Image Processing and Analysis

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Oct 19, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Image Processing and Analysis


How do we „see“ things ?

What can you „see“ here ?

And here ?

Try again …


Text Reading

Gmäeß eneir Sutide eneir elgnihcesn Uvinisterät
ist es nchit witihcg in wlecehr Rneflogheie die
Bstachuebn in eneim Wrot snid, das ezniige was
wcthiig ist, ist daß der estre und der leztte
Bstabchue an der ritihcegn Pstoiion snid.

Der Rset knan ein ttoaelr Bsinöldn sien,
tedztorm knan man ihn onhe Pemoblre lseen.
Das ist so, wiel wir nciht jeedn Bstachuebn
enzelin leesn, snderon das Wrot als gseatems.

Some Terms …

Image Processing: low level operations;
output is still an image.

Image Analysis: still low level; output is not
longer an image (numbers, …).

Machine Vision: high level applications;
simulates human vision.

Pattern Recognition: REcognition and
classifying of patterns (not only IP!).

Examples: Image Processing

Examples: Image Analysis

Examples: Machine Vision

What do we expect from a
Machine Vision System ?

… to „see“ things like we (humans) do;

Therefore: we need some knowledge and
understanding about how we see things;

… and we have to „think“ like a Machine
Vision system.

Why do we use cameras as sensors ?

Cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper;

Computer are getting cheaper and cheaper;

Software is getting more and more powerful;

The combination of


Computer, and


is a cost
effective measuring system, which can be
used for a large number of applications.