Inspection Document for Assignment 1

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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 11 months ago)


Homework1: Inspection and Planning Document

I started my assignment with reading text book chapter 3 as told by professor

Initiating the assignment:
First Step for achieving the goal:


main objective was to
achieve a successfully running applet

from any browser and
on any operating system
Microsoft FrontPage for creating webpages might lead to running failure of the program so I
have not used Front Page instead I wrote html code by myself.

Error Encountered :
Then I installed jdk and netb
eans. I read netbeans tutorial also. When I
started writing java code, I went through many errors. The errors were
very small and I was
able to solve them.

While running the applet in html file, it showed the text of the applet but not the image. Then
I st
arted going through the code again to look out for code where something went wrong. I
found that the extensions I mentioned were in lower case but actually the image was stored in
uppercase extension. I edited the code and was able to run the code.


I learned from this assignment:

I learned how to embed java applet in html page. I also learned case sensitive nature of
interpreting extensions of the file. Finally I became friendly with environment of java.

The screenshot of my running applet :