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Oct 19, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Emissions Solutions

SEDC 2007 Annual Meeting

Presented by Brett Alkins

Emissions Territory Manager

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Caterpillar’s Path to Emissions Reductions

Emissions Repowers

Upgrading Older Engines


Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Emissions Repowers

Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Engines

NOx, PM, HC, and CO Reducing Solution

100+ Machine Models Available

Over 2100 Emissions
Repowers Completed!

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


285HP Example, i.e. a medium bulldozer at landfill

Replace 1989 engine with a Tier 1 engine

½ ton per year of NOx reduced

Almost 1 ton per year of additional emissions reduced (HC,

Cost Effectiveness

$40,000/ (1.5ton*6 years) = <$5,000/ton emissions reduced

Primary non
road retrofit technology implemented
in California and Texas over last 6 years

Benefits of Emissions Repower

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Customer Perspective: Wright Bros., TN

Learned of emissions opportunity via ARTBA and
TDOT outreach

Wright Brothers, Caterpillar and Stowers partnered
to provide ARTBA with retrofit experience in TN

4 Oxidation Catalysts

3 Scraper Repowers

1 Track
type Tractor Repower

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Equipment Owners See the Value

Newer Technology

Proven Components

Same reliability, durability, and serviceability

Longer life, more productive

Increased Machine Value

Results from California equipment auction, Tier 0

In Dec. 2005, 657B sold for $105,000

In Dec. 2006, 657B sold for $32,000

In May 2007, price dropped below $30,000

Wright Brothers plans on 4 more scraper Tier 2

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Emissions Retrofit Engine Upgrade Groups

Upgrade to Tier 1 emissions levels during engine overhaul

Cost effective solutions

Same Caterpillar reliability and serviceability

Available for select 3306 off
road applications

Available for 3406 off
road applications in 2007

EPA Verified, same benefits as engine repower!


Fuel Pumps/


Cylinder Packs

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions in Cat Machines

The Diesel Particulate Filter

High filtration efficiency, but..

Space Claim & Weight

Backpressure (fuel economy)

Cost ($$$)


Considerable engineering required to
ensure an optimum retrofit design.

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions


Aftertreatment Success/Opportunities

Passive DPF’s have survived over 6,000 hours
operating in the field

CAT Engineered and CAT Dealer Installed

Active DPF’s that are flexible to various application
requirements are being evaluated

Regen on demand, needs to be operator transparent

Retrofittable NOx aftertreatment strategy will
depend on technical, commercial and regulatory

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions



CAT is actively engaged in providing emissions
retrofit products, but only when they can meet our
standard of excellence

Engine Repowers and Emission Upgrade kits are
an excellent path to reduce NOx, PM, CO and HC

Incentives and outreach are key to spurring interest and
gaining customer acceptance

We continue to assess the latest technological
advances to cost
effectively reduce emissions in
existing machines