Installation guide - Moodle for Windows on a USB Memory Stick

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Installation guide

Moodle for Windows on a
USB Memory Stick

CH Software
's WOS

Webserver on a Stick

packages a complete Apache/PHP/MySQL
webserver with a wrapper that automatically configures and starts the servers; the Small
Edition takes only 20 Mb. It is published under the GNU GPL.

The complete package with a vanilla
Moodle 1.5.3, WOS Portable SE 1.1.1, Apache 2.0.5,
PHP 5.1.2 (and 4.4.1), and MySQL 4.1.18

all free, open source software

occupies less
than 100Mb.



1 Installation

2 Troubleshooting

3 See also

4 Poodle

live Moodle on USB storage


For best results you should always install and run WOS from the root directory of a drive.
The first time it's run, WOS configures the paths for the servers based on the current

Note: Make sure you stop IIS service which may already be running

on your

1. Start by downloading the latest versions of
WOS Portable or WOS Portable Small Edition.

1a. Thanks to
Matt Campbell
, you can also get the complete Moodle

on a Stick (MOS)
package as a single zip download from this


(Includes Moodle 1.5.3 and 1.6.0, from 2006, as well as the WOS package) Simply unzip the
file onto a USB stick, check the readme file to make sure your setup is correct, and run


if using this method.

2. Unzip the file and copy to your USB Stick. Switch to the stick and double click start.exe to
begin the WOS installation.

3. Choose your language, then click through the Terms of Use. WOS starts up and displays
the WOS Status dialog box and opens your w
eb browser to the WOS start page

You should now see the follow on the WOS startup

Apache 2.0.55 is running

PHP 5.1.2 works (or PHP4 if you configured it that way)

MySql 4.1.18
nt is running

Document Root is: F:/www

4. Setup your Database Click on t
he PHPMyAdmin link on the Start page. In PHPMyAdmin,
type a name for your database. ie: 'moodle' and click Enter.

5. Now Download your preferred version of Moodle from
Moodle Download page

unzip the file to your www directory on the USB stick.

6. Run Moodle Installation. Using the directory and settings above, the URL is

Now you simply work through the normal Moodle installation procedures. NOTE: During the
databases setup, use root as the database user and leave the password field blank (warning:
security risk if opening to your LAN/WAN)
It should work just like it does on the web or on
your hard drive windows installation.


Moodle requires a number of PHP settings to be active for it to work. On most servers these
will already be the default settings. However, I noticed t
he WOS package required
register_globals needed to be turned off and magic_quotes gpc turned On. These are
defined in PHP's configuration file (usually called php.ini):

WOS Portable is freeware, and there is no official support.

If you have a problem aft
er running through the above, try the troubleshooting hints on the
WOS Wiki

See also

Another way

to do it (in French)
Guide de clonage d'un
site Moodle

Another way to do it (with SQLite databas

Moodle/SQLite on a stick


live Moodle on USB storage

Poodle (sh
ort for Portable Moodle) is a software tool designed to allow for the delivery of
Moodle content offline.

Moodle is designed to offer an online environment for learning and coloboration between
teachers and students. Many different education insitutions h
ave created content for classes
and instruction in the Moodle platform. The Poodle is a way to bring some of that content to
those who are in low
bandwidth and no
bandwidth areas.

website and download