IBM DB2 9.7 Installation

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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


IBM DB2 9.7 Installation
Presented By
Vinod Patidar
Technical Consultant

Start Setup
If you have DB2 9.7 Express-C setup then double
click on setup.exe, or
Download Setup from following link

Click install a product

Click Install New

Click Next

Accept License Agreement

Select Typical Installation

Save Response file to install same setting on other machine and click next

Default DB2 setup will install in SQLLIB directory and click next

If you will accept default setting then DB2 will create a new account on your machine with
user name “db2admin”

If you will select Local System Account then DB2 will access user name and password of
your system

Type manually user name and password of your machine so that DB2 will use it and click

DB2 will be default instance or you can configure it. Click next.

DB2 configuration on your machine will be save in response file which you have selected.
Click Finish.

Click Finish

Create profile to create SAMPLE database

Whenever you install DB2, it automatically creates SAMPLE database. In order to create
SAMPLE database or new database, click on Create SAMPLE database or Create New
database respectively.