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Transfer of Innovation Project

P360: Project Partners

Project Vision:

P360: Project Presentation

To establish a European wide network of 360 degree assessment centres
& set up the European Management Skills Benchmark Database.

Project Aim:

P360: Project Presentation

To transfer the use of a 360 degree management skills assessment tool,
Perspectives 360, from the UK to 5 European countries: Greece,
Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania and Ireland.

Project Objectives:

P360: Project Presentation

To adapt and transfer the 360 skill assessment tool for use with SMEs
managers in Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia, UK, Greece & Romania.

To field test/evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the assessment
tool with 300 SME managers in Partner countries.

To conduct a comparative analysis of the skills of SME managers in
Partner countries.

To publish a set of national management skills benchmarking reports.

Project Objectives:

P360: Project Presentation

To disseminate the project results to stakeholders across Europe.

To establish the European Management Skills Benchmarking

To develop a strategy to create a network of Perspectives 360

About Perspectives 360:

P360: Project Presentation

Perspectives 360 is a flexible, easy
use online 360 skills assessment

It is unique in providing a personalised set of practical development
suggestions, which enable individuals to improve performance

For the purposes of this project an adapted version for Micro SME owner
managers has been developed.

About Perspectives 360:

P360: Project Presentation

Perspectives 360 has many uses including:

Simple and straightforward method of improving management skills

with minimal time input

Training needs analysis

Skills diagnostic or benchmarking

Personal development planning

As part of a coaching programme

As an evaluation tool (before and after training)

Skills research project by sectors and regions

Part of management development programmes

Accreditation of prior achievement for work
based qualifications

Benefits of Using Perspectives 360:

P360: Project Presentation

A skill or training needs analysis solution that takes minutes to set up

Quick to use

only takes 10

15 minutes for respondents to complete

Secure 24/7 access to a password protected on
line assessment

centre providing complete confidentiality

Practical development actions to improve performance in each skill


FREE use of coaching and 360 degree feedback tools and resources

A proven online 360 assessment system that people find easy to use

Concise and jargon
free language

Perspectives 360 Report:

P360: Project Presentation

Concise and easy to understand

Contains 2 crystal clear, informative graphs

Compares self assessment with assessment of others

Individual responses to questions cannot be identified

Personalised set of development actions, generated for each individual

P360: Project Presentation

If you or someone that you know would be interested in taking part in
this project and benefiting from a free Perspectives 360 assessment
and one to one feedback session, please contact your local partner

For more information please visit: www.perspectives360.eu

Project Partners:

P360: Project Presentation

Exponential Training & Assessment (Great Britain)


Phone: +441455845071

Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association



Phone: 00353 1 66 22 755

Centrul De Inovare Si Dezvoltare De Afaceri (Romania)


Phone: +40213323195

KADIS Kadrovsko Izobrazevalni Inzeniring d.o.o (Slovenia)


Phone: +386 1 200 8180

Best Cybernetics (Greece)


Phone: 0030 2610 525 425

ISM University of Management and Economics (Lithuania)


Phone: +370618 70440

Chartered Management Institute

CMI (United Kingdom)

P360: Project Presentation