Simulation of CNC Machines and Robots.


Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Simulation of CNC Machines and Robots

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Overview of simulation programs. Mathematical principals (homogen transformationm
matrixes, graphs, Jacobi matrix). Modelling of mechanical systems (modelling of low level
nematical pairs, kinematical graphs).

Modelling of machines with open kinematic chain (industrial robots). Solution of inverz
kinematical problem (symbolically and numerically).

Modelling of kinematical systems (calculation of veocity and acceleration func
Simulation of tradicional CNC machines. Structured reading and process of input files
(lex/yascc type browsers). Calibration of simulation models (origos, setting of extremities).

Usage of simulation (excercise of coincidence, problems of interpola
tion, choosing of solution
branch, positioning of objects). Mechanical modelling based on graph structures (generating
independent constrain functions). Simulation of parallel robots. Simulation of material

Ajánlott irodalmak:

Edward J Haug:Co
mputer Aided Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems,Allyn and
Bacon, 1989