Comments from Alpha Five v7 beta users regarding their use of Alpha Five v7 for building Web applications


Nov 5, 2013 (5 years and 2 months ago)


Comments from Alpha Five v7 beta users regarding their use of Alpha Five v7
for building Web applications

Alpha Software
asked Beta

users to evaluate the Web Component Builder in version 7. Here are
their comments:

Alpha Five v7 is great! I love working
with it. I was an ASP and developer and I just
hated them. Alpha Five is so much easier and faster. I've been waiting 7 years for a good web
database program like Alpha Five.

It is much easier [than other products]. I can accomplish
things I proba
bly would not be able to do with other tools.

I have used .net

Alpha Five v7 is much easier and faster for web app development

for a super product. It serves us well for our intranet connections to SQL views.

I am brand new to Alpha Five and

jumped directly into V7. Within 3 weeks I had learned
enough of Alpha Five to build a complete multi
user online application geared to property
management. Being


developer I have tried several other RAD packages. This one blows the
socks off any other.

I've build web applications in VB.NET using Visual Studio. Building the same application in Alpha

version 7

saves me a huge amount of my time.

I plan to build an application

on the web

to keep up with the daily operations of my farm,
including: all
aspects of raising horses (medical, riding, etc), tractor use, complete accounting.

I love Alpha Five

version 7

I used to think that MS Access was the only program there was until
I was introduced to the Alpha

oftware family of products.

Alpha Five v7’s


capabilities are extremely easy and powerful.

I plan to write a Web CRM Application like Sugar CRM or PHProject. I also plan to write an
application for the German Health care market.

I used Magic's e
Developer, some PHP and I've
tested ASP.NET. Alp
ha Five v7 has from my point of view a much better IDE for doing this and is
easier to learn.

I plan on building a web front
end to an SQL database to enable customers to view


status of
their orders. I have used Dreamweaver, Clarion and Access for si
milar tasks. I feel Alpha is
leading the pack in web database development tools.

Using Alpha Five version 7, I am building customer website to drive eCommerce initiatives. In
the past I have used ASP for data
based driven dynamic websites for changes to ma
messages. I have also tried FileMaker for its web publishing features. Alpha Five v7 is easier
and more powerful. It is feature rich and
allows for
quick deployment.

I will use Alpha Five as the interface and something like My SQL for the backen

for building an
web based inventory management system

I've used Domino by Lotus before. The ease of use [of version 7] is better than I remember
Domino being and the cost is obviously much better.

I plan to build a secure customer online database for
truck drivers.

I plan to design a web
based invoicing system. V7 can quickly create the web
based application
without programming, but MS Access cannot.

I have worked with ASP, literally "fought & struggled" with ASP.NET. Alpha Five V7 in my
opinion ma
kes .NET look bad.

I plan on developing self
service applications (e
leave, etc) for small to medium customers.

I am building a web
based member registration application. I am Very happy with what can be
accomplished with Alpha Five version 7!!!

I a
m working on running a soccer league via the web . The program is easy to use and
minimizes development time.

I plan to build a web based system for the department of OBGYN at our hospital. It will have
the administrative items as well as teaching progra
ms and quizzes.

As I work in manufacturing as a CAD Designer/CNC Programmer, I plan
on writing

a web based
application that handles shop

floor/materials management.

I have tried many tools claiming to develop powerful web applications rapidly. Nothing
ompares to Alpha Five version 7.

I have used MS Access. I think that Alpha Five v7 will cut my development time and the
features that I can include (especially on the web).

I am looking to upgrade my invoicing system applications to be able to do over t
he Web
whatever can be done locally.

Using the security features built into Alpha Five v7, I will be able to let customers know about
their account and items over the web.

I have used MS Access. I really like the vast options that are available in Alpha

We are looking at developing a web application that imports data from Pocket PC devices to
manage time jobs and contracts for externally based workers.

I plan on building a web data base for car re
cycling (with version 7) because
of Alpha

Five v

Specialized online accounting and time management software.

I have developed my first web application. It tracks student performance in a high school

I intend to develop an application on the web

using Alpha Five v7. The web app

will be used to
access common data shared between three servers on a wan.

Alpha Five v7 is easier than Visual Studio.

I'm in the process of building a web app for the phone system where I work, which has 500+

I plan to build a specialized w
eb discussion forum.

I plan on building apps using Alpha Five v7 against data stored in Microsoft Access .mdb and SQL
server 2000 data. Until now I have been building web apps for SQL Server using ASP.NET and
PHP and I also have been using Visual Studio

I will be using Alpha Five v7 to keep track of employee vacations and absences over the web.

Police "online" reports and forms

to give Police Officers live access
to police records
from their
Patrol Cars.

Data entry for “track and field” competi
tions instead of Front Page


we are using the web app to allow an easy way for teachers to input test score data.

building a secure web site whereby uncles, aunts and cousins can
view, sort, search
even produce reports based on picture
s of my family

I currently use Dreamweaver, but I am planning to use Alpha Five v7 initially for a membership
registration system.

Alpha Five v7 is very easy to use and learn

I plan to use version 7 to build a web
based newsletter subscription managem
ent system.

I am building build an online jewelry sales site.

I am building a web based Donor Tracking System

I am planning on converting a Visual Basic/Access application for invoicing and promotional
offers to a web application.

Plan to use this fo
r online giving for non

, also for online subscriptions.

I will be creating a web
based betting pool for the World championship Football (soccer)
football next summer. People will be able to interactively fill in the pool and request r

I plan on converting our existing web application, which was designed with Cold Fusion, to
Alpha Five.

I build database applications for companies that use both
inux and windows. Web applications
built in Alpha Five v7 will allow me to build o
ne product for both systems.

I am planning to develop web
based systems for our insurance broker business.

Alpha Five v7 makes it easy for me to build web applications.

We plan to develop web applications for
hospital departments

to request service on

equipment, telecommunications and physical plant.

Using Alpha Five v7, I am presently building a web application whereby my existing clients can
access their electricity invoice information, compare previous years consumption against
present consu
mption and determine whether energy reduction measures are being successful or
not. At this stage from the excellent documentation and with no understanding (although I am
learning) of xBasic I have been able
to quickly

produce first class applications wit
h full charting
ability. I am truly amazed with Alpha Five v7 and always look forward to seeing what you are
going to achieve next.