Setup Instructions for the McKesson Advanced SQL Class

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Dec 13, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Setup Instructions for the McKesson Advanced SQL Class
This class will cover Advanced SQL commands based on the SQL 92 standard. We will introduce the

SQL syntax and discuss specific database extensions to the standard, including Microsoft SQL Server,

Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL.
We will need a database server and a sample database for class use. This class will use the open-source

database SQLite.
For students on a Windows platform:
Please create a new folder “AdvSQL Class” and download the following file to this folder:
Unzip the SQLite file, and double click on the SQLite.bat file to open a command window, then

following the instructions below to test your installation.
For students on a Mac platform:
Mac's come with SQLite pre-installed, it is located in /usr/bin directory and called sqlite3. Mac user

will need to download our sample database from:
Create a new folder “AdvSQL Class”, and put the sample database in this folder. To get to sqlite3, you

can open up a terminal windows (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) and then typing the following:
cd /usr/bin/
sqilte3 Northwind.sl3
Please see the instructions on testing your installation below.
For students on a Linux platform:
To use SQLite on a Linux platform, you will need to download both SQLite and the sample database

For detailed instructions, then follow the instructions below to test your installation.
SQLite Installation test:
To test the install enter the following in the command window:
You should see 4 lines of results.
to quit.
SQLite GUI Manager Add-on for FireFox:
If you are using FireFox as a Browser, there is on open-source Add-On to examine SQLite databases, it

can be installed from: