Course on “E-Commerce & Security” for MBA (IT) 2nd Semester


Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Course on “E
Commerce & Security” for MBA (IT) 3rd Semester

Course Objectives:

Electronic commerce is the use of information technology in conducting economic
transactions and managing business over computer networks. Electronic Commerce
involves a wide
variety of cooperating technologies such as communications, networks,
databases, expert systems, and multimedia. It also impacts a wide variety of managerial
issues ranging from logistics to customer relationship. Topic also include methods to
conduct econ
omic transactions and manage businesses on the Internet, technical and
managerial issues, commerce models, architecture, payment mechanisms, security,
design of portals, web directories and catalogs

Detailed Structure:

Introduction to Electronic Commerce

Nature, Scope and Importance, Terms used, Role of Electronic Commerce in Business,
Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Distant Selling, Electronic Banking,
Electronic Tendering, Electronic Auctioneering, and E

Gambling and

Electronic Payment Sy

Nature, Scope and Types of Electronic Payment System, Digital Token Based Electronic
Payment System, Smart Card and Electronic Payment Systems, Credit Card based
Electronic Payment Systems, Risk Involve and Electronic Payment Systems

Managing the Wo
rld Wide Web

HTML, Java Script, Web Site Design, Client Server model, Networking, Web Hosting,
Domain Name Registration, Designing Electronic Payment Systems, Marketing on Web,

Demonstration of Examples.

Internet Advertisement

Nature and Scope, Advertisem
ent of Goods and Services, Liability of Web Site Creator,
Online Contracts, Webvertisement, Legal and Global Issues Involved,

Internet Security and Web Privacy

Introduction, Scope and key issues involve in Electronic Commerce and Security, Web
Privacy, L
inking, Framing Metagging, Basic Cryptography, Encryption Techniques,
Digital Signature, Digital Certificates, Firewalls. Legal Issues Involved

Suggested Readings


Frontiers of Electronic Commerce

Kalakota and Whinston



Parag Diwan, Sunil Sha


Business Law, International and E
Commerce Environment

Henry Cheeseman


Introduction to E

Efrain Turban, David King


Foundation of E

Effy Oz


Information Technology and Business

James Senn