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Innovative high-tech solutions based on over 90 years of experience: We are a
business unit of RIBE
Fastening Systems dedicated to the development and produc
tion of high-strength fasteners for selected high-tech, aerospace and motor sports
We manufacture thousands of parts a day for delivery to customers throughout the
world – always with the aim of meeting the highest quality requirements. Our inno
vative and pioneering fastener solutions of high-strength aluminum, high-strength
steels and titanium alloys are used in many high-tech applications.
The combination of our own development department and cutting-edge production
technologies has enabled us to develop into a specialist in high-tech fastening appli
cations that place extreme demands on fastener manufacture.
Our prototype construction section specializes in fast and direct provision of test and
series samples for our development partners – our contribution to the ever shorter
product development cycles of our customers.
fasteners for
exacting requirements


“Our prOducts are backed by Over 90 years Of experience –
the perfect basis fOr innOvative sOlutiOns.”
fasteners for
exacting requirements
High-Tech | Aerospace | Motor Sports


We produce small-series parts of high-strength steels and special alloys to
meet the high product and system requirements of our customers for motor sports,
selected high-tech segments and prototype construction. Cutting-edge production
technologies, such as warm forming of heads, enable us to meet customers’ require
ments for finished fastener solutions quickly and in small quantities without the
expense of a multistage press.
We provide practical prototypes in a series-like process chain, which can represent
the following subsequent series production steps:

Warm forming of heads

Cold forming in load-bearing parts

Thread forming with series technology

Machining to make complex ancillary geometries
We use warm forming to process all materials that cannot be cold formed, such as
heatproof and super-heatproof high-nickel steels and high-alloy chrome-nickel steels
or nickel-based alloys. Special powder metallurgical materials can also be formed. We
cover a diameter range of 2 to 18 mm and all common symmetric and asymmetric
head geometries are possible.
small series of high-strength steels
and special alloys


High-Tech | Aerospace | Motor Sports
small series of high-strength steels
and special alloys
“fasteners fOr exacting requirements
are Our daily business.”


titanium alloy fasteners
for aerospace and engine screws
Titanium and its alloys are non-magnetic and corrosionproof and have high
strength with low specific weight, which makes them suitable for virtually universal
applications. Thanks to its outstanding properties, titanium is used just as widely
for heavily loaded structures in aerospace technology as it is in chemical apparatus
engineering and medical engineering, where it scores for its good compatibility.
Due to its hexagonal structure, however, titanium can only be formed within a certain
temperature range. Our precision warm forming press gives us the ideal production
technology for the reliable manufacture of titanium alloy screws.
Our titanium screws can be produced with all common symmetric and asymmetric
head geometries in diameters ranging from 2 to 18 mm and have excellent resistance
to hot gas corrosion.
They are also extremely heatproof and super heatproof and have a 42.5 per cent
lower specific weight than steel. This reduced weight makes titanium tremendously
important in the aircraft and aircraft engine construction sector, where the material
impresses with its high cost-effectiveness despite distinctly higher material costs.


High-Tech | Aerospace | Motor Sports
“We like making everything Ourselves. this ensures reliability –
fOr Our custOmers and fOr us.”
titanium alloy fasteners
for aerospace and engine screws


innovative products need
innovative production technology
Our production on precision warm forming presses combines substantial advan
tages that directly benefit the customers: Fast, low-cost production at the highest
quality standard even for small series of 100 or more parts. The matched cutting
plant allows high-precision, virtually burr-free cutting of the rod material of high-
strength steels and titanium alloys to an accuracy of
2/1,000 mm.
The high flexibility of the precision warm forming process is very apparent from
the short machine set-up times and the variable design options for the fasteners:
The diameter range is 2 to 20 mm and the length under the head ranges from 10 to
1,000 mm.
The tool costs are relatively low compared with multistage presses, even for asym
metric head shapes. Warm pressing also reduces the risk of cracks and – with certain
materials – eliminates the need for low-tension annealing. The subsequent machining
facilities available at RIBE
Fastening Systems also extend our product spectrum.


innovative products need
innovative production technology
“prOductiOn quantity as lOW as 100 parts
is Only One Of Our strengths.”
High-Tech | Aerospace | Motor Sports


solutions for
exacting applications
Excellent product and service quality have been top priority ever since our

company was founded. An integrated Quality Management System covers our

products and information flows and meets the most demanding requirements of

the automotive and aerospace industries.
This quality standard is always focused on the customers – quality means meeting
their expectations. We also maintain our zero-defect policy in the course of conti
nuous technological developments.
Another success factor is our own development department, which supports our
customers with their product development and finds innovative solutions to their
fastening problems. Our suggestions are based on technical expertise, decades of
experience and practical application tests.
We therefore possess the ideal basis for innovative fastening solutions for the most
exacting applications – and for meeting our customers’ requirements with absolute


“meeting Our custOmers’ requirements With absOlute perfectiOn
is Our daily gOal.”
solutions for
exacting applications
High-Tech | Aerospace | Motor Sports
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