Tiffany Ellsworth Lee, MA, OTR, BCB-PMD Course Level: Entry, Type: II One hour and 45 minutes

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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


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9:45 am

Introduction to the

Treatment of Incontinence

Tiffany Ellsworth Lee, MA, OTR,


Course Level: Entry, Type: II

One hour and 45 minutes

More than 50 million Americans are

negatively impacted by bladder and

bowel incontinence. You will learn about

the O
T’s role, treatment applications,

practical strategies, and how to become

board certified in this specialty field.



9:45 am

Making Data Based Decisions

for Reading and Writing

Accommodations in Schools

Eileen R Garza, OTR, PhD, ATP

se Level: Intermediate, Type: II

One hour and 45 minutes

This course will focus on assistive

technology tools from no tech to high

tech that can be utilized by struggling

students to support reading and writing.

Sources and methods for data collection


be discussed.



9:45 am

Improving Self
Esteem of Service

Members with Virtual Reality

Dewayne Bramlett, Major, OTR/L, MS,

DScOT Student

Jason Judkins, Captain, OTR/L, MOT,

DScOT Student

Sheri Michel, OTR/L, OTD

Course Level: Entry/Inter
mediate, Type: II

One hour and 45 minutes

A quantitative approach studying the

esteem level of wounded warriors

assigned to the Warrior Transition

Battalion after involvement in the

Engagement Skills Trainer (virtual

reality) and analyzing statistical

data of

clients utilizing the EST.



9:45 am (Limit 50)

How to Give and Receive

Effective Feedback

Sophie L Rydin, Phd, OTR

Cara Westerman, MOT, OTR

Course Level: Entry, Type: I

One hour and 45 minutes

This course offers practical and

tips to OT Managers, supervisors,

clinical and academic educators to

improve skills in giving feedback,

especially negative feedback, in order to

help employees or students maximize

their performance.

113 Friday 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Afghanistan O
Providing Occupational Therapy for Soldiers with

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Steven J. Wasilewski, MAJ, USA, OTR/L

Course Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Type II

Two hours

Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is the signature combat injury of

the U.
S. involvement in Afghanistan. Occupational therapists operate multiple

mTBI treatment centers across Afghanistan. Over ninety
five percent of their

patients are able to return to duty in less than a week. The speaker is an OT

who operated two mTBI trea
tment centers in different regions of Afghanistan

throughout most of 2012. This session will examine how mTBI injuries occur in

Afghanistan, associated pathophysiology, strategies for assessment and

treatment, the evidence supporting current treatment a
lgorithms, and some

thoughts about future directions in mTBI care.