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High availability at scale for
applications and services

Java EE 5 compatible

In-memory data grid

Real-time JVM

Dynamic provisioning and
cross-domain administration

Engine for running existing
Oracle Fusion Middleware


Provides large scale-out
support yet highly

Provides simplified, faster

Enables large scale with No. 1
distributed in-memory cache

Delivers high performance
and predictable latency for
consistent, dependable

Improves efficiency in data
center management

Provides the foundation for
Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle WebLogic Suite redefines what it means to be a mission-
critical applications infrastructure for today’s enterprise. Instead of
merely another implementation of what is common and widely
available in the marketplace today, it moves light-years ahead of
where others are. Oracle WebLogic Suite adds distributed in-
memory caching to the Java applications infrastructure for fast and
comprehensive data access, predictable performance, and data
center management capabilities even in large, scale-out, enterprise-
critical applications and services. Oracle WebLogic Suite offers
unparalleled capabilities and benefits for enterprises with stringent
business requirements that demand serious infrastructure software.
Product Overview
Whether it is serving more customers online, connecting to partners, or meeting
internal requirements, the business gets more exacting each day in what it requires
from its information systems. Java applications need to scale out yet be
maintainable to keep up. Not only must applications and services be available, but
they must be fast and predictable. Oracle WebLogic Suite adds several compelling
capabilities to already unparalleled application servers to meet today’s increasing
Application Server Choice
Oracle WebLogic Suite brings together the two best Java-based application servers
supporting enterprise applications and services: Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise
Edition and Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition. This includes the entirety
of Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition and all its development, deployment,
and sophisticated uptime features, in addition to support for Oracle Forms, Oracle
Reports, Oracle Business Rules, and more.
In-Memory Data Management
Companies looking to significantly increase performance, reliability, and scalability
of data-intensive transaction processing or analytical applications can leverage
Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition. By enabling in-memory data management for
clustered applications and application servers, Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition
makes sharing and managing data in a cluster as simple as on a single server.



Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition provides the following key features:

Parallel queries of data through the use of filters

Grid-based transaction processing for increased throughput

Event processing that enables real-time filtering of events and processing of

Write-behind caching for bundling writes to back-end datasources
Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition offers the following key benefits:

Fast, reliable access to application data

In-memory data analytics and event processing

Reduced load on shared datasources

Optimized scale-out on commodity hardware
Predictable Performance
The Java runtime environment for Oracle WebLogic Suite is Oracle JRockit, the
world’s fastest Java virtual machine (JVM). It is the engine that drives Oracle
Fusion Middleware. Although the Java language and runtime environment have
many benefits, they can suffer from unpredictable execution and pause times due to
Java’s automated memory management scheme. With Oracle WebLogic Real Time
(included in Oracle WebLogic Suite), these pause times become predictable and
consistent, ensuring smooth code execution. Oracle WebLogic Real Time is a
version of Oracle JRockit Real Time licensed exclusively for use with Oracle
application servers. Oracle JRockit Real Time, included as part of Oracle WebLogic
Application Grid, achieves even more dramatic reductions in pause times for non–
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications.
Improved Efficiency in Data Center Management
It is not enough to provide scale-out infrastructure if it cannot be managed
efficiently. Oracle WebLogic Operations Control enables centralized governance—
including dynamic activation and scale-out—over Java applications to meet
mission-critical business demands that are ever changing. With Oracle WebLogic
Operations Control, operations teams are able to define policies based on
application-level service-level agreements that govern the allocation of hardware
and software resources to ensure that Quality of Service goals are met across
platforms. When predefined conditions occur, the controller within Oracle
WebLogic Operations Control will dynamically allocate or deallocate resources to
applications or services by invoking the deployment capabilities of the underlying
infrastructure. Applications can be deployed on server resources and dynamically
extended or reconfigured to meet runtime requirements—without constant
monitoring by system operators.



Platforms and Requirements
For specific suite component product requirements, refer to the following
documentation hub:
Platforms and Requirements
Operating systems
• Linux
• Solaris
• Windows
• Oracle (and Oracle Real Application Clusters)
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Sybase
Contact Us
For more information about how your organization can leverage the power of
Oracle WebLogic Suite, please visit or call +1.800.ORACLE1 to speak
to an Oracle representative.

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Oracle WebLogic Suite
provides a rock-solid
foundation for enterprise
applications and service-
oriented architecture

Oracle WebLogic
Application Grid

Oracle WebLogic Server
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Oracle Internet Application
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Oracle Coherence
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