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Feb 5, 2013 (5 years and 5 months ago)


UC Berkeley

Scaleable Structured
Datastorage for Web 2.0

Michael Armbrust, David Patterson

October, 2007

RAD Lab 5
year Mission

Today’s Internet systems complex, fragile, manually
managed, rapidly evolving

To scale Ebay, must build Ebay
sized company

“Moon shot” mission statement:

a single person

eploy, and
perate the next
generation IT service

“The Fortune 1 Million” by enabling rapid innovation

Create core technology to enable vision via synergy
across systems, networking, and Statisical Machine

Making datacenter easier to manage enables vision of
single person to analyze, deploy and operate a
scalable IT service

If Datacenter is the

What is the programming language?

What are the libraries?

How do trace/monitor programs?

What is the simulator?

What is Computer Aided Design?

What is the Operating System?

What is the Database System?

Storage Status Quo

Current status of data storage for Web 2.0

Large relational databases running on
expensive hardware

Manual horizontal and vertical partitioning of

Problem: Requires redesign at each
scaling milestone

Goal: Scaleable structured data storage
for Web 2.0

Web 2.0 App Characteristics

Need to scale to YouTube or MySpace

Require geographic replication

Short transactions

No ad
hoc queries

Willing to trade relaxed consistency for
scalability and availability

Photos, not financials

Relaxed Consistency

Some things can be updated lazily

Eventual consistency is often acceptable

However users should see their own
writes immediately

Need to provide simple choices to

Our Idea

Large scale distributed database underneath

Runs on 1000+ of shared nothing commodity

like layer in Ruby on Rails vs. SQL

Provides simple relationships and consistency
guarantees between models



searchable_by (for full
text search)

compute joins for quick reads

Related Work (we know of)

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