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by the Board of Directors of
Yenisei TGC (TGC

Minutes No.
10/08 dated 14.11.2008





1. Introduction

Environmental Policy
is a declarati
on by
top management of general intents and
development lines complying with priority environment protection lines.

The system of actions and measures implemented by management bodies, structural
subdivisions, officials and employees of the Company in

the field of nature management and
environmental protection is an integral part of the Company's strategic vision aimed at successful
and continuous reduction of environmental impact and compliance with laws and regulations.

The Company is fully aware of
the risk of negative impact on all environmental
components as a result of its production activities, the Company management assuming the
following obligations for the above risks reduction and prevention:

to carry out basic and auxiliary production proces
ses in accordance with the federal and
regional environmental legislation requirements using international legal norms and other
companies' best practices,

to provide for energy and resource efficiency at all stages of the production process and
be respons
ible for environmental protection during development,

to take managerial and investment decisions with due regard for environmental
priorities, economic and social factors,

to aim at priority implementation of the best available technologies as compared to

measures for

of negative environmental consequences of
the equipment
currently in place (with due regard for feasibility study),

to continuously improve the processes of nature protection activities management,

to aim at openness a
nd availability of environmental information

Environmental Policy
is equally aimed at formation of favourable conditions for the
business strategy implementation and the Company's reputation promotion

2. Scope of application

The Company's obligatio
ns in connection with the
Environmental Policy
reasonable usage of natural resources and a favourable environment protection and preservation
shall apply to all the company's subsidiaries and must be taken into consideration within the
ext of relationships with suppliers and contractors

The Company is prepared for an open dialogue and efficient interaction in the field of
nature protection activities and environmental safety with representatives of general public,
authorities, governmen
tal and public environmental organisations and other parties concerned


Tasks and objectives in the field of nature protection activities and environmental

The Company pursues the following objectives
in the field of nature protection activitie
and environmental safety


Improvement of economic activities environmental safety

Adequate and timely response to emergencies with environmental implications

Air pollution reduction

Reduction of the amount of

production and consumption waste generat
ion and
provision for their safe treatment

Application of run
around systems of water usage and water removal for reduction of
the amount of pollutants discharged into bodies of water with waste waters


Prevention of excess of the established norms of emi
ssions, discharges and wastes

Prevention of technological failures related to excess of the established limits of
emission (discharge) of noxious (pollutant) substances into the environment

Elimination of environmental legislation violation fa
cts detected by governmental
survey and control agencies and the Company's in
house control system

Increased amount of ash
slag materials usage, establishment of a local ash
slag materials market

Saving material resources (raw stock, materials, w
ater) due to reduction of losses and
secondary usage in the production process

Implementation of energy efficiency actions


Promotion of the Company's image in terms of environmental safety

Prevention of emergencies with environmental implications

provement of awareness of the Company's nature protection activities with the
personnel, general public and parties concerned

Improvement of the Company's environmental management system by way of
implementation of an environmental management system compl
ying with

ISO 14001

Provision for the contractors performing works at the Company's sites complying with
environmental safety norms and rules

Attainment of the objectives set implies strict compliance of the production activities with
the e
nvironmental legislation requirements and the level of risk in the field of environmental
safety with the Company's economic and environmental activities aspects harmoniously


Nature protection policy principles

For attainment of the objectiv
es set
the Company intends
to follow the following
underlying principles:

recognition of man's entitlement to a favourable environment;


of the

energy and resource efficiency
priority, reasonable usage of natural
resources during production activ

priority of industrial and environmental safety during production activities

establishment of an environmental management system with due regard for ISO 14001

implementation of the Company's
Environmental Policy
based on
usage of the best
available technologies and methods of environmental safety management

pursuance of the policy of environmental information openness, involvement of general
public and local administration authorities in preparation, discussion, adoption
implementation of nature protection decisions

pursuance of a proactive environmental policy, intensification of cooperation with
governmental nature protection agencies and general public

5. Strategic environmental protection initiatives

For attain
ment of the objectives set
the Company intends


plan its activities with due regard for the necessity to reduce environmental impact;

elaborate and implement long
term environmental programs and current nature
protection actions with due regard for fina
ncial possibilities


search for suppliers and provide
rs of environmentally relevant
services who possess
environmentally efficient technologies

monitor environment quality within the zone affected by its production activities

carry out independent enviro
nmental audit, production environmental control for
compliance with legislative requirements and implementation of environment protection
measures, reasonable usage and recovery of natural resources

perform design and construction of new facilities based
on preferential usage of the best
available technologies, performance of evaluation of planned activities environmental impact and
state expert assessment of design documentation

develop, implement and maintain operability of an environmental management s
with due regard for ISO 14001 requirements;

distribute proactive environmental accounting.

Appendix 1 (for reference)

erms, definitions, designations

Environmental policy

Formally expressed by senior management general intents and
directions of

the entity related to its ecological efficiency (Clause 3.11 ISO 14001:2004).

Environmental efficiency

Measured results of environmental aspects management
within the entity (Clause 3.10 ISO 14001:2004).

Sustainable development

Development allowing to s
atisfy vital needs of the present
generation without endangering future generations' ability to satisfy theirs due to natural
resources depletion and environmental degradation

Report of the UN World Commission on
Environment and Development, 1987)

l resources:

Natural environment components, natural features and natural/man
made features which are used or may be used for purposes of economic or other activities in the
capacity of energy sources, wares and commodities and have consumption value (Arti
cle 1
Federal Law No

ФЗ "On Protection of Environment" dated 10.01.2002).

Natural resources utilisation:

Natural resources usage, involvement in economic
activities including all types of impact they are subject to in the process of economic or other
activities (Article 1
Federal Law No

ФЗ "On Protection of Environment" dated 10.01.2002).


Conditions of the entity operation including air, water, earth, natural
resources, flora, fauna, people and their interactions (Clause 3.5 ISO 14001:2004).

Favourable envir
Environments whose quality ensures sustainable functional of
natural ecosystems, natural and natural / man
made features (Article 1 Federal Law No

"On Protection of Environment" dated 10.01.2002).

Environment quality

Condition of the environ
ments characterized by physical,
chemical, biological and other indices and (or) their total (Article 1 Federal Law No

ФЗ "On
Protection of Environment" dated 10.01.2002).

Environment components

Earth, subsurface mineral resources, surface and subsurfa
waters, atmospheric air, vegetation, fauna and other organisms as well as the atmosphere ozone
layer and the circumterrestrial space jointly providing for favourable conditions for existence of
life on the Earth (Article 1 Federal Law No

ФЗ "On P
ction of Environment"


Environmental protection

Activity by governmental agencies of the Russian
Federation, governmental agencies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local
administration authorities, communities and other
commercial associations, legal entities and
individuals aimed at preservation and restoration of the natural environment, reasonable usage
and renewal of natural resources, prevention of negative environmental impact of economic and
other activities an
d elimination of consequences (Article 1 Federal Law No

ФЗ "On Protection
of Environment" dated 10.01.2002).

Environmental impact

Any favourable or unfavourable change in the natural
environment resulting, wholly or in part, from the entity's environme
ntal aspects manifestation
(Clause 3.7 ISO 14001:2004).

Negative environmental impact

Impact of economic and other activities

result in
negative changes in environment quality (Article 1 Federal Law No

ФЗ "On Protection of
Environment" dated 10.01

Environmental safety

State of the natural environment and vital
protected against possible negative impact of economic and other activities, natural and man
made emergency situations and their consequences (Article 1 Federal
Law No

ФЗ "On
Protection of Environment" dated 10.01.2002).

Pollution prevention:

Usage of processes, practices, materials, products, services or
energy ensuring prevention, reduction or control (individual or integrated) of generation,
emission or disc
harge of any type pollutants or placement of wastes with a view of reducing
negative environmental impact (Clause 3.18 ISO 14001:2004).


Target environmental index (environmental objective)

General environmental
directive for action agreed with the
mental Policy
d by the entity (Clause 3.9


Planned environmental index (environmental task)

Detailed requirement to efficiency
(productivity) applying to the entity or part thereof arising out of its environmental objectives that
to be set and fulfilled for attainment of such objectives (Clause 3.12 ISO 14001:2004).

Environmental monitoring

(ecological monitoring)

Integral system of survey of the
environment condition, estimate and prognosis of changes in the environment condition

under the
impact of natural and man
made factors (Article 1 Federal Law No

ФЗ "On Protection of
Environment" dated 10.01.2002).

Environmental audit

Independent integral documented estimate of the subject of
economic or other activities complying with applicable requirements including environmental
norms and regulations and in
ternational standards and preparation of recommendations for
improvement of such activities (Article 1 Federal Law No
ФЗ "On Protection of Environment"
dated 10.01.2002).

Environmental control

(ecological control)

System of measures aimed at prevention
detection and suppression of violations of environmental legislation, provision for subjects of
economic or other activities complying with applicable requirements including environmental
norms and regulations (Article 1 Federal Law No

ФЗ "On P
on of Environment"


Parties concerned:

Persons and groups of persons conscious of or affected by the entity's
environmental efficiency (productivity) (Clause 3.13 ISO 14001:2004).