Lead Handling Best Practices

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Feb 21, 2014 (7 years and 5 months ago)


Lead Handling Best Practices

360Partners Lead Generation

Our goal at 360Partners is to
help you grow revenue
Thousands of businesses use our phone
targeted leads to complement their marketing
programs and help salespeople sell.

Experts in online marketing and lead generation

Generates and qualifies leads in over 90 categories

Working in search and lead generation for over 10 years

Started lead generation service in 2005, experience with internet
sales leads since 2000

35 employees

Staff phone
screens leads 7 days/week

Located in Austin, TX

Over 1,000 satisfied businesses use our marketing service

Learned a lot in 10 years about what to do (and what not to do!)
to successfully sell internet
based leads

About 360Partners


Several Ingredients Needed to Successfully Close Sales

Compelling products and services, competitive pricing

Strong , responsive sales staff

Steady stream of targeted opportunities

Following best sales practices for sales leads


Internet Leads are Different Than In
person or Tradeshow Leads

Extremely time sensitive

Leads may or may not have knowledge of the products, or even
know exactly what they want

Prospects are more likely to be comparison shopping

There are 6 Best Practices for Successfully Closing Internet Leads


Best Practice #1: Receive Leads That Work for Your Business

Get leads for the products you sell best

Get leads in the geographic areas that you service

Receive leads that are pre
screened to save sales rep time

Note: together we can adjust profiles to match just about any product/geographic situation


Best Practice #2: Send Leads Directly to Sales Associates

Route leads

to qualified salespeople

The more reps that receive the lead, the better

We have found that close rates are
4 times higher

when leads go
directly to a qualified salesperson

Sales or marketing manager can still:

Remain the primary contact on the account

Control all aspects of the account

See all the leads

Leads are most important to those whose paycheck and livelihood are
at stake. Get leads to them first.


Best Practice #3: Call Leads Quickly

Being the first call to a customer can be the difference between
closing the lead and not

Call customers within the first 5 minutes of receiving a lead

Frame the conversation before your competitors

tell them why
they should choose you

Customers choose the first company that calls 78% of the time
over the others


The Faster You Call, the Better Your Contact Rates


Best Practice #4: Call Leads 6 Times

In a study of over 15 million leads, an
independent source found that a salesperson
that contacts a lead 6 times had a 93% chance
of reaching a customer.

Six Calls=Success


One Supplier’s Formula for a Consistent 8% Close Rate

Day 1

Call lead immediately. If not in, leave voicemail message.

Email the prospect directly after call attempt

Call again a few hours later

Day 2

Call again, if no answer leave polite voicemail

Day 3

Call again, if no answer leave polite voicemail

Day 4

Send email, referring to previous 3 voicemails

Day 5

Send email, referring to previous 3 voicemails and 2 emails

This works for one supplier. What might work best for you?


Side Comment about Leaving

Less is more

We all dread the super
informative voicemail

Give the prospect a compelling reason for calling you back

Refer to the
prospect’s pain
, not to the features of your

Give an indication of the time commitment they will need to make

Hint: keep time commitment short to ensure call back

Example Narrative

“Bob, this is Jeff from Best Telecommunications. I received your quote request for
T1 service. I’ve been doing some research on your situation and have some
interesting thoughts on how we can help. I only need about 10 minutes for us
to figure this out. If you want to learn more, call me at…”


Best Practice #5: Mention How You Received the Lead’s Contact

Where did you get my name?

Customers are
3 times more likely

to listen to a pitch if you
mention how you obtained their information

Example Narrative:

“This is John from Best Telecommunications. I received your information
from a request you
submitted online

seeking quotes for business phone
service. Is now a good time to talk?”

* Note the specific use of “submitted online” above (works better than mentioning
“360Partners”, as this
can confuse


Best Practice #6: Track Leads Throughout the Sales Cycle

Most suppliers close at about 5
12%, depending upon the product or

More complex services/products have a lower close rate

Less complex products tend to have a higher close rate

Track leads throughout the sales cycle

Record every lead in a database or CRM

Data Integration


Create a funnel

Record lead source

Track results

Note: 360Partners can route leads directly into your

speeding up leads and increasing accuracy (note: a small fee applies
unless you are on an annual contact)


Other Things to Know about 360Partners

Invalid lead policy: leads will be considered for refund only if they:

Are not for the products you specify in your profile

Not in the geographic areas in your profile

Invalid phone number (i.e. will not ring)

From a competitor

Want us to deliver this presentation to other members of your sales staff?

Contact Larry Spears, Sales Manager, at (512) 342

Want to expand your profile, update your credit card, or integrate leads directly
into your CRM? This, or any other questions, please contact:

Rachel Tolander, Customer Service Manager at (512) 342
8800, x346

Note:“Replies” to lead emails for customer service issues will not be seen.
Please email Rachel directly
. Thanks!

Welcome to the 360Partners family! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you
have any further questions or can think of how we can help you
increase revenue. We wish you much success growing your business!