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Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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Advantech Releases New EKI

6351 series



Advantech, a leading industrial communication solutions provider, has
launched the new EKI
6340 & EKI
6351 series of Outdoor Wireless Mesh Access Points (AP)
and Mesh Station. These two series include three models for each
model designed for specific
applications and outdoor locations.

1 is a fast roaming access point designed to work
along the side of the road where fiber optic cables are installed;
the EKI
2 is a wireless multi
hop AP for use alongside
rivers, railways, highways and inside tunnels where running
fiber would be difficult or unnecessary; the third is the
3 is a combined Mesh Node and Multi
node AP which
is used in complex wide reaching areas such as university
campuses or factories

or along a road where fiber isn’t installed.

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ng that it’s sealed against dust and can withstand water depths up to 1

Since these units are often left unattended in remote locations it is essential that they are
equipped with the latest networking technologies, therefore they include: self
ming and
healing mesh topology, multi
hopping and, where appropriate, the 802.11n wireless
protocol. Finally to guarantee cable connections they include cable connectors which won’t
become easily disconnected.

To discover more about this exciting new

range of wireless access points contact your nearest
Advantech sales representative or go to


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