Philips Lighting Lifecycle Services

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Philips Lighting
Lifecycle Services
Integrated solutions for your business
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End User
Support that’s perfectly configured to your needs
Maintenance contracts in the lighting industry are not
new, but they tend to be restrictive, and rarely cover all
the aspects necessary to guarantee long-lasting, hassle-
free, cost-effective performance. That’s exactly what
Philips Lifecycle Services does offer. Whether the system
is indoor or outdoor – lighting up streets, buildings or
arenas – we can provide a comprehensive and cost-
effective package that is perfectly configured to your
lighting system and business needs. When you work with
Philips Lighting, you’re assured of:
• A reliable, industry-leading partner with the highest
standards of service and quality management
• A forward-thinking approach to resolving maintenance
issues, thanks to outstanding technical expertise and
roadmap insight into our products
• The best most knowledgeable people to safeguard and
guarantee the performance of the system – from the
company that designed and installed it.
A state-of-the-art lighting system is a valuable investment that provides
many benefits to a business. To protect this investment, customers want
to get the very best from it for as long as possible. Philips Lighting Lifecycle
Services helps customers in a wide variety of market segments do exactly
that. We are well aware of the unique demands of specific lighting systems,
and can not only quickly resolve any maintenance problems, but often also
keep them from happening in the first place – and so extend the system’s
lifecycle to its maximum.
Hassle-free operation
With the Lifecycle Services Maintenance contract,
Philips guarantees dependable, hassle-free operation
of your lighting system for an extended period of time
after installation. The exact duration depends upon
the system and the specific customer needs. With
Maintenance support, you’re assured of:
• Extended warranty
Replacement parts free of charge
• Answers and advice whenever needed
Helpdesk support
• Pro-active, preventive maintenance
check-up, cleaning, replacement
• Fast repairs
Corrective maintenance
• A smoothly functioning network
Remote support on networked controls
Meet business objectives
The Lifecycle Services Performance contract goes a leap beyond
standard lighting service contracts. It guarantees that you can count on
optimal performance of the lighting solution – if desired, even beyond
the product lifetime! All the elements in our Maintenance contract can
be combined with the Performance service, which provides you with
additional guarantees to ensure you meet your business objectives in
terms of energy reduction and light functionality. It includes pro-active
system adjustments and upgrades as needed to ensure continuous – if
not improved – light performance and energy savings for the complete
term of the contract. With Performance services, you’re assured of:
• Guaranteed energy savings
Measurement and upgrading program
• Guaranteed light functionality
Light functionality beyond product lifetime
• A future-proof system
Latest technology and system software upgrades
• The fastest assistance possible
Expedited service response time
• Solution specific services:
- Indoor solutions: Adjustment of lighting to new layout or
ambience requirements
- Arena solutions: Broadcasting compliance, event support,
and screen calibration
- Road & Street Solutions: Connectivity and Hosting support
Philips Lighting Lifecycle Services
Why Philips?
Philips Lighting makes getting a great, business-
effective lighting solution a simple, streamlined
process for our customers. Your industry’s needs
are very familiar to us, so you can count on us to
reliably deliver or help coordinate any – or all –
parts of the lighting solution you want, from concept
design to project management. When you partner
with Philips Lighting to implement a total lighting
solution, you’re assured of results that give you
maximum impact and lighting quality with minimum
hassle and risk.
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