Simple indexing stepper motor in shaper Machine

84. Automatic Water level Sensing Crane

85. Fabrication of Accident preventing system in cutting Machine

86. PC based wireless material handling vehicle for industrial application

87. Remote controlled M
aterial handling crane

88. Automatic dish washing machine

89. D & F of Hydraulic Press with Power Pack

90. D & F of Gear type Injection Moulding Machine

91. D & F of Scissor Platform with Hydraulic Power Pack

92. Quick Lifting Jack with Gear

93. Fabrication of Multi
process Cutter

94. Fabrication of Milling Attachment for Lathe

95. Fabrication of potato chips making machine

96. Fabrication of Ground Dryer

97. Fabrication of Auto feed pneumatic Vice

98. Fabrication of
Hydraulic Pallet Truck

99. D & F of Mini Hydraulic Press Machine

100. D & F of Pneumatic Ramming Machine

101. D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Drilling Machine

102. Fabrication of Slotting Attachment in Drilling Machine

103. Fabrication of Pneumatic Sheet

Cutting Machine

104. D & F of Manual Coil Winding Machine

105. Fabrication of Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine

106. Automatic Power Saving Conveyor for Industrial Application

107. Fabrication of Floor Cleaning Machine

108. Fabrication of cylindri
cal Tapping Machine

109. Fabrication of sand collecting Machine





110. D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Punching and Riveting Machine

111. Fabrication of Cam Operated Valve

112. Fabrication of Pantograph Universal Gas Cutting Machine

113. Fabrication of spr
ing Loaded Fan

114. Fabrication of Automatic Sofa Comports

115. Fabrication of Pneumatic Quick return Mechanism

116. Fabrication of Multi
speed gear box

117. D & F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Punching Machine

118. Fabrication of Automatic cold chamber Die
Casting Machine

119. Fabrication of Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

120. D & Fabrication of Hydraulic Lift using Pressure Booster

121. D & F of Pneumatic Multipurpose Press

122. Automatic Break Failure and Engine Over Heating Indication

123. Fabricat
ion of Domestic Floor Mill

124. Fabrication of Hybrid Vehicle

125. D & Fabrication of Portable Slotting Machine

126. Fabrication of Automatic Dish Washing Machine

127. Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine

128. D & Fabrication of
Pneumatic Vice using Pressure Booster

129. Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

130. Fabrication of Oil Pump Testing Equipment

131. D & F of Scissor Platform Machine

132. Fabrication of Sheet Rolling Machine

133. Accident Avoiding Syste
m in Punching Machine

134. D & F of Automatic Drilling and Tapping machine

135. Fabrication of self feed Drilling Machine

136. Fabrication of Miniature Lathe

137. Fabrication of Multipurpose Sheet Metal Machine





138. Fabrication of Automatic Spring
Rolling Machine

139. Fabrication of Motorized Sheet Rolling Machine

140. Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice

141. Automatic Birds scrarer Machine

142. Fabrication of vegetable slice machine

143. Fabrication of Impulse turbine

144. Fabrication of switch
board Cutter

145. Fabrication of Francis Turbine

146. Fabrication of Pedestal Spot welding Machine

147. Fabrication of hydraulic hybrid system

148. Fabrication of Oil pump testing Equipment

149. Fabrication of Pedal Washing Machine

150. Automatic
potato chips making machine

151. Fabrication of Miniature Boiler

152. Portable circular saw machine

153. Pneumatic operated chapathi making machine

154. Intelligent motorized wall painting crane

155. Fabrication of Cylindrical grinding Machine

156. A
utomatic high speed Bottle Washing Machine

157. Fabrication of Hydro Coupling Mechanism

158. Fabrication of Fiber Extracting Machine

159. Fabrication of Hybrid System for home

160. Fabrication of Revolving gate compressor

161. Fabrication of Detra fan

for Industrial Application

162. Fabrication of Mini milling machine

163. Automatic pneumatic welding robot

164. Remote controlled air craft (Flying Model)

165. Fabrication of Magnetic coolant filter





166. Auto charging grinding machine with solar powe

167. D & F of Multi
Engine Air Compressor

168. Fabrication of Steam Power Plant

169. Combined hydraulic and disk break

170. Fabrication of Sub
Marian (Model)

171. Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine

172. Pneumatic reciprocating water
pumping system

173. Design and Fabrication of Cam Vice

174. Fabrication of Multi Nut Tightner

175. D & F of Micro Boring Attachment

176. D & F of Circular Cutting machine

177. D & F of Screw Slotting Machine

178. Fabrication of Copper Wire Cutting ma

179. Fabrication of Rubber Melting Machine

180. Fabrication of Mini Water Service Station

181. Fabrication of Multi Drill Holder

182. Fabrication of Special Purpose Tapping Machine

183. Fabrication of Hydraulic Vice with Power Pack

Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine

185. Fabrication of High Speed Portable Pipe Cutting Machine

186. Fabrication of Pneumatic Paper cup Making Machine

187. Fabrication of Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine

188. Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Ha
nd Operated Zip Crane

189. Fabrication of Lamination Machine

190. Fabrication of Universal Tapping Machine

191. Fabrication of Twin spindle Drill Holder

192. Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Puller

193. Fabrication of Marine Engine Model





194. Fabrica
tion of Dosai Maker

195. Fabrication of Cold Chamber Die casting Machine

196. Fabrication of Portable Service Unit

197. D & F of Hydraulic Lift with Power Pack

198. D & F of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant

199. Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing

200. Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto Indexing Drilling Machine

201. Fabrication of Brass Screw Threading And Tapping Machine

202. Fabrication of Sensor Operated Pneumatic Automatic punchingmachine

203. Fabrication of Sheet metal Cutting Machine

4. Fabrication of Bending/Bend Removing Machine

205. Fabrication of Rotary Vane Pump

206. Fabrication of Concave Attachment in Shaper

207. Fabrication of Plate Bending Machine

208. Fabrication of Lawn Mover

209. Fabrication of Sheet Straightening

210. Fabrication of U
Type, V
Type, L
type Angle Bending Machine

211. Fabrication of Wood Turning Lathe Machine

212. D & F of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

213. Conversion of tap or Salty bore well water into purest, tastiest bottled
Quantity Dr
inking Water

214. Fabrication of Home Floor Mill

215. Fabrication of Vacuum Pump

216. Fabrication of Radial Plunger Pump

217. D & F of Abrasive Belt Grinder

218. D & F of Pneumatic Slow & High Speed Drilling Machine

219. D & F of Wall grove Cutting

220. Fabrication of hydraulic Disk Brake





221. Fabrication of Automatic Steering Mechanism

222. Fabrication of Pneumatic belt Conveyor

223. D & F of Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe

224. Shocks absorber testing Machine

225. Energy saving l
ight arrangement

226. Power Saving System for Lathe

227. Automatic Pressure controller Cum Valve Open/Close Arrangement

228. Automatic gate open/close system

229. Robot controlled vacuum cleaner

230. Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System

231. Automatic vulcanizing machine

232. Paper counting machine

233. Industrial boiler flame remote adjustment system

234. D & F of Abrasive Cutting Machine

235. Fabrication of Coir Making Machine

236. Fabrication of Cylinder Block Boring Machine


Fabrication of Road Marking Machine

238. Fabrication of Bottling of sugarcane juice Machine

239. Fabrication of Grass Cutting Machine

240. Fabrication of lathe Coolant Pump with Fitting Arrangement

241. Fabrication of Tool Post Grinder

Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack

243. Fabrication of Rotary Kaller

244. Fabrication of Escalator

245. D & F of Injection Moulding Machine

246. Fabrication of Maize de

247. Fabrication of Hydro Power Plant

248. Fabrication of Concave Attachm
ent for Lathe





249. Fabrication of Arbor Presses Machine

250. Fabrication of Eccentric Press Machine

251. Fabrication of Fly Press Machine

252. Fabrication of level Operated conical bending Machine

253. Fabrication of hand Operated edge Folding Machine

254. Fabrication of Semi
Circular Cutting machine

255. Fabrication of Hydraulic Hand Operated pipe Bending Machine

256. Fabrication of Rotary Gear Pump

257. D & F of Self primary Centrifugal Pump

258. D & F of two stage Self Primary Pump

259. Automa
tic cylinder boring machine

260. Automatic motorized door open/close mechanism

261. Motorized focus light mechanism (in all direction)

262. Automatic acrylic sheet bending machine (heater control)

263. Automatic lamination machine

264. Mini crushing

265. Electrical spot welding machine

266. Automatic Plant Water Moistering System for Garden

267. Automatic Water level Indicator and Controlling System

268. Aero plane Controlling System (Glider Model)

269. Digital controlled coil winding mac

270. Fabrication of Air Leak Detector

271. Temperature Controller with Cooling System

272. Fabrication of Spark Plug Tester

276. Fabrication of Variable Drive Gear Box

277. Fabrication of Motorized Crane

278. Remote control Dish Antenna Tracking


279. Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery (Foldable Type)





280. Fabrication Folding Mobile with Gas and petrol

281. Fabrication of Electronic Braking System

282. Fabrication of Magnetic Iron Separator

283. Fabrication of Mosaic
Polishing Machine

284. Fabrication of Sensor Operated Automatic Ramming Machine

285. Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Grinder

286. Fabrication of Pedestal Spot Welding Machine

287. Motorized Wheel Chair for Physically Disabled

288. Hydraulic Pull
er for Automobile Engines

289. Fabrication of mist coolant system

290. Fabrication of spring separator

291. Fabrication of tomato Grader

292. Fabrication of Air leak Detector