Omnivores Dilemma


Dec 12, 2012 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Jennifer Nwagbo

CSM Seminar


Omnivores Dilemma

The term Genetically Modified, especially when

to an organism means, when an
organism is genetic material has been altered sometimes completely through using genetic engineering
The genetic engineering technique is known as recombinant DNA technology. In this
one would use DNA mo
lecules from different
sources and

combine them into one new
molecule in order to create a fresh set of genes.
After that DNA is then transported into an organism
which gives it modified
or novel genes.
Another commonly identified term is transgenic organi
which are a division of Genetically Modified Organisms that have been inserted with DNA that came
from different species.
For example when corn is genetically modified it creates a new set of
which allows the produce to become
larger in size and

changes in size.

Genetically modified corn
is achieved by tampering with the DNA of the molecule.
technique is called Recombinant DNA.
This is done
by combining multiple sequences, through gene
. Genetic modification of corn and other crops
is created by
adding relevant DNA into an already
organisms DNA, this is done to alter the unique traits for certain purposes
. This could include
the size, the color or other things that make this certain organism different, or change it.
The inse
of genes is a main part of the

in turn the deletion of
genes is a great part of this method.
are artificially moved between organisms that are able to
. Trans

is when genes are
inserted into different species, like horizont
al gene transfer.
Attaching genes to a virus is another
method that is commonly used, or
inserting DNA in the nucleus of the host with a syringe.

Genetic Modification is completely different from selective breeding, because it deals with
directly tamperin
g with an organisms DNA makeup.
Selective breeding includes,
choosing different
breeds and trying and hoping that their genetic makeups combine. However when one takes a crop and
goes through the process of genetic modification, scientist go in detail and
about manually changing the
genetic makeup of a crops gene. In the case of Omnivores
, corn. There are specific genes that
are taken or chosen, or to be included into the
overall product of the crop.

Traits from GM corn include things such as,
sistant to glyphosate or glufosinate herbicides,
proteins, Insect resistance, crop yield, color, or the size of the crop. These are all things that make corn
either have a greater appearance, which

are like the color. Stereotypical things like the color

of corn that
is the bright yellow color make it more attractive and presentable. Othe
r things like the

and the crop
yield are also attractive, to the consumer so it is something that is often included.

Advantages include: higher crop yield, more nutritional, could possibly terminate
properties, resistant to pests, resistant to weeds, resistant weeds, resistant to diseases,
thrive in regions
with poor soil, also thrive in different climate
are safe

Disadvantages are: harm other organisms, taste, cross pollination with other natural crops,
spread more resistant weeds, some say that it causes health problems.