A Framework for Understanding Poverty

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Feb 5, 2013 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Things to think about…


Poverty occurs in all races and in all countries.

Economic class is a continuous line, not a clear cut

Generational poverty v. situational poverty

Ruby’s work is based on patterns, and there are exceptions


We all act in accordance with the hidden rules of our social

Most organizations operate from middle
calls norms and
contain the hidden rules of the middle class

For students to be successful they must understand the
hidden rules of school…if they don’t know them, we must
teach them.


We can’t punish or ignore children that do not know the
rules…we must provide support, assistance and

One gives up a great deal when moving to another class.

Education and relationship assist on in moving through the

Reasons people leave poverty; it is too painful to stay,
vision/goal, key relationships, special talent

Definition of Poverty

The extent to which an individual does without resources


Financial Support Systems

Emotional Relationships/Role Model

Mental Knowledge of Hidden Rule



Hidden Rules/Mental

The assumption is that everyone knows what you know.

We see the world and react to situations through our own
mental models but we really do not realize this fact.

Hidden rules govern how we assess another individual and
his/her capabilities.

Hidden Rules, Poverty Quiz.

Can you Survive?

Do you know what churches have the best rummage sales?

Do you know which stores’ garbage bins can be accessed for
thrown away food?

Do you know who to get someone out of jail?

Can you physically fight and defend yourself?

Do you know how to keep your clothes from being stolen at
the laundry mat?

Could you live without a checking account? Electricity?
Phone? Car?

Hidden Rules of Middle
Class Quiz

Do your children know the best name brands of clothing?

Do you know how to order in a nice restaurant?

Can you use a credit car? Checking account? Savings

Do you know how to help your children with homework?

Do you decorate your house for different holidays?

Do you talk to your children about going to college?

Hidden Rules of Wealth

Do you have several favorite restaurants in different countries
around the world?

Do you have two residences that are staffed and maintained?

Do you fly in your own plane, the company plane or the Concord?

Are you on the board of at least two charities?

Do you know the hidden rules of the Junior League?

Can you read a corporate financial statement and analyze your
own financial statements?

What must we understand
about the concept of hidden

To ensure that expectations do not differ from student to

To teach students the hidden rules of middle class to

To be able to work within a family’s rules when exploring
solutions to problems/no imposing MC rules

To lessen frustration levels

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