Interacting with Funding Agencies

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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Interacting with Funding Agencies

Whitaker Foundation

August 15, 1998

Janie Fouke

Case Western Reserve University

Support for your research

Find where you fit within the government or

Understand their needs, mission

Focus on programs that have money

Understand how funding is administered

Agencies Funding Biomedical Research

Mission Agencies

Agencies with Broader Goals

Private Foundations

Special Opportunities (DARPA, VA, etc.)

Samples of Mission Agencies

Department of Defense

Air Force Office of Scientific Research


Office of Naval Research

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


Department of Energy

Environmental Protection Agency

Food and Drug Administration

Veteran’s Administration

Agencies with Broad Goals

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation

Department of Education

Department of Commerce

National Institutes of Standards and Technology


Whitaker Foundation

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Robert Wood Johnson

Professional Societies

Critical information

Strategic Plan of Organization

Budget of Organization

Technical Goals of Organization

Program Goals

Strategic Plan of Organization

(How they notify you)

Broad Area Announcements

Request for Proposals

“Dear Colleague” Letters

Annual Report

Institutional Programs

Strategic Plan of Organization

(Your Actions)

Assess Your Research Goals

Find Lists of Recent Awardees

Review Abstracts of Recently Funded

Meet the Program Officer

Finding the Program Officer

The most difficult part

Home Institution Assistance

Libraries, Internet, WWW

Home Page of Target Institutions

Organizational Directory of Target Institutions

Visits: Ask the right questions

Program Officer

Does (s)he accept proposals?

Is there a line item in the budget?

Does (s)he have programmatic responsibility?

Talking with the Program Officer

Define the context of the field

Demonstrate technical competence

Limitations of the State
the Art?

Can you solve part of this problem?

What NOT to say: What can I do for you?

Agency Budgets

Built from the Ground Up

Supplemental Issues from Legislators

Line Items

Budget Development

Office of Budget and Management iterates
with Agency

House and Senate each have:

Budget Committee (planning)

Authorization Committee (oversight)

Appropriation Committee

Both bills must pass

Reconciliation Committee

Presidential Approval (or not!)

Budget Development

Agency Budget

Internal Adjustments

Program Budget

Changing Times

Tactical issues are now very relevant as some
of the Agencies with very large budgets
expand their role in society.

use” technologies and applications are
in vogue.

Samples of Tactical Issues

Protecting the environment

Advanced communication technologies

Improved and/or more effective health care

“Dual Use”

Technologies developed for one purpose (eg,
defense, space exploration) also have
application in another sphere.

Sonar to ultrasound

Telerobotics to remote surgery

Degradation of warfare chemicals to
degradation of insecticides


Be knowledgable: Agencies differ in mission
and procedures

Be helpful: Program Directors can learn a lot
from you

Be nimble: Things are constantly changing

Be quick: Opportunities disappear rapidly