AT&T to activate faster 4G network on Sunday

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Dec 12, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


“AT&T to
activate faster
4G network on

AT&T Mobility is saddling up for the initial launch
of its faster fourth
generation data services. The
4G LTE network is set to debut on Sunday, said
John Stephens, AT&T's financial chief. AT&T said
earlier that the network will debut in five cities,
reaching 70 million people. The launch cities are
Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San
Antonio, Texas. AT&T began selling two gadgets
last month that were designed to connect to its
4G LTE network. AT&T announced last month that
access to 4G LTE service using wireless cards for
computers would cost $50 for five gigabytes per
month. AT&T has not detailed prices for
smartphone data or announced when those
phones would launch. Each of the four major
carriers has been marketing its data services as
4G. This is AT&T’s attempt at trying to stay
competitive and current in the market.

“I confess that there are several parts of this
Constitution which I do not at present approve,
but I am not sure I shall never approve them.
For having lived long, I have experienced many
instances of being obliged by better
information, or fuller consideration, to change
opinions even on important subjects, which I
once thought right, but found to be otherwise.”

Benjamin Franklin,

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Happy Constitution Day

Ultimately only
delegates of
the seventy
invited actually
signed the


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Happy Constitution Day