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Department of Psychology

News Archive 2008


December 2010

Richard May
, a PhD student in the Department (supervised by Dr Simon
Dymond), has been awarded a Sidney W. and Janet R. Bijou Fellowship from the
Society for the Advancement of Behavior

Analysis. The Fellowship provides two,
$5,000 grants each year to doctoral students pursuing research on child
development from a behavior
analytic perspective.

Dr Simon Dymond

has been awarded a

41,000 research grant from the Bial
Foundation for a collaborative project with Dr Newton, College of Medicine,
Swansea, and Dr Roche, NUI, Maynooth, entitled "Mapping the psychophysiology
of anxiety with virtual reality

Dr Christoph Weidemann

has been awarded a

48,000 research grant from the
Bial Foundation for a project titled "Investigation perceptual dynamics through
'mind rea

Prof. Rodger Wood

gave the keynote address to the Annual Meeting of the
British Society for Rehabilitation Medicine, at Coventry, in November 2010, on the

The challenge of neurobehavioural disability after traumatic brain injury.

October 2010

Dr Steve Stewart

just published his first book. It’s

Darwin, God
and the Meaning of Life
, and it’s about the implications of evolutionary theory and
evolutionary psychology for the central topics in philosophy

the existence of
God, the place of mind in nature, the place of human beings among the ani
the meaning of life, etc. The publisher is Cambridge University Press.

Dr Emmanuel Pothos

has been awarded the title of Reader. This is a very well

promotion. Congratulations, Emmanuel.

July 2010

Well done to

Neil Carter
, who recently hosted the annual ATSiP

(Association of
Technical Staff in Psychology) conference, here at Swansea University. The ATSiP
group exists primarily to share knowledge between technicians working in
Psychology and Psychology related departments in academic institutions and
holds a si
ngle annual conference. This year, Neil won the inaugural Keith
Nicholson Prize for Best Presentation, for his talk on high performance
computing, based on the analysis of large data sets generated by the
department's EEG systems.

Prof. Andy Parrott

has co
organised two symposia at the 27th International
Congress of Applied Psychology, being held this year in Melbourne Australia. The
other co
organisers are Professo
r Andrew Scholey (Swinburne University,
Australia), and Dr Philip Murphy (Edge Hill University, UK). The papers from these
two symposia will be published a special issue of the journal


June 2010

Prof. Rodger Wood

will be giving the keynote lecture at the Danish
Neuropsychological Society and the Danish Child Neuropsychological Society
held by the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury at
the University of
Copenhagen, June 11th. The talk will be

“Disorders of inhibitory control after
brain injury: pharmacological and psychological management of aggression".

April 2010

Congratulations to three of our Final Year students who have won
prizes at

39th Welsh Branch Annual Student Conference

Sarah Harris

won second prize for her talk

‘Lifestyle behaviour and

related self
schemas, memory and the Theory of
Planned Behaviour’

Catherine Steenfeldt

won first prize for her poster

blindness with haptically
presented objects’

Mark Garvey

won second prize for his poster

‘Explicit priming o
biological motion’

We are delighted to welcome

Prof. Paul Bennett

to the Department of
Psychology. Prof. Bennett obtained his PhD from the University of Birmingham

and has previously worked as a clinical psychologist and academic in NHS
settings and the universities of Birmingham, Bristol, and Cardiff. His research
interests include the study of how people cope with the threat of illness or
genetic conditions and de
veloping brief psychological interventions to help
people cope with these challenges.

Prof. Andy Parrott
, and Professor Johannes Thome (Medical School Swansea
ersity), co
organised a symposium at the recent 18th European Congress of
Psychiatry, March 2010. The conference was held at the International Conference
Centre, Munich, Germany. Their symposium was entitled: ‘Psychiatric aspects of
recreational drug use:
patterns of association and potential explanatory models.

March 2010

We are delighted to welcome

Dr Christoph Weidemann

to the Department of
Psychology. Dr. Weidemann
obtained his first academic degree from the
University of Bonn (Germany) and then joined Richard Shiffrin's research group at
Indiana University, Bloomington (USA) where he obtained a PhD in Psychology
and Cognitive Science. After several years of post
toral work in Michael
Kahana's research group at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), he joined our
department where he will combine methods from mathematical psychology and
cognitive neuroscience to investigate cognitive processes.

February 2010

Prof. Andy Parrott

was Guest Editor for the latest ‘MDMA/Ecstasy’ issue of
Neuropsychobiology. The combined 3rd and 4th issues of volume 60
Neuropsychobiology are enti
tled ‘The Psychobiology of MDMA’. This is based on
the International MDMA conference held at Swinburne University in Melbourne,
Australia. This conference was organised by Andy, during his three
sabbatical at the Brain Science Institute in Swinburne
University, last year.

January 2010

Lisa Osborne

Dr Louise McHugh
, and

Prof. Phil Reed
, along with Gareth Noble
(who led the application), Angela Fawcett, Emma Hughes,

Tamara Brooks, Rachel
Church, and Sally Williams have been successful in their application for the
establishment of a Children and Young People's Research Network, Autism
Research Development Group, and have been awarded a grant (£1000) to
facilitate the
development of research proposals in this field.

In recent months,

Prof. Andy Parrott

has been in the national news, where he
was asked to comment on the dismissal of David Nutt as Head of the Advisory
Committee on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). He appeared on the BBC1 Breakfast
Television programme, the Radio 4 Today programme, the BBC2 Newsn
programme, and was quoted in various national newspaper articles. He noted
that Professor Nutt had consistently understated the damaging effects of
Ecstasy/MDMA and cannabis on human well
being. He also recommended to the
Home Secretary and the ACMD t
hat these recreational drugs should not be

December 2009

Prof. Rodger Wood
, Nicholas Alderman, and

Claire Williams

are the 2008
second place winners of the Henry Stonnington Award for review articles in Brain
Injury. The title of their paper is

"Assessment of neurobehavioral disability: a review
of existing measures
and recommendations for a comprehensive assessment tool".

October 2009

Prof. Phil Reed’s

book on behavioural theories and interventions for autism has
recently been
published. Full reference: Reed, P. (2009).

Behavioral theories and
interventions for autism.

New York: Nova Science Publishers. This new text is an
essential handbook of contemporary behavioural practice for Autism. For more

Prof. Andy

was the invited keynote speaker for the Annual Conference of
the British Psychological Society Psychobiology Section. The Conference was held
at the Low Wood Hotel, Ambleside, in September 2009.

Dr Louise McHugh


Lisa Osborne

secured a WORD st
udentship for a PhD
project on

Development of a novel mode of service
delivery (PH
ACT) to promote
autonomy in socially
isolated older people

value: £59729.

July 2009

Gavin Perry

(Swansea) and Dominic Dwyer (Cardiff) were allocated £460 from
WICN to study whether perceptual learning of faces and objects is position


Paul Willner
, with colleagues in Cardiff, Birmingham and Glasgow, has
been awareded £988K from the NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme
to conduct a randomized controlled trial of a manualized group
based CBT
intervention for anger in people with m
ild to moderate learning disabilities.

April 2009

Dr Simon Dymond

has been awarded £33,574.00 from the BIAL Foundation to
investigate the ERP correlates of relational


March 2009

Dr Katy



Dr Emmanuel


obtained a
research grant from

Nuffield Foundation Grant: Thinking about food: effects on food
attentional bias. £7,366. March 2009

February 2010).

Prof. Rodger


will be giving a keynote lecture in Washington in March
2009 on Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation

International Conference on Culture,
Ethnicity, and Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

February 2009

ESRC funding:

Tapper K.
, Maio, G., Haddock, G., Lewis, M. Lifestyle Change:
Values and Volition. Economic and Social Research Council. £425,000. September

August 2012.


Prof. John Manning

(recently appointed Hon Professor in the deparment) has a
new book out: Manning, J. (2009). The Finger Ratio. Faber & Faber.

Prof. Toby Lloyd

has been successful in obtaining ESRC funding, in
collaboration with the University of Aberdeen and the University of Teeside

for a
joint UK/Japan study on 'Recalling and Recognizing Faces of Other
races: A
Behavioural and Eye Movement Study'; value: £79,311.51.

Prof. Toby Lloyd


been appointed Editorial Board Member for The
Open Applied Linguistics Journal.

December 2008

Dymond S.
, Lawrence, N., Hinton, E., Cox, W. M., Yuen, K., Ihssen, N.,

Hoon, A. E.,
& Dixon, M. D.

Neural correlates of problem gambling: A combined MEG and fMRI

Wales Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience

Program Grant Scheme
(WBCS047; £37,342.50).

September 2008

Dr Phil Tucker

& Emeritus

Prof. Simon Folkard
, together with Dr. Jean_Claude
arquie (University of Toulouse II) & Dr. David Ansiau (University of Monaco)
have been awarded £50,700 by the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
(IOSH) to examine the long
term effects of shiftwork in relation to ageing and
health. The research is b
ased on longitudinal data obtained from medical
examinations and questionnaires, collected from a large sample of shiftworkers
over a period of 10 years (1996

2006). It aims to examine the long term effects
of shiftworking on outcomes such as sleep, cogn
ition, metabolic dysfunction and
quality of life.



Prof. Andy Parrott

will be organizing an international conference on ‘The
Psychobiology of Ecstasy/MDMA’

at Swinburne University, on Sept 11th

2008. The conference papers will be published as a special MDMA issue of the
journal Neuropsychobiology. He will also be organising a half day Ecstasy/MDMA
symposium at the Annual Conference of the Australian Ps
ychological Society,
which is being held in Hobart Tasmania. This half
day symposium will be held on
Sept 26th.

June 2008

Dr Phil Tucker

has been elected to the
editorial board of the Scandinavian
Journal of Work, Environment & Health.

May 2008

Prof. Andy Parrott

was recently the ‘expert witness’ for a National Geographic
ilm about recreational Ecstasy/MDMA users. The filming was undertaken at two
night clubs in Amsterdam, where recreational users were interviewed about their
experiences when on the dance drug MDMA. Three paramedics were also present
to monitor heart rate,
blood pressure and general well
being. We also
interviewed the Ecstasy/MDMA users the following day in order to cover their
more negative feelings during the recovery period. The film is part of the National
Geographic Magazine series ‘Taboo’

about unusu
al life styles. The following
week the production crew (Australian, British & American) were flying to the
Faroe Islands for another film

this time about ‘native whale hunters’…although
they really wanted to stay in Amsterdam.

Prof. Rodger Wood

has been elected to the board of the journal Brain Injury. He
has also been invited to give a 2 day workshop in Toronto on head trauma and
ural disability by the Canadian Brain Injury Association.



Lisa Osborne and

Prof. Phil Reed

have been awarded a grant from the
Disabilities Trust to study:

ool factors promoting social and emotional
functioning of young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions
. Value: £20,000,
duration: 12 months.