Great White Sharks

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Nov 16, 2013 (2 years and 11 months ago)


Great White

Carcharodon carcharias

Theme 1

Cell Structure and Cell Function

Sharks have an extra sense of being able to detect an electromagnetic
field created by the movement of animals. The great white shark can
sense an electromagnetic field within a half billionth of a volt. How can
sharks sense a half billionth of a volt?
I wonder if a shark’s cells ability
to sense magnetic fields could be used to make a gun that senses
where electric wires run hidden behind walls?

You could catch a live
great white shark and take some cell samples and use them in an
electromagnetic gun a
nd scan it over a wire that has a half billionth of a
volt running through it.

Theme 2


The great white sharks
are considered an apex predator but their young
are, in some cases, hunted by larger orca whales so the population of
sharks is at a

standstill. How often do sharks reproduce and how long
until the sharks are mature enough to reproduce? To answer the
questions you would have to catch live great white sharks and put a
satellite tag, to record where the shark is located, and a tag that

the depth of water and the temperature of the water every few
minutes. You
would also have to get blood samples to measure the
shark’s hormone levels and if a male get a sperm sample.

Theme 3


Great white sharks are carnivores and they

prefer their prey to have a
high content of energy
rich fat. I wonder whether the sharks prefer
marine animals with high energy
rich fat over land animals that have a
rich fat. To test the experiment you could
go out off of a coast
where sharks a
re known to dwell, and use a hook and rope baited with
different types of marine and land animals that contain energy
rich fat.
Some examples of bait you could use are seals, tuna, pig and cow.
Once you have the separate hooks baited, throw one hook in a
t a time,
you could see which hooks the shark attacks and if it has a preference
over land or marine animals.

Theme 4


The great white shark has the ability to maintain a body temperature
warmer than the surrounding water.
It can conserve ener
gy by
lowering its body temperature to the surrounding water temperature.

How would a shark react if it was put in increasingly warm water?
Testing the experiment you would have to catch a live shark and put it
in the temperature of water it lives in and

record how it behaves. Once
done with that increase the temperature ten degrees, record and

Theme 5


The larger great whites mate with other larger great whites so their
offspring would most likely be larger than the rest of the sharks
. The
larger the shark the more dominant the organism will be so that means
it will breed more and get more food than smaller sharks. I wonder if
males are more dominant over females because females tend to be
larger than the males. To find out if males

are dominant over females
you could get a couple of large and small male and female great whites
and put them all in an aquarium and feed them and see what shark gets
the more food and more space than the others.

Theme 6


Great whites haven’t e
volved for many years but they are said to have
evolved from the much larger megladon shark. I wonder if the first
great white species had rows of teeth, to replace ones that break off, or
if they had just one row? You could test this question by looking

ossils of previous white sharks and looking to see whether they had
one row of teeth or more.

Theme 7


Great white sharks are naturally curious predators. They like to
investigate, by nipping at objects that give off electromagnetic fields so
as to see whether the object in question is edible. Some cases involve
great whites getting caught in fishing nets
on their travel towards the
fishing boat because the boat is sending off electrical fields that the
shark is sensing. In other cases the sharks get injured by swimming into
the boats rotating propeller. I wonder if we line the bed of boats with a
l that keeps electromagnetic fields from reaching the water so
curious great whites don’t get caught in fishing nets or in
propellers. To test the experiment
you could get different types of
material and line the bed of a boat and send electromagneti
c waves
toward the water and see if any great whites swim toward the boat to