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My best i

I believe that we don’t
discover things as much as we create
them with our

and then the Universe uses that mind
substance to bring into physical reality those things we think about.
But we have to think about them to the point that we believe they are

actually going to happen and that they are

totally real. Then they

So I would like to make the following happen.

In some respects the human mission statement could read,

We want it, we want it now, and we want it to be simple and to just
work perfectly with no excuses


With this in mind, imagine if you will,
very stylish looking

glasses that form a sort of peripheral wrap around so when looking
through them you see no rim lines. Just clear sight
in all directions
with no obstructions.

They are not made out of glass or plastic but a highly charged

compound of various elements that create an almost invisible looking
, that we will call glass for now,


fits to your face

You can change the tint of the glass or the perceived look of the
frame with virtually infinite options
, creatin
g a 360
environment of any opacity, color or shade you desire.

If desired t
hey can completely filter out all glare
giving an
exaggerated pristine dimensional perspective at anything you look at.
Even if you are looking directly at the sun t
hese glasses can give the
impression of removing the sun from where it is in the sky leaving you
only a clear bright sky.

They have the technology to peer into your eye and measure any
near sighted or farsightedness a person may have


creating a
completely clear clean vision at anything you look at from any
distance without you

to move any particular way or adjust

conventional “3
way progressive” glasses

Since they read
your inner eye, as your vision changes through

the years so do they.
This eliminates the need

having to get your eyes checked or
change your prescription.

But these are really just the basic features. This device can also act
as your computer screen

that you can view

in any size, location or
city within your complete field of vision. For instance, you can
delegate 10% of the upper part of your vision to being your computer
screen, just a small square of this, or your entire

creating a
virtual reality computer screen environment.


nventional w
ay we look at our computer desk
top and search
for documents will seem like old technology. With this device we can
instantly bring into view any
one or many

, calendar date,
message, etc.
Doing banking, business, art projects, etc. wi
ll all be
immediately accessible

wherever you are

You can also adjust the distance

(depth of field)

of objects that you
bring into view such as your computer screen

or rendered objects
Your screen can be perceived to be any distance in front of you fro
what is seemingly right in your head

to a foot, 2 feet, 20 feet etc,

virtually a
ny distance

at all

With it’s unique holographic technology y
ou can also see all projected
objects dimensionally

meaning you can see the front, back, sides,
top, or turn the object in any direction

if you like


you view can seem as though it’s part of the natural landscap
e of
what’s going on around you, or can be placed in a landscape of your

Things within your view that may be far away can be zoomed in on to
any magnification be it a street sign, mountain top or far off galaxy.
Want to visually dissect a stone on Jupiter in real time?

It has unique visual sensors over its entire surface

that yield visual
holographic images

times greater than
definition. This enables them to view and process images within a
degree radius. This means that you can clearly see what is in
back of you, on top of you, or under you
while looking forward. You
can group visuals either one angle at a time or all angles at once in
varying degrees of size, opacity or segments.

You can also record these images in still photos or video and send
them to friends who can experience your surr
oundings in a virtual
reality setting. When others view your photos or videos they will feel
as though they are in them.

And of course it’s a phone too, but one that never needs to be
Isn’t it about time for that?

As you can imagine, viewing mo
vies, video games, sports shows,
business meetings
etc, Can give you the experience of
these events

actually happening right in front of you in a 4 dimensional universe.
You would even be able to walk around

participate in

lly project yourself and your surroundings into a
business meeting 5,000 miles away.

No time for a vacation to Tahiti? You can

a virtual reality
where everyplace you look would have the sun, sand and
palm trees of Tahiti, or
take a trip to

the top of Mt. Everest… or the
moon, etc.

Because these glasses can read your retina, there is no need for log
on security codes etc, because they will only work for you when you
put them on.

They get their power from the sun and after 5 minutes of e
they can run without a hit
ch for

over a year.

Your ears are fitted with small, undetectable ear buds that attach to
the glasses and deliver excellent audio quality sound, but because
the glasses come in contact with parts of your head, they have

ability to resonate frequencies in
to your skull in

such a way that you
get a complete surround sound
atmosphere as if the sound you
are listening to is coming from all directions, much like it does when
listening to things in the outside world.
This gives a whole new
dimension to recorded audio stimulation.
And the seclusion of the ear
buds can be dialed in as to completely close out the outside

world or
hear it at any level at a much
greater quality tha


But perhaps the greatest feature

of this device is it’s ability to

into your eyes
, read your body temperature
, blood type, heart rate,
blood sugar, vitamin and mineral
, allergies,
and virtually any
type of vital sign

and give a reading of your overall health. By
balancing these things and comparing them with what a persons
perfect health can be
, it is capable of determining the onset of any
kind of imbalance or sickness in your system. It will then offer various
options based on your stats that contain the vitamins, minerals,
proteins or particular medicines in their appropriate doses that one
might need to avoid sickness and/or regain

and well being

from any kind of illness

It can speak to you an
d tell you what would be the best element for
you at anytime of the day. Is your hydration leve
l low? A
re you in
need of more protein
? I
s there an abnormal growth forming in a part
of your body
? And it can tell you

exactly what would be needed to
t these things based on your specific body make up, thus



yourself of
a disease or sickness

It can read your biorhythms a
nd determine your state of mind, stress
and emotional self and offer vibrational frequencies mixed with
ght color rays that can balance
these things. These healing
vibrations and rays can reduce stress and even put you to sleep by
relaxing you and gently placing your eyes into the necessary REM
(Rapid eye movement) that can make you
drift off to
ream land

The potential for this device to bring balance to ones health and state
of mind is supreme.

The device can be operated in various ways. One can use a
conventional keyboard to type,
speak commands, or use these
small patches that adhere to the underside of your wrist

measure the slightest movement in your fingers.
Using it that way
eliminates the need for any other type of hardware.
There is also
ways to communicate thoughts,

ideas and commands through subtle
eye movements

and perceived thought patterns

There are no cables, wires, download time, crashes, software
updates that need to be installed, or hard drives to back up. All of
these things are harnessed through the use
of the molecules in the
air and the ene
rgy they carry within them

And for those who do not want to be bothered with wearing anything
on their face, they can use the contact lens version.

All for just $299.00

And it’s called

The “iEye”


This i
dea is protected under copyright patent law.