Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Implementation

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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise

Client Description

The client is a Fortune 500 company specializing in investment management, asset & fund
administration, and fiduciary &
banking solutions for various constituents worldwide.

Client Challenge

Through demand from its business partners, the client was charged with developing an Oracle
Weblogic 11 environment that allowed application teams to take advantage of the new features of
WebLogic 11 and

provide them with the ability to build new more robust applications. With the
implementation of Weblogic 11, the client also needed to embrace new architecture standards that
were being introduced by the enterprise architecture team.


Solstice Consulting w
as engaged to assist in the development of this new environment. By
collaborating with multiple enterprise architects at the client site, a new architecture design was
created taking into account security, fault tolerance, scalability, high availability,
and virtualization.
Solstice then created a proof of concept of the design with acted as the WebLogic 11g development
environment. Version compatibility, database integration and integration with ancillary components
were validated in this environment wh
ich allowed for the build out of subsequent system, UAT and
production environments.

During the build out of the UAT environment Solstice engaged with the client's enterprise test team to
create a WebLogic 11 test strategy which aided in accurately tun
ing the environment. Initially a base
line test was executed and through subsequent testing the environment was sized and tuned
correctly. By utilizing the WebLogic Scripting Tool as well as other scripting languages, we created
various scripts to automat
e redundant processes and for ease of maintenance. Once the
environment was completely built and tested, pilot applications were selected to "kick the tires" of
each environment and eventually migrated to production. Solstice created an application on
process that allowed the engineering team to quickly on
board applications to WebLogic 11. This
process also allowed application teams plan for specific code enhancements to prepare for their
migration to the new architecture. Solstice also utiliz
ed specific aspects of the Agile framework to
quickly build out test and production environments and develop a road map for future WebLogic

The new environment added value by providing the latest Java platform, opening the door for vended

plications requiring JDK1.6 (Java 6). Application Teams also benefited as development on this
platform was less complicated due to the latest Eclipse IDE that came with many pluggable modules
available as open source kits. The client was able to take adv
antage of two new features of
WebLogic 11, the “Work Manager” and “JDBC Application Modules”. These two features prevent
poorly performing applications from impacting

other applications deployed in the same container
by partitioning their application reso


Solstice built a virtualized WebLogic 11g infrastructure that provided better fault tolerance and easier
scalability. The solution also resulted in better isolation from "problem" applications. Solstice also
provided a process to quickly set up tes
t and production environments that allowed users to obtain
Dev/Sys/UAT environments in days, not months. The client was also able to take advantage of future
lifecycle management benefits from improved performance, availability, scalability, higher capaci
and premier support. The creation of a virtualized environment resulted in a 22% cost reduction,
reducing costs for hardware, rack space and maintenance.