Howto OpenVPN Tunnelblick Mac.


Dec 9, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Howto OpenVPN Tunnelblick Mac.
Open the file Tunnelblick_3.0b10.dmg, which you
downloaded from Control Panel.
In the folder that opens is the file "Tunnel Blick" drag
it to program folder (Applications)
NOTE: Do not start tunnelblick yet.
Create a folder in your user library
(Users / "your username" / Library /) name the folder
In that folder you just created, add the file
”openvpn.conf” which can be downloaded from the control
In the folder "openvpn" create now a folder, call it
"Keys" In the folder "keys", add your VPN certificate,
the file name is "Ca.crt" and can be downloaded from the
control panel.
In some versions the files will automatically be saved as .txt
If this is the case, open the files and simply save them again without

If you did everything right, then it should look like
this now in the folder
You can now start "Tunnel Blick" in the programs folder.
When you are done you will see this icon in the right
corner next to the clock.
Click on the OpenVPN icon and select ”Connect openvpn ”
Then comes a box up, which you should fill in the
username and password that you received from
If you in the future want to avoid entering a user name
and password everytime you connect, then click ”Add to
Passphrase Apple Keyhain. Then your information will be
Click OK, and after a few seconds, the icon in the corner
are white instead of gray in the middle. You can now surf
If you have any problems with the installation, you can check the
FAQ at, or contact our support at