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Nov 29, 2012 (5 years and 6 months ago)


SUSE Linux 10.0



For rich, reliable and secure home computing, there's no better choice than SUSE Linux 10.0. It features an easy
install Linux operating system that lets you browse the Web, send e
mail, chat with friends, organize dig
ital photos, play
movies and songs, and create documents and spreadsheets. You can even use it to host a Web site or blog, create a
home network and develop your own applications.

Whether you're new to Linux or you use it daily, SUSE Linux 10.0 delivers th
e features you need most for home
computing and networking. SUSE Linux also includes more than 1,000 of the world's leading open source applications.
From established solutions like Firefox and to "first looks" at emerging technologies like
Beagle and Xen,
these applications are a real value. You simply open the box, run the installation program and start using Linux for
everything you do. Choose the default set of applications to get a great desktop or customize your entire computing
ment. It's truly that easy.

Because it's Linux, your system is inherently secure, practically immune to e
mail and Web
borne viruses and worms. Of
course, there are solid security features built right in. It's all there. Read on to see why SUSE Linux is th
e complete Linux
solution you've been looking for.

Although not intended for business deployments, SUSE Linux 10.0 provides corporate evaluators with an excellent first
look at technologies like XEN (virtualization), OpenOffice 2.0 (productivity suite), Be
agle (desktop search) and Mono
(open source development environment). These technologies, when refined and fully supported, may appear in future
Novell enterprise Linux offerings.

Home Desktop

SUSE Linux 10.0 includes all of the latest desktop productivity tools to help you with your most common home
computing tasks. Whether it's instant messaging and communicating with friends, creating and designing graphics, or
organizing digital pi
cture and music files, you'll find what you need on our easy
use desktop. And to make finding
things even easier, we've included a preview of the latest version of the new Linux desktop search technology: Beagle
Desktop Search. Beagle is the powerful ne
w open source search engine that puts all of the content in your personal
information space at your fingertips. Plus, to keep your desktop secure, SUSE Linux includes powerful built
in tools for
spam blocking, virus scanning and application
level protectio

Ease of Use

Using Linux for the first time? No worries! SUSE Linux 10.0 was designed with you in

mind. With the simple streamlined
installation you'll quickly be up and running. Its rich graphical environment, full of familiar cascading menus, icons and
dialog boxes, ensures that your transition to Linux is painless. Plus, applications like OpenOffic make sharing files
with Windows users a snap

from this Linux desktop you can read and create files compatible with Microsoft Office.
Finally, you can use all the other standard content files directly on your Linux desktop

PDF, RealMedia and Flash. Yo
may never know you changed neighborhoods.

Home Network

SUSE Linux comes ready to connect to you
r home wireless network. Plus, for advanced home networks, you can use
the latest versions of open source networking services like Samba, Apache, DNS and DHCP. These power robust home
networks that include Web hosting, centralized printing and media workst
ations. With special features to speed
everything from server setup and configuration to software updating, SUSE Linux contains the most comprehensive set
of tools ever included in a retail Linux package.

Application Development

With established development standards like Eclipse and KDevelop, to the newest open source tools like Mono and
en, you'll find that SUSE Linux 10.0 is packed with tools that make it easy to develop powerful Linux and cross
applications. And, with powerful databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Derby as application
development resources,
there's no telling ho
w far you can go!