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Thank you for choosing Kaplan for this tremendously important endeavor in your Nursing career. This
course provides the tools students need in order to use their nursing knowledge to pass the exam.
Listed below are some Q and A and helpful illustrations that our students have requested along the way.
Dear Student,
1. How do I recover my password?
Step 1: Head to
Step 2: Select “Forgot your username or password?”
2. How do I make-up a class that I missed?
Option 1: Attend the class session that you missed at any Kaplan location. To find available
schdules, select the Make Up Session Finder link on your syllabus and follow the
Select “Go” to
launch the Make Up
Session Finder
Option 2: Watch the Lessons On Demand (LOD) online videos found in your course syllabus.
Select the class that
works best for you.
Select the
session that
you missed.
Choose the
(distance, date
range) for your
3. Where are my books?
Please check your email for your shipping confirmation email.
4. How does the guarantee work?
If you are a graduate of an NLN or CCNE-accredited nursing program taking the exam for the first
time within 6 months of graduation and do not pass the NCLEX-RN exam, you are entitled to
either a 100% tuition refund or a free 3 month continuation of your enrollment.
You must meet the following eligibility criteria:
• Take the Kaplan Diagnostic and Readiness Test from your online account.
• Attend all class sessions live, live online or online. Up to 2 live class sessions can be
made up online as directed by the Kaplan Center.
• Answer all questions on the seven Question Trainers.
To qualify for the 100% tuition refund, you must not access the Online Study resources after the
date of your NCLEX-RN exam. The money-back guarantee applies ONLY to the original 3-month
enrollment, and does not apply to any enrollment renewal. You must call 1-800-KAP-TEST within
20 days of the date of your NCLEX-RN exam for instructions.
If you do not have an email, please call 1-800-KAP-TEST to speak to our Student Services
5. How do I use my online resources?
Log into your online resources at (See Question
1 for details). Your student syllabus is broken out into 3 areas.
1. My Assignments: This area breaks out your activities by session topic and Format. This
monitors your progression through your resources.
2. My Tests: This area will display all of your discreet testing activity including your
Diagnostic Exam, Question Trainer Tests as well as your NCLEX Readiness Test.
Use this drop down menu to
change the organization of your
view mode from Preview/Review
to Requirement level,
completion status, assignment
name, topic and format.
Click on the score to see an
analysis of your results by
Client Needs and Categories
of Client Needs.
2. My Toolbox: This area and will contain analysis of your Diagnostic and Readiness exams
(once they are taken) as well as a wealth of other materials.
Lessons on Demand Content
Videos (LOD - Content) – a great
review of key features of your
nursing school content
organized by topic.
Lessons on Demand Class
Question Videos (LOD – Class
Questions) – review the
material that you will cover in
Qbank - build your own practice
tests with more than 1,200
available questions as well as
the Alternate Item Quiz.
Use the home screen to
navigate to each section of the
toolbox. The materials here