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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Search Engine Optimization & Submission
A GraphicalData website allows you to control many SEO aspects yourself...adding your own
title and meta tags...and performing many of the tasks below. However, SEO has become much
more specialized. We can provide the following for a one-time fee of $199 for agent websites:
* Place a good keyword-rich “behind-the-page” title tag on home page and 2nd level pages;
* Place “behind-the-page” keyword-rich META description & keyword tags on home page;
* When possible, design in H1 Header Tag;
* Endeavor to place keyword-rich button links as appropriate;
* Ensure keyword-rich “on-the-page” titles are present;
* Provide ample amount of keyword-rich “on-the-page” text & links on home page;
* Add “ALT” tags to photos if possible on home page;
* Ensure a generated site map to enable engines to index the whole site (ie. Google);
* Place a link on to your site to facilitate spider/robot crawling;
* Initial Site Submission to Primary Search Engines with a 5 to 6-week follow-up. (Follow-up
includes domain report analytics of placement on the primary engines/analysis/modify/resubmit as needed.)
This service is a front end, page optimization process with a “heads-up...we’re here” submit
notification to the main search engines/directories (includes a 6-week follow-up and report).
Additionally, if you choose, we can also provide an ongoing tracking/monitoring/tweaking process.
We have many sites ranking in the top 10 consistently*. You will receive a quarterly comprehensive
report on your search engine standings. Contact us for more details (360-265-8000).
You might also consider a pay-for-inclusion directory. (International Real Estate Directory) is
a good choice. And, you may also want to consider a short term pay-per-click promotion for a fast
jump start (good option for first 3-6 months until your natural results begin to filter in). Yahoo and
Google would be the two main players here.
Search engine placement is no longer a for sure “submit-for-top-placement” process. Even most SEO
companies that charge $1000’s per year cannot totally guarantee top results (excluding pay-per-click
where you can bid yourself into the desired position) If top placement is of utmost concern, I would
recommend visiting one of the following SEO companies that have reputable records of ranking sites
well. They are expensive but have typically gotten good results.
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~ ~
I recommend learning techniques to help your site to show well. Three good resources are: | |
Do be cautious of the unknown “promise-you-the-world” companies. I have experienced several agents
using them, and after months of paying in, had very little or nothing to show for their dollars.
Agent Support Center is an affordable, alternative in the optimization and submission of your web site
to the main search engines for crawling and inclusion. Agent Support Center has a good Google
PageRank and therefore a link from us is also beneficial.
* NOTE: Although Agent Support Center has a 15-year history of good results,
we cannot guarantee top placement.