Cybernetics and American Youth

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Nov 30, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Cybernetics and American Youth


In 1947, Wiener decided to introduce the neologism cybernetics into his scientific
theory. The name


was coined to denote the study of "teleological

In the early 1940s

John von Neumann
… contributed
cellular automata
, and their
logical follow up the

Von Neumann Universal Constructor

The result of these deceptively simple thought
experiments was the concept of


which cybernetics adopted as a core concept. The concept that the same
properties of genetic reproduction applied to social

, living cells, and even
computer viruses is further proof of the somewhat surprising universality of cybernetic

Cybernetics founders:

Norbert Wiener

John von Neumann

Develops mathematical models for
feedback; particularly

analog systems

Develops mathematical model for top
down architecture of digital computer

Collaborate with labor unions to prevent
displacement of workers from automation;
announces he will cease collaboration with
military. FBI opens file on him as
suspected communist.

Pushes for more nuclear weapons
development, claims

radiation not that bad.
Pushes for first strike against USSR.
Develops Cellular Automata in context of
machines that survive nuclear strike.

The political polarization of cybernetics: basins of attraction

Coupling between political and technological maps in
Bateson versus Mead

Youth subculture 1967

Youth subculture 1977