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1. Which City do you live?
a. Tornio b. Kemi c. Keminmaa d. Haparanda

1.1. How long you are living in this city?
a. less than 10 years b. 10 to 30 years c. this is my birth place

2. Do you complain to municipality if you see a problem related to street furniture or
social problems?
a. yes b. no c. I do not want to answer

3. Why do you want to repot a problem by yourself?
a. to keep the city clean and safe b. just to inform authorities

4. Do you think if online complain box is introduced it will be easier to complain rather
than the current complaining system?
a. yes b. no c. I want both

5. Do you want to track the status of your complain?
a. yes b. no
6. Do you want to check the map when you complain?
a. yes, of course b. no c. neutral answer


7. Do you want other citizens can see what you report or you want to keep it secret?
a. everyone should see b. I want to make a secret complain

8. Do you think online complain box will make the process faster?
a. yes obviously b. I dont think so

9. Would you like to attach a picture of the issue while you report online?
a. yes make it mandatory b. yes sometimes, it could be useful c. not necessary

10. What kind of problems you want to report?
a. Street furniture b. Daily life issues and street furniture c. I am not sure yet