Torsion Field Communications Summary

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Torsion Field Communications Summary

Everyone is familiar with electromagnetism, produced by charge, and gravity, produced by mass. A
torsion field is produced by the

of a mass, whether it is an electron or as large as a star.

Practically unknown to

Western science, several groups of Russian scientists have been developing
torsion field physics and apparatus in secret for over three decades. A torsion field is a scalar
product of two electromagnetic fields (which are vector fields) under special cond
itions. For
example, a torsion field can be generated at the interface between two magnetic fields sweeping
past each other.

A lengthy list of attributes has been experimentally identified which demonstrates that the torsion
field operates holographicall
y, without regard to time and distance. Its operations are characterized
by a variety of behaviors which have been described conceptually, experimentally and
mathematically as functions of spin polarity, angular momentum and weighted waveform vector
ties. For example, unlike electromagnetism, where analogous charges repel and opposite
charges attract, in torsion fields similar charges attract and opposite charges repulse.

Anyone can buy a torsion field generator or receiver from any of four sources i
n the former Soviet
republics. Their devices have been constructed, operated, tested, documented and patented. They
propagate information into and retrieve information out of the torsion field.

By detecting the present location of a star and comparing wit
h its location as indicated by its light,
Russian astronomers have determined that torsion fields are transmitted faster than the speed of one
billion times the speed of light. Physicists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have transmitted
Mozart’s 40

ymphony at 4.7 times the speed of light using torsion field generators and torsion
field sensors. The European physics laboratory CERN has determined that torsion field information
can be transmitted through 20 miles of mountain without attenuation and wit
hout a time delay
detectable by the world’s most accurate atomic clocks.

The theoretical maximum capacity of torsion field communications is apparently 40 billion
channels of three
dimensional holographic television at one billion times the speed of ligh
t through
the entire earth without attenuation. Torsion field communication systems, with components only
the size of coins or maybe even less, are expected to eventually displace all forms of electronic
communications including telephones, television, rad
io, fiber optic cable, and communications
satellites, plus the entire Internet backbone.

A unique design has been developed for a counter
rotating torsion field generator based on a newly
patented micro
solenoid technology, counter
rotating mono
polar ma
gnetic plates, mono
standing wave lasers, and some scalar parallel processor technologies from the Swiss Institute of
Technology in Zurich. This potentially commercial torsion field communications prototype is
expected to be able to universally t
ransmit information through the entire earth many times the
speed of light with a bandwidth wide enough to allow transmission of three
holographic television on 16.7 million separate channels.

Torsion Field Communications Summary

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Gary Vesperman has invented a major advance in torsion field communications that is part of the
basis for the first
ever patent application in torsion field communications. Vesperman has in his
computer numerous pages of fascinating torsion field inform
ation that he recently compiled (and is
still re
vising) into a 66
page anthology titled “Torsion Field Physics and Torsion Field
Communications”. The detailed torsion field communications engineering work is being
accomplished in Salt Lake City, Utah by Da
vid G. Yurth, Ph.D., 801
5438 (or cell 801
3773) and his associates.

Of all the inventions that Vesperman is aware of, he considers torsion field communications
potentially the second most valuable. However, prospective investors should emphatical
ly be
warned that torsion field communications is not a normal venture capital opportunity. Torsion field
communications is an immature communications medium that is perhaps about at the stage of radio
communications’ development a century ago. Much of wha
t remains to be accomplished is
thoughtful, time
consuming, expensive research into such mundane issues as standardizing and
allocating frequencies and developing user
friendly commercial
grade transmitters, receivers, and
interfaces with established elect
ronic communications channels.

Gary C
. Vesperman, 588 Lake Huron Lane, Boulder City, Nevada 89005