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Annexure “A” Cottage Lots
Development and Building Guidelines Stage 16B

In order to ensure a minimum standard and to encourage home design excellence at Beaumaris Beach
Iluka, these Guidelines set out the minimum standards and conditions under which residential
development within the estate will normally be approved. Appreciating that design is subjective and new
products are being continually developed, the Vendor reserves the right to vary standards or approve
alternative materials or finishes provided such materials and finishes, in its opinion maintain the
minimum standards set out below.

Building Plan Approval
Two full sets of plans and specifications must be submitted to Project Manager, Beaumaris Land Sales
PO Box 429 Joondalup WA 6919 prior to the plans being submitted to City of Joondalup under the
normal building approval procedure.
The Project Manager will peruse such plans for compliance with the Development and Building
Guidelines and if considered to comply will return an approved set of plans to the applicant.

NO development is to be commenced on any lot without the plans and specifications having been
approved in writing as set out above.

The minimum dwelling size is 160 square metres. The minimum floor area is the area of the dwelling
excluding porches, garages, verandahs, alfresco etc. Development of residential R30 Lots shall have
maximum site coverage of 60% of the total lot.

All dwellings constructed must incorporate double, side by side enclosed garages, comprised of the same
materials as the residence and having a minimum clear internal dimension of 5.0m wide x 5.5 m deep.

Walls: All external walls must be constructed, unless otherwise approved, with concrete, clay bricks,
limestone or similar material finished in face brickwork or render.
Roofing: Clay or concrete tiles, colourbond metal roofing is acceptable. A minimum 25
pitch is to be
used on all dwellings and garages. Zinculume is not acceptable.
Driveway: Each dwelling is to be provided with a driveway and crossover to be completed at the same
time as the residence and before occupation. All driveways and crossovers must comprise brick paving
unless otherwise approved by the Vendor.

Feature masonry fencing is required for any boundary or return fence that face any street, road, park or
reserve. Feature fencing shall not incorporate fibro cement (Hardifence) or Colourbond. See Iluka
Structure Plan for further detail. This fencing is not provided or paid for by the developer.

No fibro cement (Hardifence) or colourbond fencing is permitted forward of the building line.

Fencing to boundaries where provided by the developer is not to be altered in any way. In the event of
damage the lot owner shall repair in the same style and colour as provided.

Except for street, road, park or reserve boundaries. All boundary fencing shall consist of Hardifence
painted “wheat” colour on both sides with “wheat” coloured capping.

No solid fencing greater than 1m height is to be erected forward of the building line.

Rear fences abutting garages adjacent to a rear laneway are to be constructed to allow a driveway
truncation at the rear laneway, to provide for adequate sightlines and vehicle maneuverability. Separate
pedestrian access gates to the rear laneway, in addition to garage doors are permitted. Hardifence will be
erected on the high side of any retaining wall. The Vendor or its Agents will make fencing decisions.
One month prior to your home being completed, please contact Residential Fencing on
0407 320 039 for installations.

Iluka Structure Plan
Objective: The integrated development precinct needs to compliment the balance of Beaumaris Beach
Estate and as such, a structure plan has been formulated to ensure that the future residents of this precinct
can enjoy a high standard of residential amenity which ensures adequate standards of privacy, daylight,
and security whilst creating a more interesting and intimate streetscape.

Design Guidelines relevant to R30 lots as provided for in the Structure Plan are summarised below (for
further information please consult the City of Joondalup District Planning Scheme No2.)

Residential R30 Lots
Development of all Residential R30 lots shown on the Structure Plan shall be assessed in accordance with
the Residential Design Codes, District Planning Scheme, Council’s Policies (except in the case of
Building Height in which the Residential Design Codes applies), relevant Local Laws and Building
Codes of Australia, except where they have been varied in the following instances:
a) The development of all residential lots with rear laneway access shall satisfy a minimum 1.5 metre
front setback and an average of 3.0 metres.
b) The development of lots without laneway access shall satisfy a minimum 2.5 metre front setback and
average 4.5 metres. An average front setback of 3m shall be permitted where 50% or more of the
garage is recessed into the design of the dwelling. A minimum 4m setback shall apply to all garages.
c) Rear setback (excluding garages for lots with rear laneways) shall be accordance with The Residential
Design Codes.
d) Garages on laneway lots shall provide a 1.5 metre minimum rear setback. A 1.5 metre side offset is
required for garage openings to the boundary for site truncation to enable improved vehicle access.
e) To encourage solar access and energy efficiency whilst preserving similar solar access adjoining
properties, a zero lot setback onto a side boundary other than a street boundary is encouraged (except
where stated for corner lots with a secondary street frontage, refer to 4(k). The use of a zero setback
shall be limited to the western boundary for north/south oriented lots and the southern boundary for
east/west oriented lots. A zero setback to the side boundary is required to be in accordance with
acceptable development provision A2 (iii) 3.3.2 of the Residential Design Codes.

f) Those lots with the zero lot line on the side boundary shall also have a mandatory 2.0 metre second
storey setback when the wall contains no major openings to habitable rooms. This setback is to apply
specifically on the south for east/west lots and the west for north/south lots. Where major openings to
habitable rooms are proposed setbacks are to be in accordance with the Residential Design Codes.
g) Regardless of whether of not a zero setback has been sought to one of the side boundaries referred to
in (e) above a minimum setback of 1.5 metres is required to the opposite boundary for both ground
and upper floors for walls without a major opening. This will be to the eastern boundary for
north/south, oriented lots and the northern boundary for east/west, oriented lots. Where major
openings are proposed, setbacks are to be in accordance with the Residential Design Codes.
h) Development of residential R30 lots shall have maximum site coverage of 60% of the total lot.
i) Rear garages are mandatory for all laneway allotments.
j) Maximum building height is to be in accordance with Table 3 “Category B” of the “Residential
Design Codes”. This Provision supersedes and Local Planning Policy that relates to Building Height.
k) For corner lots with two frontages to a street, the secondary street setback is to be in accordance with
the Residential Design Codes. To encourage active frontage and surveillance to a secondary street a
zero setback may be permitted up to 50% of the secondary street boundary subject to the following
1) The part of the building that is located at a zero setback must address the secondary street in a
similar manner to that of the primary street;
2) The remaining part of the building is to be setback in accordance with the Residential Design
Codes for secondary street;
3) Any fencing proposed to the secondary street boundary is required to be a maximum height of
1.8 metres with the solid component being permitted to a maximum height of 750mm with the
remainder being “permeable fencing” (See City of Joondalup Policy 3.2.6 “Subdivision and
Development Adjoining Areas of Public Space” for an example of “permeable fencing”) and
4) The secondary street boundary does not include the corner truncation.
l) Elements 8 and 9 of the Residential Design Codes do not apply.
m) All developments are required to provide an enclosed, lockable storage area, constructed in a
design and material matching the dwelling, accessible from outside the dwelling, with a minimum
internal dimension of 1.5m with an internal area of at least 4m
. Storerooms are permitted in
garages provided the minimum dimensions and area are achieved.
n) Where no fence is proposed along the front boundary, side fencing must not exceed a height of 1
metre within the front setback area. Where front fencing is proposed, the side fencing within the
front setback area is required to be of the same height (not to exceed 1.0m), same style and same
materials as the front boundary fence.
o) Fencing forward of the front building line is not encouraged, however, where it is proposed,
permeable fencing or solid fencing or a combination of the two will be permitted to a maximum
height of 1.0 metre.
p) Should an application not be in accordance with the development provisions provided in this
section, consultation with adjoining or other landowners and the submission of a development
application is required.

Any Building must be of the same materials as the residence and must conform to the side setback
requirements. Galvanised iron, zincalume or fibro walls are not permitted.

Site Levels and Setbacks
Buyers must satisfy by inspection and enquiry regarding minimum setbacks being achieved on individual
The general level of the site may not be altered without the written approval of the developers. Clean fill
must be checked by purchaser’s builder for suitability.
Any limestone retaining or other walls provided may not be altered in any way except with written
permission from the developer.

Air Conditioning or Cooling Unit/Solar Hot Water Units
Air conditioning or cooling units must be of a similar colour to the roof. Solar hot water units must be
integrated with and match the roof profile and pitch of the dwelling.

Each lot is to address the main street, not the rear laneway, and as such letterboxes must be provided on
the main street frontage. The developer will provide letterboxes that clearly display the house number.

Windblown Litter
For the benefit of tidiness a provision is to be made on building sites for the containment of builder’s
materials that would otherwise be likely to be blown by the wind. The minimum requirement is a “Pen”
constructed of four star pickets and wire mesh, secured to all sides with a top, located on each lot during
the construction period.
The Purchaser shall take all necessary steps to stabilize the soil to prevent windblown sand and litter
accumulating prior to and during construction. Should the Project Managers be forced to carry out this
exercise, they reserve the right to claim the cost back from the lot owner.

Excepting for the Vendor’s signage or its Agents, NO extra wordage advertising or business signage shall
be placed on the property or in the front window or on the walls of the dwelling without the written
approval of the Vendor excepting real estate signage associated with the sale of residences and builders
signs required by law.
Not for a period of two years commencing on the date of the contract shall a “For Sale” sign be erected on
a vacant block of land (or any other signs) provided that this Covenant will not operate to prevent the
Purchaser form selling or otherwise disposing of the land. Should any sign be erected on the lot the
purchaser gives permission to the Vendor or its agents to enter the property to remove the sign.

Washing Lines/Rubbish Bins
All washing lines and rubbish bins shall be screened from the street and public places.

Display Homes
The completed residence shall not be used for display purposes without the written approval of the
Vendor or its Agent.

Commercial Vehicles/Boats etc.
All commercial vehicles including caravans, boats, etc shall not be parked or stored on a property unless
contained within a garage or screened from public view.

Telecommunication Aerials, Antennas & Dishes
Beaumaris Beach has a state of the art underground cable system which provides residents with free to air
television, 5 free to air satellite channels and the option of broadband (high speed) internet.
The installation of the cable system means that it is not necessary to erect outside TV antennae which
together with satellite dishes are not permitted under the terms of the Restrictive Covenants.
The cable system has been installed and is maintained by Service Elements (Telephone 1300 667 863).
Connection to the system must be undertaken by Broadcast Engineering Services. The installation fee is
approximately $300 + GST. This fee includes up to 40 metres of cable. 15 metres of trenching and an
Austel approved isolation device. If your home has two or more TV points, you may incur additional
costs for the installation of splitters and/or a TV signal booster.
Your builder will normally supply and install TV points in your home. BES recommends the use of RG6
Quad Shield Cable. Your builder should terminate the coaxial cable in the roof space in an accessible
place at the front of the house.
The developers will endeavour to ensure that the TV system is developed and continued, but makes no
warranty or promise concerning its continued operation.

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