Wireless Internet Access Point for M2M Applications


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Product Information

Wireless Internet Access Point
for M2M Applications

The NB1600-WIAP supports one or more WiFi wireless networks and con-
nects them via 2G/3G to the Internet.
The NB1600 is typically used in indus-
The Wireless Internet Access Point (WIAP) provides other devices wireless in-
try, commerce and transportation:
ternet access. With the Multi-SSID function several separated WiFi networks
can be operated at the same time.
Wireless Internet Access Point
Protocol Converters The WiFi interface can also be configured as a client as well as one Ethernet
port can be connected to a local network. In this multi-WAN configuration, the
Device Server
device operates as a least cost router with automatic fall-back in the case of a
In its role as device server the NetBox can convert both the serial as well as the
USB interface to IP to enable remote access to the interface. Any PC which has
Remote Access
IP connection to the NetBox can use the remote USB or RS-232 device as if it
were directly connected. This allows the use of the original driver will be made
The digital I/O can be configured and programmed by any device which is di-
Key Features
rectly attached or from remote. Based on the state change of the input ports an
application can be informed, the behavior of the NetBox can be controlled or
The key functions of the NB1600-
WIAP are: e.g. a SMS is send to a group of numbers.
3G/HSPA+ connection
Using the NetBox SDK a user can program the NB1600 using a simple script to
implement all kind of applications. Preprocessing can be done directly on the
WiFi/WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
router, which can save an additional IPC.
Antenna diversity
Other features and services are DHCP server, DNS proxy, Dynamic DNS Agent,
User programmable
SNMP agent, Telnet server, SSH server, Web server and e-mail and SMS. The in-
strument is operated by the Web Manager or via command line.
2 Ethernet ports
Firmware update can be easily being performed from remote in a fail safe
Digital I/O ports
manner as well configuration update. With the SNMP interface the NetBox can
DIN-Rail or wall mount
integrated in a network management system for supervision.
Extended temperature range

NetBox Software
Easy to configure
Flexible Firewall
Port forwarding
OpenVPN Client/Server, IPSec
Connection monitoring with au-
tomated repair
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Product Information

M obile interface
Global connectivity with quad-band 3G (850/900/1900/2100 MHz) and quad-band 2G
(850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Data rates: max. 14.4 Mbps downlink / 5.76 Mbps uplink, Power Class 3 (+24 dBm)
Antenna connector: SMA female
Operation Modes: Access Point or Client. Max users in Access Point mode: WPA: 54, WPA2: 110
Frequency: 2.4 GHz. Supported Standards: IEEE 802.11b: 1-11 Mbps, IEEE 802.11g: 6-54 Mbps,
IEEE 802.11n (Draft 7.0): 6.5-150 Mbps
Antenna connector: SMA female
2 Ethernet ports, 10/100 Mbps, Auto MDX, bridged or routed
Connector type: RJ45

Digital I/O 2 digital inputs, maximum input voltage 40 VDC, minimum voltage for level 1 (set): 7.2 VDC, maximum
voltage for level 0 (not set): 5.6 VDC. Note: a negative input voltage is not recognized.
2 digital outputs, limiting continuous current: 1 A, maximum switching voltage 60 VDC, 42 VAC (Vrms),
maximum switching capacity: 60 W
Connector type: 8 pins of 15-pin terminal block
Serial interface Protocol: 3-wire RS232
Connector type: 3 pins of 15-pin terminal block

Service interface USB host interface, providing support for memory devices
Connector type: USB type A
Power Redundant power supply inputs
Input voltage: 12V DC to 48V DC (-15% / +20%)
Max. power consumption: 5W
Connector type: 2+2 pins of 15-pin terminal block
Environment Temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C
Ingress Protection Rating: IP40
Dimensions, weight 124.2mm x 45mm x 110mm, ca. 450g
MTBF 60'000h
Safety standards EN60950-1:2006
EMC standards EN301489-1 V1.7.1, EN301489-7 V1.3.1 (Emission)
EN61000-6-2:2005, EN50121-3-2:2006 and EN50121-4:2006 (Immunity)
Type approval CE according to R&TTE
Order number
NB1600-425-0 WIAP router.
Other variants and customer specific configurations possible - please contact us.

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