Driving fear package

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Nov 14, 2013 (5 years and 1 month ago)


Driving fear package

A large number of people suffer from some form of driving fear or driving anxiety. The driving
fear package on the simulator consists of 3 drives of 50 minutes each.

Each drive takes 50 minutes. During the simulated drive, the virtual instructor asks regularly to
indicate the level of anxiety by pressing a button. You will notice that driving fear reduces after
you drive for a while in the simulator. The training start
s on a quiet rural (simulated) road. The
second drive is in a town with more traffic and more complex traffic situations. The third drive is
on a motorway with much more traffic that drives at a higher speed. The simulations are aimed at
treating the anxie
ty you experience while driving in a effective manner. After each ride, you get
a print with a graph that shows how fear developed during the drive.

Methods and techniques from the Virtual Reality realm are used increasingly to treat different
s of fear. Het main advantage of virtual reality techniques, like simulators, is that you can
practice in a safe but realistic environment while the simuli that provoke the fear can be
presented in a structured and realistic way. People are then exposed to

the fear provoking
situations and they learn to cope with their fears which will result in a reduction of tensions and
anxiety. This technique is called 'exposure in vivo'.

The package requires installation of Microsoft Excel.