高雄市小港高中英文科第二次期中考 代碼 02 I. 字彙與慣用語 (20%) 1 ...


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1. My major is not chemistry, so I

m not familiar with

chemical _____.

( A. intervals B. couples C. debates D. terms )


I like to keep a diary to record my ________ thoughts and secrets.


friendly B. innermost C. single D. mutual )

3. ________ with Singapore, Taiwan is large.

(A. Defined B.Permitted C. Compared D. Attached )

4. The ________ between the boy and his girlfriend is getting worse.

They might break up.



B. variety C. notion D. relationship)

5. One

s behavior __________ may result from the education he or she has received.
That is, one may do things in a certain way based on what he or she has been
trained to. (A. hobby B. mutuali
ty C. pattern D. anthropology )

6. What ________ do you do in your leisure hours?

(A.articles B. intervals C. aspects D. activities )

7. Our teacher puts _______ on honesty. He doesn

t allow us to cheat on exams.

(A. survey B. emphasis C. pause

D. aspect )

8. No one can be __________ of his right to live. This is basic human right.

(A. reduced B. upset C. deprived D. impressed )

9. Nowadays computer _______ can be passed worldwide by emails in a short time.

(A. cell B. hormone C. vi
rus D. gene )

10. Mrs. white keeps a perfect ________ between her job and home.

(A. makeup B. reduction C. issue D. balance )




Doing exercise regularly helps us stay healthy, ________?

(A. do they B. don

t they C. does it D
. doesn

t it)

12. You have finished your report, _________?

(A. do you B. don

t you C. have you D. haven

t you )

13. Helen is seldom late for school, __________?

(A. is she B. isn

t she C. does she D. doesn

t she )

14. There are

many people against him, _________?

(A. are they B. aren

t they C. are there D. aren

t there )

15. The disease spread quickly, _________?

(A. does it B. doesn

t it C. did it D. didn

t it )

16. Genes are chemicals inside cells _

A. improving organisms in some way

B. keeping organisms alive

C. establishing an organism

s characteristics

D. forming an organism

17. Scientists genetically engineer plants to ______ them against insects.

A. present
B. prevent C. protect D. prohibit

18. Genetic engineering can produce plants that _______.

A. bear more fruit B. grow without sunlight

C. upset the balance of nature D. give more milk

19. Those who object to genetic enginee
ring say __________.

A. it should not be discussed B. it causes terrible disease

C. it has to be stopped or limited D. it may make our lives better

20. The writer didn

t use the example of _______ to support his argument.

A. tomatoe
s B. cattle C. insects D. fish




Supporters of genetic engineering say the benefits outweigh the
_________(21). Look at all the improvements that can be made in plants
_________(22) for food. Because of genetic engineering, plants that
produce more fruits and vegetables can be

grown. In a world _______(23)
more and more food will be needed in the future, this is a benefit. Also, the
medical advances provided by genetic engineering
, say the supports, are
__________(24) more impressive.

_________(25) cancer for example.

If g
enetic engineering can provide a way to cure or prevent this disease,

t it be used?

21. A. objects B. qualities C. dangers D. notions

22. A. supplying B. supply C. raise D. raised

23. A. which B. that C. where D. X

24. A.

all B. so C. as D. even

25. A. Have B. Take C. Make D. Get

2. By definition, genetic engineering is the changing of certain genes. Its aim,

of course, is to improve organism in some way. So far, certain ge
_______(26) in some fruits and vegetables to make them __________(27)

more fruit or keep them fresh much longer in the supermarkets. Similarly,

scientists have also _________(28) cows with a growth hormone so that
dairy cattle can give

more milk. Many people, therefore, think they can
benefit from genetic engineering because it seems to improve people

s lives.
But other people who oppose genetic engineering say that it has to be
stopped or limited. They doubt _________(29) we have th
e right to
change the makeup of living things.
lso, they are worried that the
balance of nature might be _________(30).

26. A. placed B. were placing C. will be placed D. have been placed

27. A. to grow B. had C. tasting

D. bear

28. A. produced B. expanded C. treated D. increased

29. A. because B. that C. if D. though

30. A. disturbed B. lose C. keeping D. reduced




You didn

t ask
for it, and you might not know about it. But you

probably already eaten some of it. It

s genetically engineered food.
Perfectly round tomatoes all exactly the same size and big fat chickens
are now an ordinary part of our meals. They are made that w
ay by
genetic engineering not by nature. Their genes have been changed.

Every living thing has genes. Genes carry information. They are
passed on from generation to generation. They make sure that humans
give birth to humans and cows give birth to
cows. They also make sure
that a dog cannot give birth to a frog, or an elephant to a horse. Genetic
engineers put duck genes into chickens to make the chickens bigger.
They put hormones into cows to make them produce more milk. In this
way new life fo
rms are created. This does not make them cheaper,
tastier or healthier.
t makes them easier and faster for farmers to grow.

However, the effects of genetic engineering on people

s health are

not known. Many of the genes which are used such as those

of insects

and mice are not part of the food we eat, so we do not know how


they may be. For example, people can develop allergies to

food which has been genetically engineered.

31. Most of us are aware of if the food we eat is genetically engi

(A. True B. False)

32. The genes of GM food are changed by nature.

(A. True B. False)

33. It is genes that make sure humans give birth to humans.

(A. True B. False)

2. The birth of Dolly the sheep in 1996 marked the beginn
ing of the age
of clones. Many people began to ask fertility experts if they could clone
their recently deceased love ones. Panayiotis Azvos, an infertility
specialist, and his team announced they would begin to clone a human
being in 2001. Raelians, a r
eligious group, claimed that in December,
2002, the first human clone had been born.

Many scientist are worried. Animal cloners such as Ian Wilmut, the
scientist who cloned Dolly, were against the idea of human cloning.
Wilmut said it took 2
76 failed attempts before dolly was successfully
cloned. Dr. Jon Hill, another scientist who successfully cloned cows at
Texas A&M University, pointed out that while animal clones may appear
normal at birth, they often develop problems afterward.

34. Who cloned Dolly?

A. Dr. Jon Hill B. Panayiotis Zavos

C. Ian Wilmut D. Raelians

35. How many times did it fail to clone Dolly?

A. 267 B. 2002 C. 276 D. 1996


36. Get up, ______ you

ll be late.

A. or B. and C. but D. so

37. I can ________________.

A. neither speak English nor Japanese

B. either speak nor write

C. speak either Chinese or English

D. not on
ly speak English but also Japanese

38 Either you or he _____ to blame.

A. do B. does C. is D. are

39. It is too dark to read now; ________ , I am sleepy.

A. beside B. furthermore C. however D. otherwise

40 You ma
y do anything you like _______ it is not against the law.

A. even if B. as long as C. in case D. unless

41. _________ Mother was cooking in the kitchen, I was studying in my room.

A. As soon as B. No sooner C. Until D
. While

42 ________ had she seen the stranger than she ran away.

A. Scarcely B. As soon as C. No sooner D. Hardly

43 Although he is poor, _________.

A. but he is honest B. and yet he never lies

C. he works

hardly to succeed D. he won

t steal

44 She is _______ that almost every boy likes her.

A. such beautiful a girl B. such beautiful

C. so a beautiful girl D. so beautiful

45 We keep milk in a refrigerator ____
___ it will not spoil.

A. because of B. so that

C. in case D. lest

46. He learns English hard ________ going abroad for advanced study.

A. in order that B. with a view to

. lest he should D. in order to

47. ________ you were busy, I did it myself.

A. Since B. If C. Unless D. Though

48. Reading is to the mind _________ food is to the body.

A. where B. that C. like

D. what

49. ________ exercise is good for the health is quite clear.

A. Whether B. That C. Since D. As

50. What I need is not your money ________ your friendship.

A. neither B. but C. as D. though





He is not my close friend
; he is just a nodding a_________e of mine.


When dealing with a problem, you should use your i________t instead of



The c________n of life to a voyage is very common

especially in literature.


Jack doesn

t have
any s______c plan for future; he has no ideas about what to
do after graduation.



freelance writer c_________ed all his articles to the famous magazine.


Customs and traditions v_____y from country to country.


The c_______e have no children of their own
and decide to adopt a boy.


His excitable t_________t regularly got him into trouble, but it is difficult for
him to change his nature.


Scientist have d_______ed whether or not human cloning should be allowed.

Some agree but others disagree.

10. The pock
et e______n of this best
seller is out of print now.





One issue discussed _______ increasing (f)__________ recently is genetic



What is the substances that make ________ the earth and universe?



I am going to (i)_______ other classmates _____ the date of the final exam.


Class No. Name




________________ 6. ________________


________________ 7. __


________________ 8. ________________


________________ 9. ________________

5. ________________ 10. _______________





One issue discussed _______ increasing (f)______
____ recently is genetic



What is the substances that make ________ the earth and universe?



I am going to (i)_______ other classmates _____ the date of the final exam.