes.*

Sora: “I’m Sora.”

Riku: “Riku. Sora’s friend.”

Donald: “A
nd I’m Donald.”

Goofy: “Nice to meet ‘cha Tron. I’m Goofy.”

Tron: “With that configuration, you must be Users.”

Sora: “Users?”

Riku: “We came from outside the computer, so that would explain it.”

Tron: “You’d better get out of here quickly. Who knows what
the MCP will do to you.”

Sora: “MCP??”

Tron: “The Master Control Program.”

Riku: “We heard it before. It must be the program that got us here to begin with.”

Tron: “It controls the whole system. If you idle here, you will be de

Sora’s Group: *!!*

Donald: “De

Sora: “So, how do we get out of here!?”

*Tron walks to a terminal.*

Tron: “This Terminal could’ve gotten you back to the User world.”

Sora, Donald, Goofy: *Interested happy looks.*

Riku: “Hold it guys, he said could’ve. Which means
it worked before but ir won’t work now.”

*The three slumped and sighs*

Tron: “The MCP cut the power 50 microcycles ago. If we can bring the energy core in the
Canyon online, we could power it back up.”

Trio: *Raises heads in intrigue*

Tron: “The problem

we’re stuck in this cell.” *Points to cell door* “We’re not going
anywhere unless we unlock the energy fields.”

Riku: “That’s no problem. Sora?”

Sora: “Right!”

*The two of them summoned their Keyblades and shot an unlocking beam to open the cell


Sark: “Master Control. Why not just de
rezz Tron?”

*The camera shifts to MCP’s current face, which is a bunch of polygons.*

MCP: “I still haven’t located the password to the dataspace.”

Sark: “What about a logic probe? With all your processing

MCP: “Out of the question. The current environment hampers the processing power needed for
such an analysis.”

*The alarm starts blaring.*

MCP: “You’re dismissed, Sark. Stop any remaining anomalies in the system

or else. End of

Sark: “Ackn

*Pit Cell*

*Sora and Riku dismisses their Keyblades.*

Tron: “Remarkable... it seems that both of you have some unique functions. I’ll go with you to
the canyon. You’ll need someone who can interface with the energy core, right?”

Sora: “If you

say so... Thanks Tron.”


*A tower with 6 slots and 5 cubes within each slot except for one is present.*

Tron: “This is the Energy Core.”

Riku: “Where could we

*A cube appeared. It matches the design of the cubes above.*

Sora: “Right. I got

*Sora used his Keyblade to lift and place the cube into the empty slot. When it did, it energized
the core, and then the tower sank into the ground. The whole entire room where the core is lit up.
At the Pit Cell, the terminal energized.*

Sora: “Mis
sion accomplished?”

Tron: “Yes. Now... will you do something for me?”

Sora: “You got it!”

Tron: *!* “Don’t you want to hear what it is first?”

Donald: “You helped us! Now it’s our turn!”

Tron: “You guys are really Users. Your actions are totally illogical.

Riku: “It’s just the way are.”

Tron: “Let’s hurry back to the pit cell.”

*Pit Cell*

*Tron was configuring the terminal to enable transport back to Hollow Bastion*

Sora: “So, what do you want us to do?”

Tron: “Find my User. He’ll give you the password
to access the DTD.”

Donald: “You bet!”

Riku: “Wait a second...”

Tron: “DTD is the name my User gave to the dataspace. Copies of all the original system
programs are stored there, along with anything that’s sensitive or restricted.”

Goofy: “Is there stuff a
bout the Heartless, or Organization XIII?”

Tron: “Hmm... Most likely.” *Returns to configuring the terminal* “A number of my functions
were appropriated when I lsat took on the MCP. That’s why I need the password.” *Stands up.*
“If I can get inside the DTD
, I can access my original backup system and restore all of my
functions. Then I’ll be able to put this system back the way it was before the MCP got control
and changed everything. The way it was supposed to be

a free system for you

the Users.”

Goofy: “
Hmm... Gee, Tron, ain’t the MCP one of those programs, too? Do ya know who it was
who made it?”

Tron: “Actually... I don’t know.”

Riku: “Alright then. We’ll find your User and get the password. What’s his name?”

Tron: “You mean you don’t know? My User is t
he user of this system:
Ansem the Wise

Sora’s group: *!!!* “ANSEM!?”

*The Terminal screen starts to static.*

Tron: “Look’s like the MCP’s on to us. I’ll keep this terminal up and running. You better exit the
system, now!”

Sora: “Sure... But Tron... Ans

Riku: “I know where he is. We’ll get the Password.”

Tron: “Okay, you’re good to go. Hurry!”

*Rings of light surrounds the group and sends them back to Hollow Bastion.*

*Hollow Bastion: Ansem’s Study.*

ham was rapidly typing the Keyboard tr
ying to find a way to reach Sora and the others,
when the machine that sent Sora and the group to Space Paranoids activates, alarming Beast

ham: “What the
“ *!!*

*The beam that shoots out and Sora’s group rematerialed in front of Beast

ham: “Guys!?”

*The 4 checked themselves over, and then looked relieved.*

Donald: “We did it!”

*Hamtaro and the others ran in to see Sora and the others returned.*

Hamtaro: “Sora! Donald, Goofy! Riku!”

James: “You guys are alright!!”

Leon: “Where

have you been?”

Sora: “Well, uh...”

*Sora explained everything that happened.*

James: “There’s a world within the Computer. And unless we have the password, we can’t get

Sora: “That’s about it.”

*Riku opens a portal.*

James: “Riku, where are you

Riku: “I’m going to ask DiZ the password.”

Sandy: “But what if he dosn’t know?!”

Riku: “Then we’re on our own.”

*Riku enters the portal.*

Dieter: “He might not get the answer we need.”

James: “What makes you say that?”

Leon: “If DiZ doesn’t know

the password, then this is all a wild goose chase.”

You’re chasing what, now?”

*Tifa was in the doorway of the computer room.*

James: “Tifa!”

Tifa: “Well, well! A hidden room! Let’s take another look around.”

Penelope: “Uh, not to ring anyone’s bells,
but... I found some strange doodles behind the picture
of Xheanort. I’d try to look, but the picture’s too heavy!”

Tifa: “Is it now? Take me to it.”

*In front of the picture...*

Tifa: “Is this it?”

Penelope: “Yeah. This is definitely where I found the do

Sandy: “Why didn’t you say anything earlier?”

Penelope: “I thought it wouldn’t be important!”

Tifa: “Excuse me.”

*Then, Tifa lifted the picture, surprising everyone once again. When she puts down the picture,
the room shook again.*

Penelope: “That
’s the picture I saw!!”

Tifa: “Well, glad to be of service. I’m going to find Cloud. See you around.”

*Tifa leaves the room.*

Sora: “Is this the doodle you meant Penelope?”

Penelope: “Yeah.”

James: “Stange... what does it say?”

Hamtaro: “Hollow... Bastio

Maxwell: “Main... Security... Tron?”

Sandy: Door to...”

Oshare: “Iz this a Diagram of some kind?”

Laura: “Door... to...Darkness??”

Sora: “OH!!!”

*Sora’s outburst surprised the ham
hams. Sora then points out the letters as he said D... T...D...*

a’s Group: “DTD!”

Leon: *Walks from Computer room.* “What’s up?”

*Riku appears from the portal formed.*

Riku: “DiZ Doesn’t know. Which means we’re in the dark.”

Sora: “Not at all!”

Riku: “Huh!?”

Sora: “Look at this! This must be the dataspace! The DTD. S
ee? The Door To Darkness!”

Riku: “The Door to Darkness?” *Snaps fingers* “Why didn’t I think of that.”

Leon: “But... that still leaves the password.”

Say, fellas, did somebody mention the Door To Darkness?”

Everybody else: *!!*

*King Mickey was in the do

Sora’s group: “Your Majesty!”

hams: “King Mickey!”

Mickey: *Mades gesture to stay quiet.*

*Mickey then closes the door. When he flipped his hood, Donald tackles Mickey. Goofy joins in
the happy reunion.*

Sora: “Long time, no see!”

Riku: “Yea

Mickey: “Shh!”

Hamtaro: “What’s the shh for?”

Bo: “The Organization might be listening for all we know!”

Hamtaro: “Right...”

*Mickey looks around the room.*

Mickey: “You mentioned the Door to Darkness?”

Pashmina: “Of course!”

Boss: “We’re looking for

the password to get on a dataspace!”

Mickey: “Password??”

*Everyone collapses anime style until...*

Mickey: “Oh, I guess you mean like a code!”

*Everyone springs up back to their standing position.*

Mickey: “Well, the Door To Darkness can only be open
ed by the seven Princesses.”

Bijou: “Princesses??”

James: “Of course!! The Eight Princesses of Heart!”

Sora: “Eight??”

Riku: “Eight??”

Mickey: “Eight??”

hams: “Eight??”

James: “You guys only know 7 of them, right now, right?”

Sora: “Of course. Snow Whi
te, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Alice, Belle, and Kairi!”

Sparkle: “But who’s the eighth one?”

James: “That’s for me, dad, and Terra to know and for you guys to find out.

*Leon leaves the room to check on the computer.*

Mickey: “What was that about Terr

Hamtaro: “Well... I better show it.”

*Hamtaro then glows in white light like before and Terra appears by Heart Projection.*

Terra: “Your majesty.”

Mickey: *!* “So that’s you mean!”

James: “Yep. Turns out Terra was inside Hamtaro for about 11 years. M
ainly, his heart. Terra
seperated himself fro mXheanort, who’s in Terra’s body when Terra’s Heart separated.”

Mickey: “Gosh, if we knew, then you could’ve gone after Xheanort yourself with our help,

Terra: “I appreciate the offer, but I wouldn’t be

able to do it, due to Hamtaro’s age and
swordplay knowledge at the time.”

Mickey: “Okay. Good to know, Terra.”

*Terra reverts into Hamtaro, with Hamtaro in control again.*

Hamtaro: “You understand what’s going on?”

Mickey: “Yep, now I do. But what’re tr
ying to do with the knowledge of the Door To

Riku: “With that password, we can get access to Ansem’s research data.”

Mickey: “So that means you might be able to find out where he is!”

*Everyone had the same agreeing look, with Mickey having the

confused look.*

Mickey: “Gosh, you already know where he is?”

Riku: “Me and Dieter does, but we sworn to secrecy.”

James: “But...”

*James whispers something into Mickey’s ear that made him jump.*

Mickey: “You mean that man helping us in Castle Oblivion


James: “SHH!!!”

Mickey: “Oh, right. Sorry.”

James: “You guys know about Xheanort, right? The picture over there is was Xheanort’s
appearance after taking over Terra. But he forgotten his memories due to Aqua’s effort.”

Mickey: “That’s right. But wha
t you guys actually fought was Xheanort’s Heartless.”

Laura: “His Heartless? But why does Riku have the same appearance?”

Mickey: “That’s because he needed to use this form to use the power of Darkness. Unlike Terra,
Riku has better control of the Darkness
, so Xheanort wouldn’t been able to control of him.”

*Hamtaro had a disappointed, but his eyes were blue at the time.*

Mickey: “Hey, Hamtaro what’s wrong?”

Hamtaro: *Eyes returned to normal* “That was Terra who was disappointed your majesty. He
still fee
ls ashamed because of what happened.”

Mickey: “Well, Terra, if you’re there, maybe you can still help your friends. But it has to be the
friends that you have now, okay?”

Hamtaro: *Eyes turned blue, two voiced speech*: Thanks, your majesty.”

Mickey: “Anyti

Hamtaro: *Eyes returned to normal.* “Sora, shouldn’t we tell what’s going on?”

Sora: “Oh, right

Leon: “Hey! Isn’t Tron waiting for you guys?”

*The group looked kinda worried about what to do now. But...*

Mickey: “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywher
e. If those Heartless attack, I’ll stand and fight like
everybody here. But we’re going to need someone to go with Sora and the others while everyone
else stays here to guard the Study.”

Hamtaro: “I’ll go with them. With Terra inside me, when the going get
s tough, Terra opens a can
whoop hide on them!”

Mickey: “Alright then, go! I’ll see ya when you get back!”

*The 5 entered the computer room. After Beast
ham pressed a few Keys, Beast
ham stands back
as the lights from earlier reacted, then digitalized Sor
a’s group and Hamtaro into Space

Laura: “Good luck you guys...”

*Bijou looked somewhat worried, but James notices her Ribbons glowing a very faint light.*

James: (The Ribbons... Looks like her memories might awaken soon.)

End of Chapter 83



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