ICWS05 & SCC05 Panel, Orlando, July 12, 2005

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Exploring Services Science

Service Science:

What Can We Learn from Cybernetic Management?

J. Leon Zhao, Professor

Management Information Systems

Eller College of Management

University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 85721


ICWS05 & SCC05 Panel, Orlando, July 12, 2005


J. Leon Zhao, University of Arizona

Need new skills for building more efficient IT systems, streamlining
operations, and making wholesales changes in business processes.

Need people who can apply technologies to help businesses,
governments, and other organizations improve what they do.

The transformation of businesses require the simultaneous
development of both business methods and the supporting technology.

This is the seedbed for a new discipline that industry and academia
are coming to call “services science.”

Paul Horn’s Services Science


BusinessWeek Online,
January 21, 2005


J. Leon Zhao, University of Arizona

Beer (1981) constructed the Viable System Model (VSM) for managers
from the cybernetic management principles, which consists of:

Implementation (directly concerned with the task of the organization)

Coordination (activities and processes)

Control (day to day running of the organization),

Development (intelligence gathering and reporting), and

Policy (policy formulation and strategy alignment).

Viable System Model in Cybernetic Management


J. Leon Zhao, University of Arizona

The Viable System Model Illustrated



4) Development

2) Coordination

3) Control

5) Policy

1) Implementation

Business environment


J. Leon Zhao, University of Arizona

Disciplines are fragmented: CS does not teach about organizations
and policies, MBAs are not equipped with enough technical
knowledge, and systems engineering / management science focuses
on mathematical models, not on business implementation.

Business process management is not taught in schools except for a
few courses developed only recently.

We don’t know how to measure the effects of technologies on the
efficiency of a viable system.

What is wrong with education?


J. Leon Zhao, University of Arizona

Beer, S. The Brain of the Firm. Wiley: Chichester, 1981.

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Online, January 21, 2005.

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