Lecture 11: Projects, Papers

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Lecture 11: Projects, Papers

Klaus Mueller

Computer Science, Stony Brook University

General Graphics


Pioneering paper on this topic (2002)

“Ray Tracing on Programmable Graphics
Hardware” by Purcell et al.

“Raytracing on a Stream Processor”, Purcell’s
PhD dissertation at Stanford


Based Non
Linear Raytracing” by
Weiskopf et al.

should also present the original paper by Groeller
and the paper by Pharr “Rendering Complex
Scenes with Memory
Coherent Ray Tracing”

simulates rays undergoing forces in dynamical
systems, astrophysics, black holes

Surface Scattering

“GPU Algorithms for Radiosity
and Subsurface Scattering” by
Carr et al.

also present original paper “
practical model for subsurface
light transport” by Jensen at al.

compare with CPU approach in

Interactive Subsurface Scattering
for Translucent Meshes” by Hao et


“Radiosity on Graphics Hardware” by Coombe
et al.

should also present Keller’s “Instant Radiosity”

and “The Ray
Engine” by Carr and Hart

and “Real
Time Global Illumination on GPU” by
Nijasure et al.

Photon Mapping

A technique to achieve global illumination

“Photon Mapping on Programmable Graphics
Hardware” by Purcell et al.

new paper: “Simulating Photon Mapping for Real
time Applications” by Larsen et al.

should also present the original photon mapping
paper by Jensen et al.

Volume Rendering

Standard Volume Rendering

“Acceleration Techniques for GPU
Volume Rendering” by Krueger and

present background on volume rendering

earlier paper “High
Quality Pre
Integrated Volume
Rendering Using Hardware
Accelerated Pixel
Shading” by Engel et al.

Advanced Volume Rendering

Quality Two
Level Volume Rendering
of Segmented Data Sets on Consumer
Graphics Hardware” by Hadwiger et al.

should also present the original paper on two
volume rendering by Hauser et al.

and “Hardware
accelerated high
quality filtering
on PC hardware” by Hadwiger et al.

Unstructured Grids

“A Fast High Accuracy Volume Renderer for
Unstructured Data” by Moreland and Angel

present background on unstructured grid
rendering and summarize the highlights of
these papers:

based view
independent cell projection”
by Weiler et al.

quality unstructured volume rendering on the
PC platform” by Guthe et al.

Assisted Visibility Sorting for Unstructured
Volume Rendering” by Callahan et al.

Signal and Image Processing



on a GPU” by Moreland and Angel

based Frequency Domain Volume
Rendering” by Viola et al.

also overview the original paper of “Frequency
domain volume” rendering by Totsuka and

“The Discrete Wavelet Transform on a GPU”
by Wang et al.

Images, Textures, and Sound

“Fast and Accurate Color Image Processing
Using 3D Graphics Cards” by Colantoni et al.

“GPU Image Inpainting via Texture Synthesis” by

Based Texture Mapping on Graphics
Hardware” by Wei

“Computation of room acoustics using
programmable video
hardware” by Jedrzejewski

Based Flow Visualization

“3D IBFV: Hardware
Accelerated 3D Flow
Visualization” by Telea and van Wijk

the first paper: “Image Based Flow Visualization”
by van Wijk

Based 3D Texture Advection for the
Visualization of Unsteady Flow Fields” by
Weiskopf and Ertl

Segmentation and Computer Vision

Segmentation with Level Sets

“Interactive Deformation and Visualization of
Level Set Surfaces using Graphics Hardware”
by Lefohn

earlier segmentation paper:

“Fast Volume Segmentation With Simultaneous
Visualization Using Programmable Graphics Hardware

by Sherbondy

medical application paper: “GIST: An Interactive,
Based Level
Set Segmentation
Tool for 3D Medical Images” by Lefohn

System and API Issues

“A Streaming Narrow Band Algorithm: Interactive
Computation and Visualization of Level Sets” by

touches on CPU
GPU load balancing and memory

Other papers:

“Brook for GPUs: Stream Computing on Graphics
Hardware” by Buch et al.

“Shader Algebra” by McCool et al.

“Scout: A Hardware
Accelerated System for Quantitatively
Driven Visualization and Analysis” by McCormick et al.

Image Analysis

“Generalized Distance Transforms and
Skeletons in Graphics Hardware” by Strzodka
and Telea

also summarize the Siggraph paper by Hoff

“A graphics hardware implementation of the
Generalized Hough Transform for fast object
recognition, scale, and 3D pose detection” by
Strzodka et al.

Computer Vision

“Computer Vision Signal Processing on
Graphics Processing Units” by Fung and Mann

Mediated Reality Using Computer Graphics
Hardware for Computer Vision by Fung et al.

“Using Multiple Graphics Cards as a General
Purpose Parallel Computer : Applications to
Computer Vision” by Fung and Mann

The OpenVIDIA project: Parallel GPU
Computer Vision

Computer Vision (cont’d)

General Purpose Computing

General Scientific Computing

“SIMD Optimization of Linear Expressions for
Programmable Graphics Hardware” by Bajaj et al.

“General Mathematics in Graphics Hardware” by
Trendall and Steward

“Using Modern Graphics Architectures for General
Purpose Computing: A Framework and Analysis” by
Thompson et al.

“GPU Cluster for High Performance Computing” by
Fan et al.

“Parallel Computing with Multiple GPUs on a Single
Machine to Achieve Performance Gains” by Gulde at

Visual Simulations

“Visual Simulation of Ice Crystal Growth” by
Kim and Lin

“Simulation of cloth” (see nVidia demo)

“Benchmarking and Implementation of

Based Simulations on

Programmable Graphics Cards” by Tomov et al.

Medical Applications

“Accelerating Popular Tomographic
Reconstruction Algorithms On Commodity PC
Graphics Hardware” by Xu and Mueller

Fast 3D Filtered Backprojection on
Commodity Graphics Hardware” by Xu and


“Fast Database Operations using
Graphics Processors” Govindaraju et al.

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