Annex A1 List of polytechnic diploma courses* offered under the ...


Nov 18, 2013 (5 years and 2 months ago)


Annex A1

List of polytechnic diploma courses

offered under the Polytechnic Foundation
Programme to students who obtained
ELMAB3 ≤ 11, WHERE EL ≤ 3 & MA ≤ 3

Applied Sciences

Applied Chemistry with
Pharmaceutical Science (SP)

Applied Food Science & Nutr

Baking & Culinary Science (TP)

Biologics & Process Technology

Biomedical Informatics &
Engineering (TP)

Biomedical Science (NP)

Biomedical Science (RP)

Biomedical Science (SP)

Biomedical Science (TP)

Biotechnology (RP)



Biotechnology (TP)

Chemical & Biomolecular
Engineering (NP)

Chemical & Green Technology

Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Technology (NYP)

Chemical Engineering (SP)

Chemical Engineering (TP)

Environmental Science (RP)

Food Science & Nutrition (

Food Science & Technology (SP)

Landscape Design & Horticulture

Materials Science (RP)

Materials Science (SP)

Medicinal Chemistry (NYP)

Molecular Biotechnology (NP)

Molecular Biotechnology (NYP)

Nutrition, Health & Wellness (SP)


& Cosmetic Science

Pharmaceutical Science (TP)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (NYP)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (RP)


3D Interactive Media Technology

Aeronautical & Aerospace
Technology (NYP)

eronautical Engineering (SP)

Aerospace Avionics (RP)

Aerospace Electronics (NP)

Aerospace Electronics (SP)

Aerospace Electronics (TP)

Aerospace Engineering (RP)

Aerospace Engineering (TP)

Aerospace Systems & Management

Aerospace Technology (NP)

visual Technology (NP)

Automation & Mechatronic
Systems (NP)

Bioengineering (SP)

Biomedical Electronics (RP)

Biomedical Engineering (NP)

Biomedical Engineering (NYP)

Clean Energy (SP)

Clean Energy (TP)

Clean Energy Management (NP)

Civil Avi
ation (RP)

Common Engineering Programme

Common Engineering Programme

Computer Engineering (SP)

Digital & Precision Engineering

Digital Entertainment Electronics

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engi
Programme (TP)

Electrical Engineering (NP)

Electrical Engineering with Eco

Pharmacy Science (NP)

Veterinary Technology (TP)

Health Sciences

Dental Hygiene & Therapy (NYP)

Health Management & Promotion

th Sciences (Nursing) (NP)

Healthcare Administration (RP)

Nursing (NYP)

Optometry (NP)

Optometry (SP)

Sports & Exercise Sciences (RP)

Sports Coaching (RP)

Design (NYP)

Electronic & Computer Engineering

Electronics, Computer &
Communications Engineering

Engineering with Business (SP)

Engineering with Business
anagement (NP)

Industrial & Operations
Management (RP)

Infocomm & Network Engineering

Communication Engineering &
Design (SP)

Manufacturing Engineering (NYP)

Mechanical Engineering (NP)

Mechanical Engineering (SP)

Mechatronics & Robotics (S

Mechatronics Engineering (NYP)

Engineering (TP)

Micro & Nanotechnology (RP)

Multimedia & Infocomm
Technology (NYP)

Nanotechnology & Materials
Science (NYP)

Renewable Energy Engineering

Supply Chain Management (RP)

ics & Media Technology

Information & Digital Technologies

Business Applications (RP)

Business Enterprise IT (NYP)

Business Informatics (NYP)

Business Information Systems (RP)

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & An

Cyber & Digital Security (TP)

Digital Entertainment Technology
Built Environmen

Architecture (SP)

Civil Engineering with Business

Environmental & Water
Technology (NP)

Environmental Management &
Water Technology (SP)

Green Building & Sustainability

Hotel & Leisure Facilities

Digital Forensics (TP)

Digital Visual Effects (NYP)

Engineering Informatics (NYP)

Financial Informatics (NP)

Financial Informatics (NYP)

Games & Entertainment
ogy (TP)

Infocomm Security Management

Information Security (NYP)

Information Technology (NP)

Information Technology (NYP)

Information Technology (RP)

Information Technology (SP)

Information Technology (TP)

Interactive & Digital Media (RP)

eractive Media (SP)

Interactive Media Informatics (TP)

IT Service Management (RP)

Mobile & Network Services (TP)

Mobile Software Development (RP)

Multimedia & Animation (NP)

Network Systems & Security (NP)

Business & Management

Aviation Management &


Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology

Business Process & Systems
Engineering (TP)

Financial Business Informatics (TP)

Financial Informatics (SP)

Management (NP)

Hotel & Leisure Facilitie
Management (SP)

Integrated Events & Project
Management (SP)

Integrated Facility Management

Landscape Architecture (SP)

Real Estate Business (NP)

Sustainable Urban Design &
Engineering (NP)

Media & Design

Apparel Design & Merchandising

esign for Interactivity (RP)

Digital Animation (SP)

Digital Media Design (Animation)

Digital Media Design (Games)

Digital Media Design (Interaction
Design) (NYP)

Environment Design (TP)

Experience & Product Design (SP)

Games Design (RP)

ames Design & Development (SP)

Industrial Design (NYP)

Interactive Media Design (TP)

Interior Architecture & Design (TP)

Interior Design (SP)

Motion Graphics & Broadcast
Design (NYP)

Moving Images (TP)

Product & Industrial Design (TP)

Product Desig
n & Innovation (NP)

Retail & Hospitality Design (TP)

Sonic Arts (RP)

Space & Interior Design (NYP)

Visual Communication & Media
Design (SP)

Visual Communication (NYP)

Visual Communication (TP)

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Maritime Studies

Marine & Offshore Technology

Marine Engineering (SP)

Maritime Business (SP)

*All courses listed are based on current available courses and will be subject to changes.


List of polytechnic diploma courses

offered under the Polytechnic Fo
Programme to students who obtained
ELMAB3 ≤ 11, WHERE EL ≤ 2 & MA ≤ 3

Business & Management

Accountancy & Finance (NYP)

Accountancy (NP)

Accountancy (SP)

Accounting & Finance (TP)

Banking & Financial Services

Business Administration (

Business Management (NYP)

Business Studies (NP)

Business/ Logistics & Operations
Management/ Marketing (TP)

Communication & Media
Management (TP)

Consumer Behaviour & Research

Culinary & Catering Management

Customer Relationship & Servi
Management (RP)

Food & Beverage Business (NYP)

Fund Management &
Administration (NYP)

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Media & Design

Communication & Information
Design (RP)

Media & Communication (SP)

New Media (RP)

Technology & Arts Management


Gerontological Management
Studies (TP)

Social Sciences (Social Work)

Health Sciences

Outdoor & Adventure Learning

Hotel & Hospitality Management

Integrated Events Management


Logistics & Supply
Chain Management (NP)

Law & Management (TP)

Leisure & Resort Management (TP)

Marketing (NYP)

Mass Media Management (NYP)

Restaurant & Culinary Operations

Retail Management (TP)

Sport & Wellness Management

Sports & Lei
sure Management (RP)

Wellness, Lifestyle & Spa
Management (RP)

*All courses listed are based on current available courses and will be subject to changes