What is SEO?

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


What is SEO?
Search Engine Opti
mization is the process of improving
the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the
"natural" or un
paid organic search results.

Other search engine
marketing includes targeting paid listings (adwords/pay
click). In
general, the higher on the search engine results page, and the more
frequently a site appears in the search results li
st, the more visitors it
will receive from the search engine's users. 70% of all users click on the
first page of Google. Is getting a higher placement on Google
something you would like to do for your business?

How do you get my website listed on the to
is a

answer, and we normally let the technicians answer this, however: We
use white hat methods such as: website backlinking,
content marketing,
and social media to improve the quality of your website.

Would you like
to receive more visitors to your website and more customers by using

Is this Illegal/Is this blackhat?
We use only industry accepted

and are committed Google
’s Webmaster Guidelines
We do
not endorse blackhat methods, nor do we believe in the results they

SEO is not illegal, and is a widely accepted industry.

I've used SEO in the past and it didn't work.
A lot of other
companies use other black hat methods to get fast results, but
re not permanent. Our website gives actual examples of

companies that we have done case studies on

in the past
. These
numbers indicate that
we have increased the number of phone calls to
businesses by 100% in some cases, and increased the number of
website inquiries

in many different

What are your prices?
Our prices vary depending on the amount of
competition in your area, the size of city/town your live in, and your
current listing on Google

right now. If you could answer a few short
questions for me, I can calculate a price that won't break your budget. I
would also like to say that our company acknowledges that the US is in
a tough economic time right now, and that businesses like

possibly not have funds allocated for a marketing budget. That being
said, if our prices are high, we do offer payment plans, as well as
reduced prices that will yield the same results, however it will be spread
out over a period of time. Is a flex
ible pricing plan something that you
can work with?


offers SEO for $99/month.
We are aware that other
companies are offering SEO packages for $99/month. It is important to
realize what you are getting when you

sign up for a company like this.
This company will
submit your URL to Google, Yahoo and Bing,

and use a cookie cutter system for each we

That is not enough
effort to take in order to get your website placed o
n the top of Google.
They make bold claims to

help your company grow leaps and bounds,
and then deliver minimal results, usually none. Companies like these
have enormous customer service departments to handle the influx of
unhappy customers that feel they have been ripped off

My brother/cousin/sister/myself is going to do it:
Elite Strategies
respects the do
it yourself attitude, and our roots are plante
in the

. SEO is not magic, and it can be done at home,
however most individuals

not have the expensive software and the
man hours that it takes to get a website listed on Google
, nor do they
have the time
Unfortunately what happens most of the time when
people attempt to do SEO is that they misplace backlinks, and cause
irreparable damage to their site that will prevent them from getting

ranked on the top of any search engines. In some cases Google will
actually sandbox the website for a period of 12
36 months so even your
current customers can't find you.


Persons Name: I wanted to give you one last
chance to take this as an opportunity to help your business. My job
to help you

and I call every business in one particular area until I get
one of them to sign up. Then I move onto the next area. When w
e get
off the phone and you don't sign up with me, I'm calling your
competitor and
chances are they will sign up
. The data that I am seeing
indicates that in a short period of time

will get more customers,
more phone calls, and more exposure, in a shor
t period of time. You
sound like a
reasonable person
, I've enjoyed talking with you on the
phone, and it would really bother me to do this, but unfortunately I also
have to do my job and earn a living.