Summary of changes to the ILR for

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Dec 13, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Summary of changes to the ILR for

Version 2

May 2012


General Changes

From April 2012 the Young People’s Learning Agency (YPLA) is known as
the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

All ILR returns for 2012/13 must be in XML format. There will be no
conversion facility available in the Learner Information Suite (LIS).

Full details of the ILR requirements for 2012/13 can be found in the ILR
specification for 2012/13 and the provider support manual which are available

The transmission number in the ILR filename has been replaced by a
date/time stamp to indicate when the file was produced


Fields removed or added

Fields removed

Provider number (UPIN). For 2012/13 the UKPRN will be the only provider
identifier returned in the ILR

Planned group based hours and Planned one to one hours (Learning Delivery

Fields added

Apprenticeship pathway (Learning Delivery entity)

to collect details of the
apprenticeship pathway being undertaken. The apprenticeship pathway
identifies different types of employment/job roles (see next slide for further

Net tuition fee (Learning Delivery HE entity)

to collect the net fee for this
year, for the student on this course. The net fee is the fee after any financial
support such as waivers or bursaries are taken into account.

Apprenticeship pathway field

The apprenticeship pathway field must be recorded for all
apprenticeship programmes. It should be set to zero for continuing
learners from 11/12.

At the start of 2012/13, the pathway code in LARA will be set to 0 (zero)
for all existing frameworks. The pathway data will be added to the
frameworks reference table over the first few months of 2012/13.

The ILR field must match the data held in LARA at the start of the
programme. If LARA does not have any pathways listed for a particular
framework then a value of 0 (zero) must be returned in the ILR.

For all other programme types (diplomas and foundation learning) the
Apprenticeship pathway field is not returned in the ILR file.



funded apprenticeships

Private training providers/National employers are asked to send data about non
apprenticeships as follows:

where they are delivered within the terms of a Skills Funding Agency/NAS contract

in other cases are sent on a voluntary basis.

ILR records for other types of non
funded provision are not required from a provider
which is not an FE college

The following fields have been made available and must be recorded for non
apprenticeship learning:

Programme entry route field

Achievement date

Actual progression route

Withdrawal reason

Employer identifier & Workplace location postcode

funded apprenticeships must meet the same data requirements as funded

Changes to field and xml element

There have been changes to the field and xml element names of the
following fields for 2012/13:

LLDD and health problem indicator

Learner and Learning delivery occurrence code

Provider specified learning delivery monitoring

Date employment status applies to

Contracting organisation code

Outcome indicator

Sources of funding

Employment status code



Learner Entity

Unique learner number field

must be completed for all funded learners apart from ASL funded

validation rules enforce ULN completion for learners with aims of 10
or more days planned or actual duration (threshold reduced from

Date of birth field

must be completed for all learners funded through the 16
18 LR and
ALR funding models

Additional learning support cost

not required by the EFA for learners aged 16

18 with low level ALS
costs (less than £5,500)

All learner data returned will be subject to code table



Recording unknown postcodes

For 2012/13 the unknown postcode has been changed to ZZ99
9ZZ to ensure consistency with the data held by the Learner
Registration Service. For 2012/13 an entry of ZZ99 ZZZ can still
be recorded for continuing learners.

This applies to all postcode fields in the ILR.


Learner Funding and Monitoring entity

The maximum number of Learner FAM records that can be returned for
each learner has increased from fifteen to sixteen.

Additional learning support

code 1 removed

Learner support reason

codes 24, 25,35 and 53 removed and new
codes added for the 16
19 bursary fund and Residential support

Discretionary support funds

codes 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10 removed and new
codes added and maximum number of occurrences increased to 5

National learner monitoring

codes 10, 11 & 16 removed.


Learner and Learning Delivery Provider
Specified Monitoring data

Providers should not include personal data such as the learner’s
name in the Provider specified learner and learning delivery
monitoring fields.

Employment Status changes for 2012/13 (1)

The Employment status fields have been significantly revised for 2012/13.

An Employment status record giving the employment status prior to enrolment
must be returned for:

all adult learners (apart from OLASS funded learners and learners with only
ASL funded learning aims)

all apprenticeship and ESF funded learners of all ages.

Employment status checked when the learner progresses to subsequent
learning after completing all activities on their original learning agreement or plan

New employment status record added only if employment status has changed

No need to update during current programme even if employer changes.

Additional record for first day of learning is required for apprentices who were
unemployed prior to starting or employed with a different employer prior to
starting (see examples on pg 66 of specification)

Removal of Employment status type categories (FDL, DBS, CES). The date
employment status applies will be used for matching with learning aim dates

New employment status categories of

In paid employment

Not in paid employment and looking for work

Not in paid employment and not looking for work

Additional employment status monitoring to collect:

If learner has been in full time education or training prior to enrolment (to
enable NEETs to be identified)

Self employed, full / part time employment

Length of unemployment / learners on benefits

15yr olds at risk of NEET (ESF funded only)

Employer id and workplace postcode are required for workplace

learning as now

Mapping details from 2011/12 are given in the ILR specification

Employment Status changes for 2012/13 (2)


SFA Funding Terminology

Adult Skills Budget funds classroom delivery for FE colleges through
the Adult Learner Responsive (ALR) funding model and workplace
training through the Employer Responsive (ER) funding model.

Classroom delivery by private training providers will continue to be
recorded and funded using the ER funding model (code 45) and
identified using a Learning Delivery Monitoring (LDM) code of 125 in the
Learning Delivery FAM fields.

Learning delivered from the Adult safeguarded learning budget is now
referred to as Community Learning. For 2012/13 the description of the
Funding Model (code 10) in the ILR that is used to fund community
learning will continue to be the “ASL funding model”

Community Learning provision of Family English Maths and Language
will continue to be referred to as Family Language Literacy & Numeracy
(FLLN) in the ASL Provision Type field in the ILR.


Learning Delivery entity (1)

Sub contracted or partnership UKPRN field

if the training is sub
contracted more than once (subject to approval
by the funding agency) then the UKPRN of the provider which is
actually delivering the training should be recorded.

Proportion of funding remaining

this field must be completed for OLASS funded learning aims for
adults which are funded by the Skills Funding Agency.

Contracting organisation

this data is not required in 2012/13 for EFA funded aims or ESF
funded aims.

this field must be still be returned for all other Skills Funding
Agency funded learning aims


Learning Delivery entity (2)

Withdrawal reason

code 41 has been added at the request of the Skills Funding
Agency, to identify where a learner has transferred to
another provider into learning that aligns with a specific
government strategy.

this code should only be used to identify learners who have
transferred onto apprenticeship provision as inferred in
Investing in Skills for Sustainable Growth (BIS, Nov 2010)”.


Learning Delivery Funding and
Monitoring entity

Two new FAM types added:

HE monitoring (HEM),
to identify participation in HE programmes or
initiatives. Only applicable to learning aims with an HE data set. Has the
following entries:

Student is funded by HEFCE using the old funding regime (only for
learning aims starting on or after 1 September 2012)

Student’s qualifications prior to enrolment are AAB+ or equivalent
according to HEFCE

Student has received an award under the National Scholarship
programme for this learning aim

Restart indicator (RES),
to identify whether the learner has restarted the
learning aim (see next slide for further details of when to use this)

The maximum number of LDM codes that can be recorded has been
increased to 3


Recording re
starts of learning

All learning aims that have been re
started in the ILR due to a
break in learning, transfer of provider or change in ALN/ASN
status must complete the new Restart indicator in the Learning
Delivery Funding and Monitoring field

Any aims that were re
started prior to 2012/13 and were
previously recorded as such using codes 7, 8, 11 or 12 in the
Programme entry route field must also have the re
start indicator

Programme entry route field

the programme entry route will continue to be recorded for
apprenticeship programmes as well as the re
start indicator.


Learning Delivery HE changes

Qualification on entry

additional codes and valid to dates have been added for
2012/13 (see ILR specification for details)

Highest qualification on entry

not collected for learning aims that start from 1 August 2012.