What is PACE? - Creating Impacts in the Criminal Justice System

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Feb 5, 2013 (5 years and 4 months ago)


Cynthia Muhar

Family Living Educator

Milwaukee County Cooperative Extension

Recall the first experience you can
remember regarding poverty.

What emotion do you recall feeling at that time?

What impact did that event have on you then?
What about now?

What do you think of that situation now? Have
your feelings or perspectives changed?

PACE is a poverty education curriculum for
UWEX educators developed by the Family
Living Poverty and Food Insecurity team.

PACE incorporates a continuum of learning
which begins with building awareness and
ends with a call to action.

Ruby Payne’s Bridges out of Poverty
curriculum was being used by UWEX

The Poverty & Food Insecurity team wanted a
‘next step’ curriculum that would examine
the complex issues of poverty and diverse
methods to address it.

In our search for a new curriculum, we came
to the conclusion that we’d have to develop
our own.

We wanted a curriculum that would:

address the complex issues of poverty (including
social class, privilege, racism, power, oppression,
and urban vs. rural)

address a continuum of learner levels (raising
awareness through transformational education)
and resources in the curriculum

be non
prescriptive in its approach.


Was developed by Cooperative Extension
educators and specialists.

Was piloted with educators from around the
state, evaluated and then revised.

Is peer reviewed

Available online at


Teaching Essentials

Companion Activities

Faces of Poverty

Ongoing Groups

Measurable Change

Keeping up the PACE

Educators can develop a workshop from
PACE’s curriculum that will meet the specific
needs of their audiences. Learning objectives

Personal Reflection



Knowledge & Critical Thinking

Skill Building

Network Building


How do you define poverty?


is an individual, family or
community’s lack of goods and resources
that are needed to support well
being and

Poverty is complex.

Poverty connects and intersects with other

Poverty is a Call to Action.

Book clubs

Just Neighbors Toolkit


Community Change Circles


Process for public dialogue and community
change process

Organized by diverse people from community

Includes people from all walks of life

use fair
minded discussion materials

Moves a community to action when discussion is

A diverse group of 8
12 people

Meets for five 2 hr. sessions

Sets its own ground rules

Led by trained impartial facilitators

Dialogue process:

Personal stories

Looks at a problem from many points of view

Explores solutions

Formulates an action plan for change

Two action teams formed to implement 1 yr.
action plan.

One team developed an employment data base
that included:

over 120 employers in the MKE County area and

26 programs/services for job

Data base shared with 211 Community Resource

Data base shared with 4 Dept. of Workforce
Development Job Centers in greater MKE area.

Second action team wrote an issue brief
about a free/reduced college tuition program
for graduates of Milwaukee Public Schools,
based on the Kalamazoo Promise program in

Group decided to continue its work to make
the Promise dream a reality in Milwaukee.

CNRD agent, Edward McDonald, assisted
group with organizational planning

Milwaukee Promise, Inc. now has 501 C 3
status. Its mission is to “fund post
education for graduates of Milwaukee Public

Blog at

Media coverage in Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel and online newspapers.

The Waukesha County Hunger Coalition is
working on a grant to support CCC in the 3
neighborhoods identified by HUD as areas of
need in the City of Waukesha.

Three low
income neighborhoods in
Waukesha County will:

work together

build social capitol and

make positive changes by addressing three
specific poverty issues identified through
Community Change Circles.

If you have any questions regarding any
aspect of PACE, please free to ask them now.

The PACE website address is

The Milwaukee Promise blog is at

Thanks for your participation and interest in