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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Asset Management Solutions
© Copyright Data
3 Limited 2013
Managing your ICT
3’s Asset Management solutions enable
customers to manage, plan and optimise their
investments in software licenses and ICT hardware.
An Asset Management Solution from Data
3 offers an
extensive range of services that enable customers to cost
effectively manage their software and hardware investments,
to improve licensing management capabilities and reduce
asset costs.
The Data
3 Asset Management Team helps our customers
to understand what assets they have, what they need,
as well as ensuring from a software perspective that
they are correctly licensed. We deliver a complete and
comprehensive assessment of your existing software asset
capabilities and requirements and entitlements, as well as
highlighting any potential licensing variances.
Through our award-winning team of national specialists, we
identify and review the needs of our customers to ensure
the most cost-effective and productive methods to use
and manage asset investments. Our customised reports
help customers to identify risks and realise the benefits,
allowing them to improve budget accuracy and highlight any
unnecessary spending.
We help customers to:

Avoid under licensing or over licensing

Plan and budget for software and software upgrades

Reduce costs

Ensure licensing compliance and risk management

Manage allocation/re-allocation of hardware and

software licenses

Leverage existing ICT investments

Maintain standardised environments to minimise

support overheads

Reduce IT Management complexity

Maintain asset visibility and flexibility
Asset Management Solutions
© Copyright Data
3 Limited 2013
What to expect from engaging with the Data
3 Asset
Management team:

Software Asset Management Baseline Service

A Data
3 Software Asset Management Baseline Service
delivers a complete and comprehensive assessment of
your software licensing. We demonstrate how software
deployments compare with actual license entitlements,
as well as highlighting any potential licensing variances.
We help customers to identify any risks and realise the
benefits of their software assets.

Software Asset Management Maintenance

The Data
3 Asset Management team offers a
Maintenance Service to enable customers to build on the
work achieved in their Software Baseline Service, without
investing more precious internal time. To maintain and
maximise the benefits achieved from a Baseline Service,
regular auditing reviews are essential. Data
3 works with
customers to ensure the perfect ongoing solution.

Hardware Asset Management Baseline Service

Hardware Asset Management is an essential issue

for businesses that recognise the importance of
effectively managing valuable hardware assets. We

offer complete asset visibility through our Hardware
Baseline Service to deliver a complete and
comprehensive assessment of customers existing
hardware assets to obtain total transparency.
We demonstrate proven auditing expertise and experience
that allows us to assist our customers in the implementation
of software and hardware asset management solutions.
Through our extensive relationships with world-leading
technology partners, we ensure our customer’s asset
management is time and cost-effective for all their
maintenance needs.
3’s comprehensive solution ensures that all customers
will benefit from a single point of contact for all their software
licensing and asset management issues. By helping our
customers to meet best practice and industry standards, we
ensure total asset management control.
3 understands that every customer has a unique need
that calls for a service that can be tailored to provide a
flexible, easy to implement solution to transform their asset
management requirements.