Backbone ^ Warren County

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, Wholly grikted .' at
Korth Creek. We have •'
•over ..3500 readers, __
Be$t Adirondack Adv?
ertising medium. Use it
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'•>. Th& fete h . address
dabej-aleaotestime- foot
;.sui3SC3fii)ti(KDte3cpites, .,
•?-Please lc«e;p.stii,s0rSi>^oij:
'paid iii advsivc*?.
"In The Heart Of 13ie ^diroadasKs"
^YRTIiE A.. SAWYER, &SS&Q. .$&$&$&
NOBT H CREEK, X.T.,TBt BSi >AY, AUGt*ST.3,193 3
.. BAHK\ •
Cap * $100,000.00—S. and- u.
Pro. $83, .618.45—Dep;
$967,228,1 5
Ki t h the ne w cleat, ther e eanr e
to JsprtE" Creei c a ne$~-.- business,
th e Paradis e Bar Grill, con -
ducte d bv Fre d H. Ricbards, a.
residen t of Warre n count y t he
Das * eigh t Tears, Mr, Kiehards,
•wh o i s a membe r o£ the For >
; resters of America and the
I American Lesion* wdnts the
Founded in IMG with a-Cap-
ital of $40,000,60 and / Surplus
of $10,000.00 this bani, due to
its rapid growth and because __
of its- desire to better serve j.p ^ j ^ - - ^ ^¥f r i ends and
vou, m 192/ erected anew andjnei^feors, to c o me *m a i l ( j s e e
mos t moder n bankin g striae-j^ g l xe w-pl ac e of whic h he i s
I, -
t ure ecmipped with the latest
_ahd- moat improved banking ;
•facilities, a building wortliv of
t his fine Community. •
I t s officers and Directors are
al l local people who deem i t a
pri'vdege, not. ah obligation* to
l abor in behalf of anv inove-
ihent t hat would tend t opr o-
nuite t he welfare of North
€reek_aud vicinitv.
• The TCortlr ^ e e kr ^ a t i onai
Bank- ha** since its Terr incep-
tion. 23 r ears ago been a I nil-
ward of strength ami sufetv,
has. ahvavs advocated and en-
couraged thrift and sjivlnir and
has also practiced it. Ahvavs
mai nt ai ni ng an intimate know-
ledge of this seetian and its
people, it. has been small
enoiurh to laiow vou, l ar ge
enough to serve vou and strong;
enough to protect vou, Because
of economical, intelligent man-
agement, it has attained and
enviable position in t he fin-
ancial world of Warren, Essex
and Hamilton Counties.,
Adhere- to the tenehtng and
practice of banks like this one-.
Save when von can txu.the t i me
when von can't. He aw hardens
reallv proud.
-\Yi t haf long bar j urd
manv tables and booths. _ vou
will-feel'quite, at home Here.'
Ton'll enjov the good cold
beer, wines and the tastv food
served from a new and modern
ki t chen and prepared hv a
chef who knows how. Sea foods
will be. a -specialty of the Par-
adise 'l i ar Grill. ..
'Nprm""Creek' and Yieiuitv
have lung needed a business of
t his kind, so come in ami give
it a real "North Creek wdeoiue.
, , these , ehaugi s have
are light when vou have a bank about. Phono 6d-F-2l.
account, so st art a- snaall ac-
count todav and some dav it
will be of some ' account. • A
jdollar hi 11 is.sure KUvoc-as e for
manv ailments and a 'miglity
wedge for anv rut. You Tl never
get anvwhefe staving i n a ni t.
vome in now and let t he Nor tb
Creek National Bank prepare
vou for t he future. 1 joplc ahead.
Not behind. Yini oak see fur-
t her and clearer.
A steadv growing bank hrii-
anee assures a safe harbor - i n
time* of thumeial st orm. Its; t he
light house, vonr beacon, t. h";i b
a. life line before vour craft i s
scuttled ••and hank in and on
t he North .Creek; N^vtrnual
•Bank. .
• The' presold oftVev<' of _vh-<
b a n k, are F, B. ' r hapmam
The North Creek Lnnndrv
wliieh has been "located •• iiM-i
N* a t h Creek, for t hepast two
r ear s, has given women aih'l
stinmler camp -owners' of this
section a newer conception % *>f
lauiulrv service. St art l i ng im-
provements in methods, mater-
ials and equipment safeguard
Vour clothes as ueyer before.
You oidv trv this larm-
drv uuee, (iwned bv -Mrs. des>ie
Tassi, tt> realize the.difference
Backbone ^ Warren County
Th e titl e for thi s articl e ha s bee n selecte d onl y alte r t h e
siihiec t ha d bee n give n muc h though t and considesatioi L
I t wa s ou r .desire, t ha i th e t i t l e should' be si^Tiifica.n t of t he
basi c yalu e of th e commnnitT; t ha t it shoul d be descriptiv e
of th e rea l commercia l strengt h an d lif e of t h e communitT;
t ha t i n brie f i t shoul d be a story; sufficien t in itself, requir -
in g no elaboration. Th e wor d Backbon e is use d advisediy.
If you stud y I t carefull y ya u wil l agre e t ha t i t has - a wealt h
of meanin g an d w e fee l iustihe d i n usin g i t i n i t s mos t libera l
sence.fori t is our convietio n t ha t theg e me n of who m we-
•writ e ar e t h e rea l Backbon e oi Warre n Oounty.
Th e vaiiou s storeS v garage s an d othe r industrie s include d
i n thes e COIUUHIS; embrac e plaoe s of distribrrtio n of nearl y
al l of life's necessitie s and man y of its luxurie s and thei r
importanc e to the ciyi c an d industria l welfar e of Wan*e n
Count y cannot, b e ove r estimated. Mos t of thes e store s are
owne d an d controle d by mer i livin g withi n t h e confine s of the
communi t y an d all of t he m .-withou t exceptio n are conduct-,
ed by me n wh o liy e i n thi s section, me n wh o hav e the wel-
'"'" and interest s of ~'rthi s —< e«»uunm» d on pag e two •
. Mr. *\YilUain Barond'L 'dealyi •, X»»rf'h t 'rwk* a.thriv'nig town
in elothiiig. drv g^ods and '• hi Warren <V»iintv.hi.iafsis manv
.-luu-s.- began this e.jiterprise!litie bu>.iii«-«»> hinges and among
here in l l ^ l.dt lut> iof«»^?ieivd: tlu-in is th*» tail«*r >hep of. Mr.
and it *us Mr. Baroiuli's belief S. H. Ta>M-wh» iot»k <»ver th»-
that it has prospered because jslmii in 1-Mlu, duri ng which
it has bi't'ti' conducted t*-i eon-; lhu»* .it has advanced' verv
foni rt o-t ke teaching «>f (b»d. >t ead| h. I t sa gonil plaee to
SWAtNf 3Jt©raERS '
' The Ci t t of tlie Dead' we ad*
mit-prgg#nt$ rat her a gruesome .
spectacle, vet i t i s our" pre-
destmed x^eslhiatioii-and -hn-
• possible to etrado. We wast ail
KHirnev there* sfrisiei hue en our
l ast j our ner —our ultimate
rest i ng place- Therefore< these
.columns nrust tell t he storv oi
Mr. K, W. Swain funeral di-
r*?etor- in Nortli- Creek for t he
•i»ast two vears a t whieh_ time
4t e succees.k'd'his father and
Wi t h ni«ofori'/,ed funeral and e^lilvu^e, the Swain
funeral %seryUes are conducted
in a.<iuiet> liiffjiitie^l- manner,
| beiiittiusr thu stdunin t»ceasion
• ami with i3ui; con^dent i i on
ami svinjiatlrt tV*riliu>e griev-
ed <mes left- bill lint, ..rolievmg'
t he hf r em- fd "of ull Ulnl»«eeMSirv'
e:ar«^ nndwo iry :«t a'tiiae-.whfU
thev' eaii - ill afi«>rtl ;m\ a<bli-
tienat tnirdioi. Fr^Hn tie* mo-
itifitt the. (.trim -Kr'aper \tlu-
>eeitds nium iln« li«.»ush.ihl. un-
til the last -Ninnmml, this liiiu
**xerejsvf> all its i'' with
that r+ur3;t*isi- iii inhid— U< ligh-
ten vour burdi'jt.
lnr\-e \<air suits iHa«.le-t.iv+»rd*.M'
or reruiired and where vt»n g«*t
l'J* hum* s<-rvie«* on drv el
ing without extra c<Kst.
^Irs. Elizabeth Johnson,
popularly known as '"-Aunt-
Libh,.' has been emploved ai
t hel aundrv here shiee its opeii-
liig as ."finisher, itnriuix the
summer mouths.
Pros.; Isaa e Kenu'i-11. Yn«e -
Pros.. K. J. .Martbi,
and If. A\ . Savage, a^
partieularl v as describe d ni
Crem.isis. 1:5. 'Manv t»e«>ple \x*m-
der wljv ifr. Bar»'»udi eln>es
his store from ftdtlav San>et
to Sat nnl av Knnset, It is tlie
tejudtin-g i.*f. the Bible ^thut
th«»s«» ar»i the hour* of (hwl's
S-abbnth..His dav of iv>t, and . - - - >'•• .-
tlit*ri'f«»r»' his dours-are closed, j - 1 be uut«nnohik», not so-mam
It sii'imid be quite apparent jvi-ai^ HI&». was eousidered a
tluit- a V»usiu*'SN man mai nt ai n-;l uxury. _ I'hat duv,Jia> passed,
bur sueh iileals and adlwriiiir t«« • N"«^V ^ I s ^l neeessitv, plnving
them, is a man whosn l»udues,>..a imi>t important^ part in.otir
ideals slnmld ne«rit vtoir re- \ evervdav life. We can't «ret
poet- and'.'vunr putrniiau«v ab»iig V«TV well without it. iso
wirr'U vou iaiv on'*',, it b»ln»oves
V'Uit.t b»ok caret'ullv into the
nwiT.s and nlso/iiwo the «inali-
lieafioii> ot the man win* sells
it f o.vuu.and who will, no
A vervk'onniI*«n> and va-n^d-
Hue <»f furuitur** i> «l>*. ehri ie«l
oi Mock bv .Mr. Swain: im*':-
t nre eaiy'fnltr s*«Wted to graee
tle> most'betmtifnl ho.iiM>;i»r-
eieun- in.tup» that ilwulavs tlif t rend
of manv p e n u l t; f und tare for,
eV«TV hi line 'aiHl'for e ve r. ));ef
of it. :•.'.'
I usii-
A Warren. Coimtv' Boosted
with . a---Periodical..' Millinerv
and fancv goods store at Xorth
Oe e k. "AYhere i-nviditv and
Price-Meet,/' That "s Ylrs. Cora
Al exander in business here fof
oS vears,. That's rocoitnnenda-
fion enough,for anvone.
1\\w store is op^en unt il 10
o'clock everv.evening.
. Bore's a family*. Clothing
st ore at North Creek, a real
st ore, a g(*od Store, in a-good,
t own; A >toiv. where yum
niotu'V goes • further. "Mr.
Heorge N. BaiH+udi has owned
.i!~sinee B'"JS at which titne_ he
succeede«l the^tirm- of Natiutn
Kravenuan which he had iniorj
afed xvi'Y Miei'fNsfnllv tor S^
vears.. Mn Khn'mdi, wh-» . h^a-i
resided in Warren countV for]
r.2 v»'«ars a-nd"'.is-a- TUernber>»f«
t he. -,;\:inoriean. Legion, tak*'s{
great pri de in {.mnoimcmg that i
be hn^'.inst recentlv r»ir.'>d>u>''i|
i fe-^t ofeV interior and' would
be 'ida-d to have vou iln»p' in
rind eiiiov the citv atniosTiliorej
of this. Modern Village- Cloth
lug Store.
We Know 1 low" tit Fix ' Km
And Wol f <marfuitiM* "Tin-
Wor k.So sa\> Mrs, Wi n. Bnrt«« ,•
owner of this garageVmee th«*j
death of 'h e r husband Win,
Bnrto two v»«ar> ago. And w»«
Iti'l'tvr ln«r t"o.y S'» w'dl - \*>n
at'tor v.iin* J»«b is doiifi'', .The
'work is all fh'OM- nnd*.-r the >u-
perv"iM«>n «jf t-lut-^ Areohl. a
• skilled nY^liaide with'l*' vvars
ex]Vt«rk'iice" infant" repnir. A'l
-.faiid-ird-proonef-. ;ir»-s >hl
x\veek»-r"'*»*rv:b«e "- luan.lai
1V.m« 2L\F-:i. . .
tlotpif; servic e it for vou, for.}
ar>« pist
a> th
Phi uoi uh
a Hi
n-l o,
• Thirtv-nve vears old
•grouting; That.'s.. t lie . Lumber
"Yard and '.General-store
W. Kenvon Estate^ at X
Creek now-^t«atiageyr%ai W. €.
Shields whose mot to i s C01"B-
AXli/.^Since l l r. .Kenvoii's
death, \Tannarv. .7; Wok
Jvenyotu Mr. Shiekls and Ssfiss
jtteta Wakrelev havie cairied oft
the business here, holding all
In 1P-1\ "Mr. Gahir;* Braoudi-
founded this bustu'ess to which
he'added ; the • Public Market-
t wo vears ago. at North .Cn.-ek
which todav is recognised
thronghont- 't his .section a^,n:
•House of ^le.rit deserv- j
ing of its large patronag^e. ••!
'•'Mr. Barondf is;a member <>£',
an jndependeiit bnving . power.
"which, enables hi m to sell such
of;Ii, well kuo'wu products as-*wMoii-j
Cortfi! arch4" and ^ Wa r d" to vou • atf
a great 'saving. the:iueatSi .re-
membered for -'their"high final-1
itv lonir after t he price i? for.-.
got t en tervingr ^ on an enviable
reput at i on for t hi s firm. Phone
80- ^2 for free d e l i v e r s
' A' wholesale" - grocerv
; fruit market are conducted" m
rlnu....*»f N.Tth C
St uadv (*••. Ine^ in Iodines-.
here. tw-eutv-4x vcars,_ otlVrs
von prices •«'«ii. the i»est ilik;*oeth
grain, provisions and-builder^
supplies- t'hutj.i'ftV'Cts' a.consi-
derable saving to you, t he
-ciTstonier,' Be^ .wise. Use. vour
evHs^Kcotiormze. •.
• Mr. Frank Huss<dd'<oek, Vaan.-
ager of the fif^rhelv-K t aki ng
an activv interes.t j n tin. inbrr.e
:i>lvanef.'n»ent of tN_orth Cret ti
amt_ X his _e*uninuii it v. '_
' •SFoksQB,S0©2ME2SfT.-
t hei r old patron s md addbi r f additio n t o th e retai l stor e aji d
man y ne w ones, . . • ." 'He n locii l peopl e are employed.
•Tl-ie-spoiisor s of. • tli i
•vie w tak e this-opportimit v
of "thankingtli e Adrertisers'-
w.h o mad e th e succes s of thi s
featur e f-iossihle. In our hu m
He-wa v ,we 'did wha t "^ve
. coul d to hel p mak e it a: sue-.
eess v an d woiikb-appreciat e
• anv«'S;Ugigesth>ns' o r cr i tieis m
Pleas e address'aUcorresuo n
denc e to * Mis s Mari e Baster *
704 8 Pout h . Western.
Chicago, IIHtiois *
n*' and to?
Na s h a l v st dd bv .bin
tiaTa^go in hilshic-"-. 1 «•!•«•
lP'J'.CThev are good ears.
•all kii<*\v that'. And •th."
wii.i -oils ihvia is oiinhJJM- u-
iX'-'^L ni'A th»dr s«-rvic<' oven
h"'*t'i*. That • oi oMaa
Tlere are nit.*ri> r«'asniiv titan
illsl ge'1 t i n y t r notl Vahi e 'b»y
v.»ur dojbii'-. wliv vou should
d»«al with Tos*'iih "lo«rtara in
tlie Nortli ( rook' Tailor b'Ti^i-
TI»'S-H h.'re fi ire;srbt v*-ar-. This
is a local coT-iiMfra ai d tlo"»
d'dlar yj-'M -STH**t d h« re, M-o'•<
ln«ro In' a'dV4Ulo»' t he _ 'UitolVsts
of iliiv coirnnii>litv;-.-Vour Pavn
and vi*n tf*i» will t*ro*.|»er if m>*reli iiiif-t*i>».,-T»i'r. Sla*w
t<»wt_ with prosj.crous
Ut...l*-s UTldTe-riU d*««W OH a
- nroMiepnis 1 o%v»i wi t lf t,T"?i*P*-r-
» , . "13r PV'^dV' ^h^(b»'s nnd_. M»»e3'
"':1,!;; ; t;iih*r"?ig i's "*•>;*lv_ do_ii<' |,<s'i»
sUl!'*'ihnd eh-aiiii ignnd 'ta.•'--.]i-;_ MT-
lino (
vn'*« i< v*-rr iir*^nt>t..
1"! .
;-s uVv at.-o «*I.»{I j
P-rna-tloiud trucl
;ot-d service* 1. . -
Hrank 'Hewitt and'Hus^.li
Hnis, -thv pivs.-nt .PAV- H
r«TJb'eT<<i\ o f o *«Wli«..-rs »>f t hi
line g.a' .botlr-liOMstois
Wr.Tr- -i C.-ii>i*r. bu-iiics^ njt_yi"
t n\
and Sn<»rf ititr-(roods- st-<n*»*
I h
<-ivJir <*i ei •k-«*»A\n**d e\
"it an« j-Kritf-t. r'.
sj-'jc- ]:»;;<•» j ^ T oinuhn lv «S"novm
t hoftiy fi*nr* i'J> *s ««u''i.•>titiTj4+-,1* r;*
|,,r dhe st on-' ( HTf KRK n\'\ 1 ITV
""" PKKVA-U.S.A T f'Rh"'-K s VHC.
("AN AFFMi r i r\ Y.-i - ;•. t,Mr,
of "f fiM *»bf r*sl.'i'iih"-]if«l firras ,,t
North <T'e'Mk, bnvittii'-heen-c«*u-
ibn>t-»-<i vU\- ^ | r v W. H, Nox«m
,.-, . ,- - . . and th"e.-luf<! If r.-Bra If-v for
( tr-{;i»Jim.s> is; ot eoiu-se.. »u|tV.rt-v two vc-vfr. pr**»r to. Mr*
Br-a-fev 's de-atfi three veai:s ago.
All tdnnLbingsnnidies of the
Lif«'M\and ipi*~t sT;i?idar<l qnal-
it-'-" . are.' Lj.iH-lk'd lo'te. -. H!?O
'essential in "am* lire* of hu'si-
itess.'but inie^Kne is it ouit*«
so inipertant.a? in.the re-staa--
rant. Juisiness, Your hrst, hn-
rn:e.s>"o»n as vnu- ent*.-r tile • rcs-
t anranf of Alfred Van Sp-en-
burgh, is ^ it's extreiae •eleanli-
\t is .iU4'.ti«>ja"oIv. -d',
tin*"i-ei.fd-thj:.t is so
Then ;<"'!ii>."
paints /OH! oil-,-
FiiAMi K. mmu
fav*>rU>!v -known for nale*- a-
•romid. I t's real honesf4ogr«'Ki-
poss p"*od,-P*o-;and vtia-Tliik*1 it,
Pknoy-. I did.'^Xest eoines the
service which is cxctdb.-Pt a n d t p.j ^^ .JJ •f-sniith
•4-«,-«t " \ ,..;».«: r ** e i \-r expert baker is- now- emploved'
fnicak A etmndcie hne.oi ddi - h e r g m*\ , he specializes iii-,aJL.'
fancv ba'khigt. fm - par t i es'or -
ses- the • si«*ed • imMt even
better. I>r*jp in~iust uii>th-ae,'at-
'•"Van's''' for a.geotl lunch
.<'atessen' foods • are_readv for
Vou to t ake out *"an'd-7Sund'av
ehickeii -dinners are a speedal-
{C^nthiaesloti Page 5?wo-)"
-•- IT it."*s bakt'rl jfoofik^ groceries
or a .-t^tstf. riieaL" that vou re*
o'ulr**, vou"111T'I well to e«'» Brj.ker-V arid llestrnira.nt. ol
•iere for fifteen
veaTs.. It'fj-a store of service"
arid-a 'store t od 1.1 like-,' An
weddings. Bestnlar meals a nd
lunches -ure '•• served' &b?o Sj5
:'-Bee r on djraigh t or in ' bot t l e r
Mr*?, Ajbeja-ffloalii i manage s t he
Business..' .-
- J