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Location Based Advertising

Secure SMS Payment System

SkullRec3D (Face Recognition)

Location Based Advertising System


Geo referenced (GPS) advertising on public
transportation vehicle.

Flash stile movie displayed on LCD inside the

More efficient advertising: the message is
emphasized approaching the object of the
advertising campaign:

“Exceptional discounts … get off next stop”.

Integrates advertising and information to the users.

Location Based Advertising System

Secure SMS Payment System

Secure SMS Payment System is vastly used by
the postal office in Italy.

Is a system for secure banking transactions and
purchases through credit card, operated with

Uses standard secure encryption algorithms,
supporting digital signature and digital

Secure SMS Payment System expands the
selling channels today in use and has no
infrastructure impact.

Secure SMS Payment System

Clear text:

contains details about the owner,
account and ending date of S

Digital Signature:

contains, owner data, account, user cell.
phone number and validity time
stamp, ciphered and not modifiable.

Secure SMS Payment System

SkullRec3D (Face Recognition)

The system captures the image of the face of
the person in motion and process it on the base
of specialized mathematical algorithms following
a given sequence. (1.Eyes, 2.Nose, 3.Mouth, 4.
Forehead, etc) Then it matches with the

In case of a matching with a 95% of tolerance
(adjustable), the system sends an alarm to the
security resposible.

The system is proposed to airports, railways,
metro, stadiums, etc.

SkullRec3D (Face Recognition)

Main Functionality:

Recognition of wanted
people by accessing a
photo database.

Allows easy access to
known people by
accessing a photo

Identikit (Police Sketch )

Proximity alert

SkullRec3D (Face Recognition)

System Components

focus digital camera

Powerful PC

Photo database based on
standard products
(i.e.: Oracle, Informix,
Sybase, etc)


The application uses
ANN (Artificial Neural
Networks) and Pattern
Recognition Theory