Genetic Engineering creates a better population


Dec 11, 2012 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Genetic Engineering creates a better population


Genetic Engineering has been going on for millions of years. It was, before
the modern era of science, the domain of chance. That meant that some of
genetic alterations could be beneficial,

but they could also
be detrimental
to the entire human race. By taking the ability to alter human genes further,
and systematically
apply the modifications which will best assist the human
, modern

genetic engineers are able to create a better populat
order to avoid confusion, genetic engineering means the manipulation of
human genetics in order to avoid defects and improve physical and mental
A ‘better’ population means a population which can live longer,
find more financial success a
engage in fulfilling relationships.

In the modern era, it is not only a quest for quality of life which fuels our
choices. It is also the quantity of life. Living longer has become a key goal in
many people’s minds. Genetic Engineering makes this goal
much more
achievable. Think, for a moment, of the factors which contribute to an early
demise. Generally,
organ wear and damage, cessation of cell reproduction
and being afflicted with serious diseases and sicknesses, are the main
contributors to human dea
th. However, with the ability to remove the genes
which provide
people with the susceptibility to succumb to cancer, or heart
disease, or obesity, genetic engineers can lengthen a person’s life. Moreover,
if human chromosomes can be altered to extend the l
ife of cells, or extend
the amount of times they will replenish themselves, then
old age, in the form
of graying hair and frail bones, would be put back. In addition,
genetically creating the strongest possible hearts, lungs, liver and kidneys,
then peo
ple’s bodies will work for longer. When length of life directly
relates to quality of life then
extending the amount of time humans can live
will surely create a better population.